Jason James & Rodney Hazard

Jason James & Rodney Hazard


HxH, the musical duo composed of Kareem Hawkins and Rodney Hazard is a young musical group that blends their love for Hip-Hop with sounds and vibes that are unexplored amongst most genres. After essentially developing a love for music at a young age in two completely different regions of the United States, the two came together during their freshman year of college to pursue a career in the music industry. Years before even releasing music, the two honed their music production skills and more re


With 7 years and 1 day between each other, not many people would expect Jason James and Rodney Hazard to have much in common. But the 27 year old emcee (James) and 20 year old producer (Hazard) have found a similar interest in their pursuit of creative perfection.

Originally working under the names WEB (James) and Syrenn (Hazard), the duo first came together for 2009’s “WEB’s Great I.D.e.A” mixtape; a collaborative project between Jason James and Rodney Hazard’s production team, I.D.e.A. Garnering acclaim from critics and fans alike, and with some added help from Violator All-Star DJ’s DJ Jam-X, the team went back in the studio and immediately began working on their first digital release, “God’s Favorites”.

With the support of highly successful blogs like Kevin Nottingham, Refined Hype and FWMJ’s Rappers I Know, “God’s Favorites” was released in June 2009 and established the team of 3 producers and 1 emcee a solid worldwide fanbase. Receiving rave reviews and ending up on countless “Best Of 2009” lists, the group had found a formula for success. But due to creative differences and personal issues WEB & I.D.e.A disbanded before the year was over.

As 2009 came to a close, James and Hazard decided to continue on as a duo and begin 2010 with a fresh start. Putting their stage names, WEB and Syrenn behind them, the artists re-emerged with their given names, Jason James and Rodney Hazard, and began work on their next full-length project, “Marvelous World Of Color”.

Unlike their previous outings, “Marvelous World Of Color” was more of a free form of artistic expression and less confined by the boundaries of conventional Hip Hop music. Written and produced entirely by James and Hazard and released in September 2010 via Kevin Nottingham, DJ Booth.net, Potholes In My Blog and Refined Hype, the album served as a complete body of work reflecting the world as they saw it. From beginning to end the project flowed effortlessly through various topics and tempos and the duo garnered critical praise for their fearless and innovative approach to creativity.

In a matter of months Jason James and Rodney Hazard went from under the radar artists to a regular topic of conversation on blogs and in the underground Hip Hop scene. With a rapidly expanding fanbase and a long list of positive reviews, Jason James and Rodney Hazard are a risk to bet on.


Marvelous World Of Color

God's Favorites

Web's Great IDeA