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Band Blues Hip Hop


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Usage by Country for January 2008"

Total Hits for the year: 203881
Top 30 of 34 Total Countries

# Hits by Country for the month of January 2008

# - hits - Countries
01 - 4173 -Network
02 - 1823 -US Commercial
03 - 729 -Unresolved/Unknown
04 - 153 -Germany
05 - 100 -United Kingdom
06 - 79 -Non-Profit Organization
07 - 66 -US Educational
08 - 60 -Canada
09 - 57 -Australia
10 - 48 -United States
11 - 32 -France
12 - 31 -Switzerland
13 - 30 -Netherlands
14 - 29 -Hungary
15 - 25 -Norway
16 - 15 -US Military
17 - 11 -US Government
18 - 7 -Denmark
19 - 7 -Indonesia
20 - 7 -Japan
21 - 6 -Seychelles
22 - 4 -Finland
23 - 4 -Latvia
24 - 3 -Belgium
25 - 3 -Poland
26 - 2 -Malaysia
27 - 2 -Sweden
28 - 2 -South Africa
29 - 1 -Austria
30 - 1 -Brazil

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Blues Man (single) 2008
I have a dream (single) 2008
Fresh (single) 2007
Just Wanna (single) 2008



Jason has met and performed with DJ Chilly E (Hip-hop BIG FM Germany), DJ KOOL (Known for hit song: let me clear my throat NYC Hip-hop), DJ S-tatic (Hip-hop Germany), DJ Gold finger (House/Deep house Germany), Sean Finn (Vocal house UK/Germany) Gene Douglas (Deep House Almost Heaven Records France/Germany) DJ Falk (Trance Dance Radio Sunshine-live Germany) DJ F.L.O (Hip-hop Radio Sunshine-live Germany) Mr. C (Hot 97 NYC) Rene G (Trance/ Dance 98.9 Magic San Antonio TX) DJ Xclusive (Hip-hop Colorado springs) DJ B. Killa (Hip-hop Germany) DJ Harry D. (Hip-hip Breaks-Records Germany) Jesse Malik (Hip-hop MC Def Jams Germany) DJ I Roc IT (Hip-hop Youniversal Jamz Holly Wood CA) DJ Shoot (House/Trance Germany), DJ Swiks (Hip-hop Tommy Boy Records London) DJ Istanbul (Hip-hop South Pole Clothing Germany) Performing group The Out Lawz (2PAC family Holly Wood CA) Jeffrey L King (Bounce magazine Hip-hop German/France/Canada) BIG CAP( From Funk Mater Flex Crew NYC) DJ Maabee (Hip-hop White Label Records Germany) MC Torch (Hip-hop Germany) DJ Tomekk (Hip-hop Berlin Germany) and DJ Charms (Hard House/UK Trance Rave Promoter San Antonio TX). To this day Jason Knight is still known for his great showmanship, Deejaying and Blues Harmonica Skills.

Jason Knight has been performing since the age of ten. Jason’s first show with a live audience was at the age of fifteen after he snuck into a club. The patrons loved it and Jason soon realizes that he stumbled on to something that he really liked. That was performing in front of a large crowd.

Jason was inspired by several of artist as he was exposed to music from and early age. He was taught to open his mind to all styles of music. Jason started listening to jazz, R&B, blues, reggae, big band, hip-hop etc. Several of Jason inspirational artists are the blues band Muddy Waters, B.B. King and later to Bob Marley, Jimmy Cliff. Jason soon got more into Rap/Hip-hop and R&B listening to Erick B and Rakim, EPMD, Tribe Called Quest etc…

Jason later on join the military in 1995 as a Tanker met and proposed to the love of his life Theresa Blackie, who he is blessed to have as his wonderful, supportive wife. After giving birth to two beautiful girls name Madelynn and Rebecca Knight in Seattle WA Jason and family were transferred to Heidelberg Germany in 1998. That is were Jason’s music career took off. Jason picked up a Blues Harmonica in Polandand and has since to lay it down. After Jason felt he was finally good enough he began booking shows. His performance style was like no other. He mixed the Blues Harmonica with Hip-Hop, Trance and reggae. The crowds went wild and at that point Jason set the tone for something that he felt would one-day he lead him to bigger things. Jason started booking more shows and larger venues. After their return to the United States and many deployments to Iraq, Jason felt like there was a chapter missing in his life. He desperately wanted a son, someone to carry on his name. It did not take long before they welcomed their handsome son Jason Knight Jr in to the world. Since the birth of their son, Jason Knight has traveled many new avenues that has landed him and his family on the East Coast. He is carving his name into the music industry by bringing back the music that helped to found a nation. The Blues.