Jason Kemp

Jason Kemp


Grows on you like a wort




Buck You

Written By: Jason Kemp

Buck You - Jason Kemp

I was sittin' on a plane, L.A. International
Headin' for a show, Alabama Central
When this long haired, tatoo'ed , eyelinered, strange dude
sat down beside me and said "Hey, What do you do?"
I said " I got a , black hat, black truck, guitar in the jets trunk
write a few songs about, me 'n you"
He said I never understood, life out of the city
I just looked at him and said damn, well thats a pity
He said I always hated country, handed me some attitude
I looked him square in the eyes and said......

Buck You, we got girls on bulls, John Deers Tractors
Hillbilly Hotties , PBR International
Dont mind a little whiskey or takin' in a fight
Workin hard all day, Partyin all night
the Redneck Nations got no problem with you
But if you want to bring it on.......
Buck You

Gettin' off that plane, I got to thinkin'
He said , well I dunno, but I handed him a ticket
Standin' in the front rows a hillbilly Hotty
and standin' right beside her there he was holdin' a shotty
He got a little excitted and started tweakin'
he tore off his shirt and jumped up on the speakers
I said Hey son, what the hell are you doin'
Handed him the mike and he said........

Chorus x 2

Hello America

Written By: Jason Kemp

Hello America – Jason kemp

I could have taken the road to Memphis
And Knoxville Weren’t far outta sight
I would have liked to see Gracelands
But i’m always short on time

You know that it dosnt matter
Somethings you cant do alone
I’d rather see you here with me
Not at the end of the telephone

And I'm sure that it would be sweeter
Than the finest honeycomb
If we could share, both starin'
At Roy Orbison’s Epiphone

Hello America, Land of the free
We’ve all got so much going on
It Feels like an illusion to me
We should slow down and take A look Around
And replant our our feet
Cause we’ve got a little lost and paid the cost
Lets let the Eagle spread her wings

I can step on a plane in Nashville
And in four hours I’ll be in LA
I’d rather take in a roadtrip
And meet the entire USA

Link – Chorus x 2


Jason Kemp "This Dance"
Huge chart success across Europe and Australia with 6 of the 7 singles released to radio charting into top 5 positions. Three of them went to number 1 and one of them went to Number 1 for six weeks across 14 countries. All 11 tracks I have had recorded by other artists have charted into the top 10 in both the ECMA Charts and the Australian charts.

Set List

All Original, and as long as it takes, I have over 1000 songs, should see me through five hours on stage, dont you think ?