Jason Lane

Jason Lane


Jason Lane is young and talented multi-faceted pop/rock singer, songwriter, producer, and engineer from Murfreesboro, TN on MTSU Records.


Jason Lane has been playing music for most of his 23 years on this Earth and began writing songs at the ripe age of 13. Some describe him as a musical prodigy as his talent is evident immediately and became obvious to many as early as 8-years old.

The multi-faceted singer/songwriter/producer/engineer transferred to MTSU a year and half ago to pursue a degree in production from the Recording Industry Department. Dick Williams, who teaches his MTSU Records class says of Lane, “There are times when you can just hear raw talent and Jason has that in so many ways.”

Lane counts producers like Max Martin, Mutt Lange and Guy Sigsworth as influences because although his songwriting and artist abilities are getting the most attention, Lane feels production is his strong suit.

His current CD is called Demonstration and he is the first to admit that he has evolved as an artist and producer since its release 31/2 years ago. “I’m proud of that project because I wrote, produced and played everything on it. It really allows people to see what I can do but I have evolved…matured.”

Lane is in the studio currently working on a new EP that he can take on the tour he has planned for the summer.

Being on the road is nothing new to Lane who has spent most of his life moving around with parents that have been extremely supportive of his talent. After being born in Bangkok he has called Ohio, New York, Arkansas and now Tennessee home. “I remember when I was 13 I came home from a long trip and my dad had built a studio for me in our home.” He admits that a lot of the technical knowledge he has acquired is self-taught but he has found value in the class Williams is teaching because it is helping him learn about the international aspect of being a touring artist. He recalls, “We had a contest where we had to route a fictional artist throughout the world and learn the ins and outs of what goes into making a proper itinerary. I found that extremely interesting and it taught me a lot.” It is good that he excelled at the exercise as Williams himself fully expects that international itinerary will one day belong to Jason Lane.


I Believe (single)
For the Haters (single)
When it Comes to You (single)
Not so Bad (single)
Demonstration (EP)