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The best kept secret in music


"This Jason Hausman"

"...one of the most promising pop tunesmiths in the Southeast... sounds like a young Bono fronting a grittier version of The Church." - Jim Reed - Connect Savanah

"Spongetones speak "Hausman""

Jason Hausman came to my attention first by noted studio drummer/engineer Chris Garges, who told me they'd just mastered his new disc at Abbey Road! It's a VERY COOL record... lot's of different textures and feels, and MAN... DOES THIS GUY SING HIS ASS OFF!! Get hip to him now!

Jamie Hoover - Jamie Hoover- The Spongetones

"Dark Lord of POP!"

"The Dark Lord of Pop... He's a rare breed in the music world, being equal parts musical and lyrical visionary, and not to mention a very savvy studio man. He's such a bad-ass that his last record was mastered by Chris Blair (Sting, Travis, Radiohead) at Abbey Road Studios!

Jay Garrigan - Jay Garrigan - Poprocket

"The Best of Charlotte's Original Music Scene"

NEWS | NEWS COVER 04.14.04

Rock & Roll Call
The Best of Charlotte's Original Music Scene


It's impossible, of course, to ever be truly comprehensive when compiling a list of local artists, no matter the medium.

That sentiment's especially true when it comes to music. Some artists may have broken up their band or recently left town, and some bands may be just getting started. And then you have the bedroom geniuses, content to simply share their talents with the curtains and cabinetry.

As such, this list is not truly comprehensive -- but it is, we think, pretty damn close. It's not a list of our favorite bands, though many are assuredly on here, too. It's more of a look at what we see as the best of a Charlotte original music scene that is more vibrant and healthy than at perhaps any time in our history -- no matter which style of music you may prefer (as someone once said, "labels are for suckers"). However, we did try to fit bands into the pre-established categories we felt they fit best, for convenience's sake.

In short, we think it's time for our hard-working Charlotte bands, duos, and independent musicians to stand up and be counted. Ladies and gentlemen, we give you: Creative Loafing's Rock & Roll Call. Go see "em. Go support them. And whatever you do, try not to get counted absent.


Jason Hausman, former Godmanradio frontman and talented songwriter/composer (www.jasonhausman.com)...
- Creative Loafing - Charlotte, NC

"Things that Resonate..."

Jason Hausman
Hollow (five song EP)

Jason Hausman loves things that resonate. From his previous projects including godmanradio to his current solo career, the Hausman signature that emerges is all tone and echo. As the music celebrates the sounds of reverberating objects, the vocals obliquely survey Hausman’s world.

What does it sound like: Shadowy pop rock with layer upon layer of mostly clean but varied electric guitar tones. The music carries a certain bombast, but not in the guitars where you might expect. Instead, the guitars all melt together while Hausman launches into volleys of Robert Smith and Bono wailing. The mournful cry follows some interesting modes as it, too, melts into the music and the final effect is something like a ceremonial call from an unknown religion.

Cons: Pop, Hip-Hop and Metal fans who expect their music jump up and attack them with aggressive brain-attaching sing-along hooks will be disappointed with Hausman’s more nebulous approach.

Pros: Hausman’s dedication to his work is evident throughout. The man manages a serious recording studio by day- and not surprisingly every note of each song is meticulously recorded and mixed. Still not satisfied, Hausman took the EP to Abbey Road in the UK for it’s mastering phase. No one will accuse Mr. Hausman of sounding like a garage band. The EP's biggest moment is also its most sinister. Three minutes into the track "godlike" the song suddenly takes on weight and speed and the vocal line gives way to a pulsing guitar that sounds like a human voice trapped in a box and fighting to get out. Well done Jason.

CltROCK.com – June 2004
- cltROCK.com

"Beauty and the Beast"

"Jason Hausman is an artist who deserves to be sharing his songs with the world; his work is distinctive, passionate, thoughtful and to top it all off, remarkably entertaining. I feel extremely lucky to be in the sphere of listeners who have experienced Mr. Hausman's music. Now it's time for everyone to enjoy it."

Robby Benson - Actor
Ice Castles
Disney's Beauty and the Beast - Robby Benson - Actor


Fall 2003 Orheus Arts Records Release "hollow" - EP
Summer 2004 Upcoming Orpheus Arts Records Release "grey sky sparrow" EP - featuring special guests Don Dixon, Jamie Hoover, Danielle Howle and more...


Feeling a bit camera shy


Abbey Road Studios recently propelled a happy man out its historic doors. In the man’s hands lays a still-warm master of his latest release, an EP entitled hollow. As a red double-decker bus roars by his contented face, singer/songwriter Jason Hausman finds himself standing in magical company. Musicians the likes of John Lennon, Dave Brubeck, and Radiohead also stood on those same English steps with the same burning question: what’s next?

From the sprawling fields of Indiana to the rich red clay of North Carolina, Jason Hausman rises to the forefront with intricate lyric, haunting voice, and relevant art. Hausman is a master craftsman, taking great care to dig past the surfaces of everyday things to find the warm musical embers underneath. His guitar-driven songs are described as “beautiful,” “deliciously gritty,” and “haunting.” Hausman’s gift has come through incredible experience as a young musician, playing with the likes of Ben Folds Five, Herbie Mann, Athenaeum, and Blessid Union of Souls. Having formed and fronted numerous collectives of talent such as Blue Mongoose, The Hausman Syndicate (under Rockduster Records), Lovehaus, and Godmanradio, he has earned a place of respect in the grand span of musical performance. His latest release, hollow, is a powerful blend of innovative sounds and classic songwriting.

Jason Hausman currently lives, works, and writes in Charlotte, North Carolina. He is the General Manager of an established recording studio and is also a skilled recording engineer/composer. Widely known in the local scene, he continues his unyielding foray into the world of music. He recently expanded his publishing/record label Orpheus Arts with another local musician and engineer to include a Film Scoring/Commercial Music division. Within one month, Orpheus Arts landed contracts to compose music for both national and regional advertising clients, and are scheduled to compose an independent film score in early 2004.

Never satisfied, Hausman’s thirst for his art only grows. Another new CD (Grey Sky Sparrow) is coming together under the production of Orpheus Arts and will showcase the beauty of his unpretentious songwriting, sharpened to its finest point. With a brilliant array of seasoned musicians to add color to the canvas, Hausman’s upcoming work is sure to be his finest offering yet, penning songs that are full to the brim with his sonic agility.

As he walks down Abbey Road, he smiles. The CD hollow, produced by Hausman and Chris Garges and mastered by Abbey Road Studios Chris Blair (Travis, Radiohead, Sting) is finally ready to meet the world.

Jason’s contributions to the world of music have only begun. Whether he is composing a film score, writing lyrics on scrap paper, or stunning audiences with breathtaking musical performances – his music is worthy of a listen. Hailed by the Terre Haute Tribune Star as “the area’s best songwriter” and Charlotte’s Creative Loafing as “an atom blast,” Hausman defines his own musical style and continues to elegantly extract love, beauty, and insight from life experience and offer it to whomever will listen.