Jason K. Roy

Jason K. Roy


"The type of presence that instantly demands complete and utter attention...distinct voice...passionate songwriter...gorgeous guitar work...rich, honest delivery...expressive...haunting, poetic...crafted together like a work of art...astonishingly beautiful music..."


Acknowledged as "the type of presence that instantly demands complete and utter attention", in but a year’s time, Canadian singer-songwriter Jason K. Roy has witnessed the depth of his music create countless acclaim near & abroad, ever since the release of his first EP in May of 2006.

Originally from Edmundston, New Brunswick, Canada, Jason has lived in Moncton, NB since 1996. Studying, to traveling in Tunisia, Malta and France, to fostering his creative spirit, all has helped create what Jason is as an artist today.

Be it his distinct voice (raw, rich, hurt, expressive, endearing, passionate, commanding, massive yet sensitive), his definite passion for songwriting (poetically haunting, intense, confessional, unorthodox, observant and visually rich lyrics), gorgeous guitar work (intricate, elegant, powerful, soothing) combined in effortless synergy with his creative six-string counterpart, Charles Toussaint, or be it his honest, passionate delivery or the overall soothing cinematic appeal of his music, the experience does not disappoint, and for most, the experience is memorable.

Currently working on a cluster of new songs for his first full length album (release date to be announced), 2007-2008 will bring forth more public showcases (incl. abroad), collaborations and more great songs from this yet undiscovered Canadian singer-songwriter.

Discover his passion for songwriting, poetic and creative guitar arrangement, a great voice with a rock/folk/indie feel, and be part of his gradual & authentic emergence by visiting http://www.myspace.com/jasonkroy

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- Sept. 21, 2006 (The Underground Café, Fredericton, NB, Canada): first public show, supporting Clinton Charlton (Saint-John, NB, Canada) & Caleb Aronson (Fairbanks, Alaska, USA)
- Nov. 2006 (Chocolate River Conservatory of Music, Dieppe, NB, Canada)
- May 25, 2007 (Chocolate River Conservatory of Music, Dieppe, NB, Canada)
- Nov. 03, 2007 (Edmundston en Musique, Edmundston, NB, Canada)
- Nov. 16, 2007 (CHOQ FM, Montreal, Qc, Canada): Univers Folk - live in studio. www.choq.fm
- Dec. 15, 2007 (Fox & Hound Neighborhood Pub, Riverview, NB, Canada): opening for Silverwire
- Mar. 22, 2008 (Doc Dylans Pub, Moncton, NB, Canada): w/ Wescut & Friends


Falcon Forming Rings

Written By: Jason K. Roy

let the bay swell, let the bay blanket our tracks
leave the maps we traced and stickmen turn in the sand

a falcon forms its ring
let’s watch a falcon forming rings

you’ve always said honey dew in salt water
hurts less then dry tears in holy water

as dust settles on the wings of a sparrow
the echoes hold their end while the mountains release their bow
now lost with a girl I’d bury mountains for
now lost with a girl who weighs a feather, her back to the storm

as we watch a falcon forming rings
with warmer words I lean in to whisper your name
as we watch a falcon forming rings
with each echo a comfortable secret reaches your name

© Jason K. Roy 2006 (CIPO/OPIC)(SOCAN)


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- First five (5) song demo EP released May 27th, 2006 (available on cdbaby.com)
- Led Sky Acoustic Hits, featuring "Quiet Eye Pleasures". (available on cdbaby.com)
- TEA (Toronto Experimental Artists): Volume 11 Compilation CD (Release Feb. 2008), featuring "Quiet Eye Pleasures".