Jason HOSS Hicks

Jason HOSS Hicks


Home of the melodic twang-Jason HOSS Hicks brings from the heart melodies, mixed in with an alternative twangy vibe, topped with a tenor never heard before to create a very unique sound.


Growing up on a wide range of influences, Jason HOSS Hicks has gathered up all of his musical strength to bring you a very eclectic brand of music.
At any one time growing HOSS would be listening to Elvis Presley, immediately followed by The Smiths, to be followed by The Stray Cats. These records would be played over and over and over again. Clearly influenced by the songwriting of Morrissey, Thommy Burns of The Atomics, and Brett Anderson of Suede, HOSS blended his Chris Isaak, Roy Orbison tenor and started writing.
Rockabilly was the name of the game around 1996 when he started his first band The Peashooters with Louie Newmyer on upright bass, Pedro Sera on guitar and Tom Bose on drums. They enjoyed a few years of success and played frequently. While seeing a show at a local haunt, HOSS would become mesmerized by the Atomics. "I didn't realize there was a band out there like this, with fantastically sad and bright at the same time rockabilly influenced tunes." After again checking out the Atomics, HOSS struck up a friendship with lead singer Thommy Burns. With the Atomics on the outs, HOSS and Burns would team up with Scott Murphy of King Kerosene fame to form a killer trio named The Steubenville Knights. From the Knights came the aptly titled The Royal Party on Jungle Records. Touring around cars shows and rockabilly festivals paid off as the Knights enjoyed much success. With a million ideas and musicians to play with HOSS decided to form the infamous Old Line Skiffle Combo with Louie Newmyer and Mark Pettijohn. A CD was released on Wild Hare Records titled Bettin On The Old Line Skiffle Combo. Also on Wild Hare Records, HOSS released a 7" record titled Train Aint Comin Round with 4 tracks Train Aint Comin Round, 24 Hours A Day, Not Right, Bop on Thru the Night as well as 7 songs on the wildly popular Aint Rocket Science Vol. 1.
Now performing as a solo artist, HOSS has taken all of his experience, influences and ideas and combined them into Jason HOSS Hicks-home of the melodic twang. Look for the Long Player titled Original Cover Art sometime late 2007!!!


2000- CD-Steubenville Knights-"The Royal Party"-Jungle Records
2004-7" Vinyl-Jason HOSS Hicks-"Train Aint Comin Round"-Wild Hare Records
2004-CD-"Aint Rocket Science Vol. 1"- Jason HOSS Hicks-Wild Hare Records
2006-CD-"Betting on the Old Line Skiffle Combo"-OLSC-Wild Hare Records
2007-CD-"Original Cover Art"-Jason HOSS Hicks

Set List

Train Aint Comin Round
24 Hours A Day
Not Right
Bop Thru The Night
Just Take Me Home
Please Mr. Law
Baby Thats Not Enough
Cant Keep My Mind Off Of You
What Really Happened
When Your Not Around
Catch My Breath
She's Electric
Stay All Night Stay All Year
Now Today Again for A While
Never Enough