Jason Hook

Jason Hook


Jason Hook has always been a songwriter. Safety Dunce marks the first instrumental effort from Jason. The tracks can be described as high energy, exciting and up tempo. Musicians include Jeremy Spencer - Drums (Five Finger Death Punch) and Marty O'Brien - Bass (Methods Of Mayhem)


Jason has toured with several top acts such as Alice Cooper, Hilary Duff, Vince Neil (Motley Crue) and Mandy Moore. in 2005 Jason released his first instrumental solo album 'SAFETY DUNCE" and subsequently won an LA music award for best instrumental CD. in 2007 the disc was picked up by a label (MVD Audio) and is now distributed worldwide. Jason's new album is now finished and is titled "American Justice". You can catch Jason on tour with Alice Cooper supporting the "Along Came a Spider" record.


Safety Dunce - 1st edition 2005
Safety Dunce - 2nd edition 2007
American Justice - 2008

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