Jason Marbach & Barbarossa

Jason Marbach & Barbarossa

 New Braunfels, Texas, USA

We're an original mixture of Nashville country music and Texas rock and roll. We call it "Texville."


Jason Marbach has become a name known and respected around the Texas Hill Country as a gifted singer and ruthlessly emotionally charged songwriter. He says "I live to write songs and I write songs to live", and it's true. His lyrics are thoughtful and sometimes painful, but always enlightening.

Jason loves the experience of playing live. He played for Jackson Taylor and then Stewart Mann & Statesboro Revue before truly devoting himself to his own music. Barbarossa isn't a "new" concept for him, however. The band was actually formed years ago even while Jason was still in high school. It grew wings only after Jason had the seasoning that came with touring experience, though.

Jason has two CDs to his credit. A 5-song EP called "She Drove" (2005), which garnered him a nomination for the Texas Music Awards "Rising Star" in 2006, and "Eclipse", a full-length CD released in 2010 which has since been nominated for an "Academy Award of Distinction" from the Academy of Texas Music. The award is defined as being merited by album releases which are "unique and worthy of recognition," a description with succinctly sums up Jason Marbach's music. As the name implies, “Eclipse” was a chance for Jason to bring something new out into the light for everyone to see and hear - embracing Marbach’s rock and roll soul while still maintaining the outlaw country edge he has grown into.

2010 saw a few turning points for the band - including their first multi-state tour. The fan base has grown exponentially to match the band's expanding diversity and musical aggression, and radio stations around the state are catching on; Jason's music has been picked up by multiple radio stations in the Texas/Red Dirt format since "Eclipse" debuted in October 2010.

Grit and polish attack sonically in equal amounts in Jason Marbach's music. It's a long distance from the Nashville "produced" sound, but it's also not a perfect equivalent of other gritty Texas rock. Jason's sound is "Texville" because it's somewhere in between the two. Achieving top flight touring status in the Texas music scene appears inevitable for this diamond in the rough...come join the party today before you get left behind.


Something Blue

Written By: Jason Marbach & Maria Martin

Verse 1:
I made you a promise but I didn't have a ring
So I made you a world of other shiny things
It doesn't seem like years ago, it seems more like days
Now we're gathered here today to celebrate

I'm just your old flame, you've got a new name
I'm just borrowing you
Spinning around the floor, holding you once more
I'll be your something blue

Verse 2:
My heart stopped for a moment, you took my breath away
You're walking in slow motion, I can't fast forward or press play
It doesn't seem like moments, it seems more like days
We both have our reasons for the tears on our face


Verse 3:
Thank you for this dance, wish I had a second chance
Don't you know the song ended too soon
Squeeze my hand and let go quick, lingering on my fingertips
The impression of the ring that I always promised you


Spinning around the floor, holding you once more
I'll be your something blue

Racing The Birds

Written By: Jason Marbach

Verse 1:
Yonder come a skiff with a pierot pole
He's got a lantern bobbing 'round like a ghostly soul
Heading back home through a drizzling rain
And his cooler is empty again
Seven little kids standing 'round the skeeter light
It looks like goulash again tonight
He can't wait to get home again
And to taste his woman's skin
Racing the birds, hoping to win

Verse 2:
Who is this clown on my radio?
He's got polish and money but he's got no soul
Lyrics straight from the second grade
About beer and minimum wage
I've got too much to say in a three minute song
But I can't sing longer 'cus you won't listen long
Stand over there by the shuffle board
Holding your martini like a red-hot sword
I wish I was a bird, or at least a Ford

Verse 3:
I guess we're all just running through life
Like a chicken from an old buck knife
Moving so fast we can't sit still
Swept in the current against our will
I don't play games 'less I make the rules
I only wanna give a piece of my self to you
But I can't slow down, and I know why
Gotta find some shade from this buzzard sky
Racing the birds, looking for rhymes
Yeah, racing the birds

Brokedown In Bricktown

Written By: Jason Marbach

Verse 1
I'm a better man since you walked away
And I know that's what you expect me to say
But the truth is, baby I don't have the time
To mourn the days that you were mine
Like a broken record on the same old tune
I'm pullin' off the needle, I'm through with you
Gonna spend tonight across the state line
Gonna find me an Okie, gonna maker her mine, 'cus I'm

Brokedown in Bricktown, honey
Got two flat tires and I drank all my money
Gonna find me a place with a bed and four walls
And hope that I'm better off, better off after all

Verse 2:
These whiskey shakes will be the death of me
I look in the mirror, hate what I see
The crows parading across my face
Are the scars of the frowns I could not erase
And my hair is thinning, my back is bent
Every penny I've made is ten dollars spent
But I'm finally free from your sorry ways
What better way to spend today than



Written By: Jason Marbach

Verse 1:
Mama dropped the phone, Daddy kicked the door
When I told them you weren't here no more
They both think I should try to track you down
I'll never find another one like you
It's times like these that love shines through
But I don't think I can make you turn around

You know what they say about an object in motion
You roll a boulder down a hill and it wants to keep on rolling
Standing still or falling free, it's all the same to me
You left me all alone and full of kinetic energy (so set me free)

Verse 2:
You needed more, you needed space
Some time alone in a different place
Like a bullet from a gun you were gone
Sure I miss you, sure I care
If I call out and no one's there
But a bullet in outer space keeps rolling on...


(So set me) free, don't tie me down
You're a ghost and I'm a clown
I know I should pick up, I know I should move on
But first I need to know you're really gone


Devil's Own

Written By: Jason Marbach

If you wanna save your soul tonight, better let that woman go
If you wanna save your soul tonight, better let that woman go
Well I ain't no preacher man, but I swear that woman is the Devil's Own

Verse 1:
Let me get this straight, she stays out all night long
I said let me get this straight, she ain't home 'till after dawn
Well if I were you and she was free running all over town on me
I'd find a shallow spot in the back lawn

Verse 2:
Her cheatin' heart is gonna lay you six feet low
I said her cold, black, cheating heart is gonna lay you six feet low
Well now mind this demon on your shoulder if your feet start getting colder
You can't forget the truth once you know

If you wanna save your soul tonight, better let that woman go
If you wanna save your soul tonight, better let that woman go
Well I ain't no preacher man, but I swear that woman is the Devil's Own
Well I ain't no preacher man, but I swear that woman is the Devil's Own


She Drove - 2005 (Indie EP)
Eclipse - 2010 (Indie, Release date: 10-14-2010)

Set List

Our typical shows range from two to four hours, though we do a lot of 60 and 90 minute sets opening up for other artists as well. We're fine with a few covers ranging from Waylon Jennings and Johnny Cash to Chris Knight, Ryan Bingham, Drive-By Truckers and Reckless Kelly. Very few modern Nashville songs. "Nobody's Girl" by Reckless Kelly, "Lonesome, On'ry & Mean" by Waylon Jennings, and "It Ain't Easy Bein' Me" by Chris Knight would be good examples. Though we are fine with covers for the right gig, we are first and foremost an original music band and therefore do plenty of original Texas Country & Rock songs. When left to our own devices, we do almost entirely original music.