Jason Knorr

Jason Knorr


Life inspired stories backed by haunting melodies that make the hair stand up on your arms. It is music that everyone can relate to, it reaches out, grabs you, and pulls you in. Very strong songs that can hold their own played acoustic, or can be enhanced with a full band. Just Great Music!


Feelings that everyone has experienced, but never knew how to express, that is what best describes Jason Knorr's music. Songs inspired by true life events that reach out, grabs you, and pulls you in. In short, it is just great music.

Jason started writing his own material when he was 15 and traded in a Saxaphone for an electric guitar. Ever since, songwriting has been his outlet for dealing with life's triumphs and tradgedies.

After years of playing in moderatly successful bands, Jason has decided to open up the suitcase full of ever expanding original music he has been collecting over the past 15 years, and let it breathe.

Jason is in the process of rendering a professional recording backed by a full band that will be released sometime in 2009.

In addition to playing originals, Jason also plays a vast selection of covers from all genres, that has made him a favorite in local restaraunts, coffee houses, and bars.


Jason has currently composed a few home demo's for his original music.

In addition, Jason has recorded 2 professional CD's, Never in Vein & Mitosis, with his former band Seventh Hour.

Set List

Jason's sets can be taylored to a shows specific needs. With many originals under his credits, Jason can easily play an all original show for 2 hours or more. When playing originals and covers, Jason is easily capable of playing a 4 hour show.

Jason has a vast selection of covers consisting of songs you love to hear, to songs you can't believe you forgot.

Some artists Jason Knorr covers are:
Garth Brooks
Toby Kieth
Gavin Degraw
John Mayer
Kenny Chesney
Stone Temple Pilots
Kid Rock
The Beatles
Counting Crowes
3 Doors Down
The Rolling Stones
Dave Matthews
The Violent Femmes
Lenny Kravitz
The Plain White T's
James Blunt
Jason Mraz
Elton John
Bon Jovi
Billy Joel
John Couger
Secondhand Serenade
Tom Petty
Maroon 5
Lynard Skynard
Pink Floyd
& much more..