Jason Kirby

Jason Kirby

 Nashville, Tennessee, USA

The music that I play and sing is a mixture of folk, blues and soul music. I try to incorporate the storytelling of folk music with the passion and expression of both blues and soul. By blending these three genres I believe that I have created a sound that is truly my own.


Born and raised in Clermont County, near Cincinnati Ohio, Jason Kirby grew up doing what most kids do: Playing sports, hanging out with friends, and listening to music. It was music, specifically soul music, that dominated his attention.

Jason’s taste in music has always been diverse. The soulful sound of Motown really touched him deeply through its deep lyrics and its smooth, emotional quality. The early sounds of Marvin Gaye, Sam Cooke, and The Temptations are just a few of the artists that drove his passion in a way music had never done.

While a student of Ohio University, in Athens Ohio, Jason began the search for his own sound and style of music. While gaining exposure to a wide variety of genres, all with their own unique style and contribution to music, Jason began experimenting with new sounds in his music, drawing on experiences gained from all genres.

As a singer/songwriter, Jason found a strong emotional connection to the stories shared in the music of Patty Griffin, Ray LaMontagne, and the late Jim Croce.

While performing at local bars and music venues around the Ohio University campus, he created a sound that is truly unique to him. Using a mixture of country, blues, folk and soul, Jason has found his niche, allowing him to share his experiences in a way that he hopes everyone can relate.

After graduating from Ohio University, Jason once again lived in the Cincinnati area, spending his time writing songs that allow him to share his heart with a soulful sound that is truly his and his alone.

In May, 2012 Jason moved to and now resides in Nashville, TN.


23 Days (2011):

- Autumn
- 23 Days
- I Won
- Fire
- Everything I Need
- No Turning Back
- Fire (acoustic)
- 23 Days (acoustic)