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Jason Harwell


He's not just another singer/songwriter, he's the best friend you've never met. Sensitive and funny, yet still down with the homies. A flu shot for your speakers. A soundtrack to your formative years. Like international coffee without the harsh aftertaste. Independent folk for independent folk.


Though it seems singer/songwriters are everywhere these days, it is unlikely that many of them have competed nationally at Meat Judging and Evaluation. And though one may be tempted to guess none of them, Jason Harwell would be quick to correct you. He says, “I had reached the peak of my athletic abilities – sitting the bench and chasing foul balls in the parking lot – and thought that maybe it was time to seek greener pastures, so to speak.” Growing up on a cattle farm in rural Georgia, he need look no further than his local Future Farmers of America. Soon after, Jason found himself in a giant meat locker in Kansas City placing carcasses in order from best to worst. “It was a wonderful experience. Meat judging isn’t something you letter in, I suppose, but I got to wear a hard hat and miss a week of school. It’s not what most people do in high school, but it seemed to fit me,” Jason says.
Now 27, Jason has long since given up the glitz and glamour of meat judging for a career in music, and he continues to take the road less traveled. “I was finishing up a Masters Degree in Art Education at the University of Georgia and was all set to teach students about the joys of art. I had recently married, and teaching seemed the ‘smart thing to do’,” he says, “but I just couldn’t shake the feeling that I wasn’t truly living the kind of life I was intended to live. The more I thought about it, the more I had to find out what that feeling meant.”
This search for something more led Jason and his wife to pack up their belongings and move to the deserts of Southern California. A year later, Jason returned home with the Alive in the Fall album, a wide-reaching collection of alterna-folk songs incorporating shimmer-pop piano flourishes and alt-country washes of steel strings. Produced by the Glitter Twins, Alive painted a soundscape of a young man on the most important search of his life, with all the joys, fears, uncertainties, failures, and triumphs out in the open and in plain view. “With Alive in the Fall”, Jason says, ”the goal was to offer people something authentic, something real. I feel that’s my responsibility as a songwriter.”
Since it’s release in May of 2004, the album has gone on to receive glowing reviews, nationally and internationally. Alive received Relevant Magazine’s highest marks in the July/August 2004 issue and has been featured in Paste magazine, Southeast Performer, the British webzine Americana UK, Belgian zine Rootstime, and Dutch web magazine Alt.Country.NL. Greg Adams, a contributing writer for the Phantom Tollbooth, even placed the album at the top of his “Best of 2004” list – ahead of music giants U2 and the Cure.
The good fortune continued throughout 2005. Alive track “Just Another Run-of-the-Mill Day” placed as a finalist in the 2005 Independent Music Awards, while “Declaration Song” (labeled an “instant Americana classic” by Americana UK), was the overall grand prize winner in the 2005 International Acoustic Music Awards. Jason was the featured “Artist of the Week” on XM Radio Channel 52’s Radar Report in February and received nearly 100 spins on over 60 public radio stations nationwide. Mary Palmer, Music Director of High Plains Public Radio in Garden City, KS, personally contacted Jason to say that she was “immensely impressed and hopeful about the future of music in America.” That sentiment prompted Jason to embark upon his first self-booked national Truck Stops & Coffee Shops tour in September - a 20-date tour that took him from Georgia to California, stopping in Garden City for an on-air takeover of High Plains Public Radio’s High Plains Morning show.
“These accomplishments are nice things, but at the end of the day, success is whether the listener walks away with something meaningful to them, “he says, but adds with a quick smile, “But those nice things sure help grease the wheels with my inlaws…”



Written By: Jason Harwell

I can’t say I love you

If there’s something I won’t do

So I’m packing my bags now

To go to California
My wife and my six-string

Are all that this boy needs

And a tank full of gasoline

To go to California

Some say that we’re crazy

Got nothing to lose

You won’t love me less

no matter which road I choose

You’ve asked me to go

so I’ve only one move
I don’t want to leave here

Because I may never see home

But I won’t live by my fears


My eyes to the west now

And a heart that won’t back down

There’s a heart I want back now


So hold on my darlin’

It’s going to be bumpy

So buckle in tightly

And go to California

How Can You Hear?

Written By: Jason Harwell

How can you hear with your ears closed?

How can you see without open eyes?

You don’t even know where I’m from

But you sure had me crucified
You listen with your heart now

Your rhymes and all your reasons change so much

I don’t even know you

As if that makes a difference

Everybody’s got something to get over now

Your bleeding comes from deep inside

Don’t throw away your chance to be whole again

It’s not over now

Can you feel the vibrations running through your

bloodstream now?

You’re in a bad situation but I know you can make it out

If you listen with your heart now

Your rhymes and all your reasons turn to dust

I don’t need to know you
To know it makes a difference

Have you ever seen the light?

Have you felt that things aren’t right?

Don’t throw away your chance to wake

Just Another Run-of-the-Mill Day

Written By: Jason Harwell

The clock is ringing 6:00 AM

I can’t believe it came so soon

Three cups of coffee to the wind

I can’t wait until this afternoon

You see that it’s not that I hate my job

I just wish I didn’t have to go

The vein in my neck’s about to pop

But it’s worth it to make it to the top

It’s okay, then, for me to throw my head back
and confess

I did my best I guess

Put your hands together and maybe we can
live forever

if we ever get the chance to leave

The boss is reaming me again

Blah blah bla blah is all I hear

I wish I’d bought some stronger mints

Cause he’s burning the hair in my ears

Oh, I dream of better days

A corner office and a raise

Then my life will be complete

That’s the American way (x3)


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