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Jason Hattie - Fifty-Two Heart Pick-Up (EP)


Feeling a bit camera shy


Jason Hattie has a sleeping disorder. This has been going on for as long as he can remember. Countless nights of sheer torture, lying helplessly awake unable to sink into unconciousness. This was Jason Hattie's world. Dreams became sacred and getting up in the morning was an never-ending battle.

Jason Hattie was never much of a writer. He loved stories as a kid and always had his mother read before he went to sleep. This seemed to be a deliverance to that ever out of reach state. But as these things go, he soon grew out of having stories read to him at bedtime. He continued his love of story, but that cherished passage to sleep was now gone.

Jason Hattie's teen years only got worse. Sleeping pills and 4 am computer screens were failed solutions to an unrelenting plague. Mornings turned into last minute epiphanies that either sent a startled young Jason into a frenzy of book gathering, or back into whatever shards of dreams he could recover before lunch.

Jason Hattie began reading alot in high school. He also discovered the force of lyrics. Old songs soon became his new evening mantra. But this wasn't enough. They didn't seem to have the power that his mother's storytelling had, and he soon found himself hooked not only on sleeping pills and late nights, but now music.

One day, one of his teachers commented on his overwhelmingly high tally of absences to his morning classes and they began discussing his sleep issues. This seemingly irrlelevant conversation would have a lifelong effect on the still groggy and unbathed Jason. His teacher suggested that he try writing just before he went to bed to help him sleep. Jason was apprhensive towards the idea at first, as he was overly concious of his writing (he was a perfectionist). But after a bit of persuading and a few twilight attempts, he had found his ship into the night. He could sleep! What was once lost was now found, and he could doze happily ever-after. The End.

Well, not really. Skip ahead a couple years out of high school and Jason Hattie still writes before bedtime. And not just that, he plays music too. Logging over 5 years of stage and touring experience he has played several instruments (primarily drums and bass) in a variety of groups branching many unique styles in his hometown of Saskatoon (including artists such as Josh Palmer, Megan Lane, Tim Vaughn, Oral Fuentes, and Fat Edgar to name a few). But when his primary band, Fat Edgar, went on hiatus this spring after their brief Western Canadian tour, he picked up his acoustic guitar and decided he was going to have to do things himself. Songs began flowing and within two months of making the decision to fly solo he had played several shows, recorded his first EP, and developed a small local fanbase. Not too shabby for a sideman. He says it helps him sleep at night.