Jason Liebman

Jason Liebman


Critically-acclaimed, passionate NYC-based songwriter whose music can be found at that Transatlantic intersection where the pop brilliance and stirring harmonies of Big Star and the roots-driven urgency of Ben Harper mix w/ the soaring tenors of Bono & Buckley.



“I MUST play the guitar!” Flashback to a broken-down movie theatre parking lot in 1987 in Lawrence, NY, a small Long Island suburb in the shadow of JFK airport, and this is the emphatic statement you’d hear coming from the high-pitched voice of the skinny little kid running down the steps who had just seen the movie “La Bamba” for the first time.

Ironically enough, it would be nearly 15 years before he would actually sit down and teach himself the 50’s classic, but in those years between, formal classical guitar study would meet a teenage love of classic rock and a devout love of the angelic vocals of artists such as Jeff Buckley, Sam Cooke, Alex Chilton and Rufus Wainwright. What would emerge from the other end would be the artist: songwriter, guitarist and vocalist, JASON LIEBMAN.

With his second full-length album–SWEET SACRIFICE, out digitally in March–Jason is ready to share his exceptional and constantly evolving musical talent with the world. Sweet Sacrifice is a 14-song musical color wheel, showcasing an astounding diversity of songwriting and instrumental range, from the tender lead single, “The Stars Above,” co-written with Jason’s 15 year-old guitar student Michael Bar-Lavi, to the guitar-heavy, driving up-tempo opener “Aggravated,” the orchestrated strings and experimental guitars of “God Bless The Aliens,” and the drunken, New Orleans horns-heavy dirge that is “Government Blues.” The album is also complemented by Jason’s interpretations of two songs close to his heart: Lou Reed’s “Pale Blue Eyes” and Tom Waits’ “Hold On.”

Jason, a mainstay in the New York City music scene, is dedicated to his craft, “It’s about the work you put in, the relationships you develop and the reputation you cultivate and maintain. You do the work, you do it right and you hope that it continues to create positive energy and bring good opportunities your way. I’m excited about where I’ve been and even more excited about where I’m headed.”

You might already know Jason. You may remember him for the aluminum guitar he plays onstage, it looks like a Harley with strings and when it catches the spotlight just right it glows like a supernova. He’s played onstage with a number of nationally and internationally-touring artists including Warner Bros recording artist Rachael Yamagata, rocker/actor Val Emmich and NYC indie pop rock quintet The Orion Experience, and his original music has appeared on television shows such as Nickelodeon’s “iCarly” and “Zoey 101,” as well as MTV’s “Next.”

His 2002 debut solo album, The Driest of All Seasons, caught the attention of the media early on. Billboard Magazine called Jason “an engaging artist capable of darting from acoustic-leaning troubadour to blues-jammer to flat-out rocker with considerable ease” (9/21/02). Newsday hailed the album as “…a fine debut…a true labor of love,” citing that “‘Fall Away’ and ‘That Summer’ shine with feeling beyond Liebman’s 20-something years” (1/10/03).

After the release of The Driest of All Seasons, Jason continued writing, recording and performing in the New York area where he currently lives. In 2004 Jason partnered with Aaron Wolfe (bass), Jon Lundbom (guitar) and Andrew Bain (drums) and released a four-song EP called Escape From The Heart of Darkness under the band name Jason Liebman & The Uprising. Good Times (Long Island, NY bi-weekly) raved that the songs were, “sky high on emotionally charged rock/pop anthems aimed straight at the heart” (9/21/04).

Complimenting Jason’s extraordinary songwriting and performances, Sweet Sacrifice features some of the most talented young musicians anywhere in the world. Concord Records recording artist Jon Irabagon plays saxophone on several tracks, Jason Loughlin (Amos Lee, Nellie McKay) joins Jason on guitar, Dan Carlisle on bass, former Uprising band member Andrew Bain plays drums, Matt Kanelos contributed his impressive piano skills and a host of other musicians round out this enormous album.

“It sounds like a cliché, but the more I travel and perform and the more musicians I work with, the more I understand that it’s not about where a career starts or where it ends. It’s not about any one gig or any two bands or someone’s ten favorite road stories. It’s about the journey,” reflects Jason, and with Sweet Sacrifice, he is about to embark on an exciting new road trip.


The Stars Above

Written By: Jason Liebman & Michael Bar-Lavi

by Jason Liebman and Michael Bar-Lavi

I heard the superstition – I heard the talk of your condition but
I never heard from you
You caught me in the hall – I couldn’t hide so I tried to stall.
What’s a guy to do?
I’m not free on Friday night – in fact, every night’s my busy night.
You knew it wasn’t true.
Truth is I always thought you were mighty fine – the fact is that you were always on my mind but all these years and I never followed through

And this world – you know it’s always changing and my heart never found another destination
The stars above can’t summarize the way I feel.

You know I’ve had my chances – I’ve danced slow and I’ve romanced but I’ve lost my chance with you
Ten years and I never found another girl to lift my heart off the ground the way yours used to do.
But I probably deserve my fate and I’d appreciate if you’d reiterate that this straw is the one I drew
Whoever said that rumors never die is probably the fucker of a lucky guy out there walking arm in arm with you.

And this world – you know it’s always changing and my heart never found another destination
The stars above can’t summarize the way I feel.


Sweet Sacrifice (For The Artist Records) - Coming March 2010

Escape From The Heart Of Darkness (For The Artist Records) - 2004

The Driest Of All Seasons (For The Artist Records) - 2002

Set List

The Stars Above
What Your Girlfriend Don't Know
Sweet Sacrifice
God Bless The Aliens
Take You To The Moon
Jenny, I Don't Mind
Heart and Mind

Pale Blue Eyes - Velvet Underground
Hold On - Tom Waits
Fake Empire - The National
One - U2
Waiting For My Real Life To Begin - Colin Hay
People Get Ready - Curtis Mayfield
Man In The Mirror/The Way You Make Me Feel - Michael Jackson