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"DPAC Does It Again"

DPAC, the new Durham Performing Arts Center, hosts three more sellout events in March bringing the total to 48 since opening.

Durham, NC (Vocus) — DPAC (, the new Durham Performing Arts Center, hosts three more sellout events in March bringing the total to 48 since opening.

“March spoke volumes about DPAC making a strong statement for world class entertainment,” said GM Bob Klaus. “We are proud to present such renowned and diverse artists- and for being the exclusive venue of choice for many hot national tours. And as each new fan enters the DPAC and has an amazing experience we know that we have created a fan for life.”

March did come in like a lion on March 12th as tough all over country star Gary Allan played to a suitably rambunctious near capacity crowd. From the moment local radio darling WQDR’s ( Lisa McKay introduced the band fans were on their feet showing their appreciation for the critically acclaimed Allan. Allan was equally appreciative in his stellar performance. Of course, it’s not easy to open for someone like Allan but up and coming locals The Jason Marks Band really proved that they have cut their teeth in the music industry and are someone to be reckoned with, playing cuts from their new album “Slow-Down”... -

"Soulful, Hard-Rocking, Raise-Your-Hands, Get-On-Your Feet Country"

Gary Allan brought country music to the DPAC stage on Friday night. Finally! I’m not talking low-key country crooning, but soulful, hard-rocking, raise-your-hands, get-on-your-feet country. Before the show, the lobbies came alive with the tapping of cowboy boots and popping of tallboy beers. Fans rolled in with a laid-back swagger, looking around at a venue of red carpet and not quite knowing if this home for world-class entertainment is a home for honky tonkin’ country.

Jason Marks Band blasted through the speakers as guests made their way into the house. The group from Wilmington gave a rockin’ start to a night of real country. (Thanks to Gary for supporting local NC talent!) Jason Marks Band showcased songs from their most recent album “Slow-Down” during a forty-minute set that kick-started the crowd.

Gary Allan hit the stage with his band to flashing lights and heavy guitars during “Get Off on the Pain”. The band’s energy electrified the theatre as fans danced, clapped and cheered. While he performed, he moved across the stage and interacted with his bandmates, making a point to engage the entire audience. He had guests singing along to hits like “Feelin’ Like That” and “Right Where I Need to Be” but also to songs from his new album including “Kiss Me When I’m Down”. (If you have not yet purchased “Get Off on the Pain”, I would suggest you at least start with this song.) After sharing swigs from a bottle of Jack, the band’s new piano player began the intro for “Life Ain’t Always Beautiful”, and Gary gave his most heartfelt and intimate performance of the evening. When he extended the mic out and the crowd sang back, he expressed genuine appreciation. Gary Allan – up close and personal – entertained the audience with outstanding vocals and dynamic guitar skills. When he got into fan favorite “Watching Airplanes”, DPAC rocked out to pumping fists, stomping boots and screaming women.

On my way home, I was listening to WQDR as Billy Dukes took calls about the concert. On the first call a woman asked, “What kinda dog was that?” The answer is a Labradoodle. During Gary Allan’s encore, his dog Lucy joined the band on stage. (A little strange? More like awesome!) Lucy was born for the spotlight as she interacted with the band members then took her spot on set and lay down. With a full house on their feet, Lucy and Gary exited the stage together to an ovation of hoots, hollers, raised glasses and camera phones. -

"Jason Marks: Far Too Country"

Jason Marks: Far Too Country
By Jeff Reid

His parents both played guitar and Jason learned a lot from them. Now if he could get Tommy Brothers to share his rock guitar secrets, then his Jedi training would be complete.

Singer/songwriter Jason Marks never thought that he would end up in a country band. Always liking country music and its consistent themes of heart wrenching loneliness, truck driving, demon drink and cheating women, Marks started to get a lot of requests for some country sing-along type songs in his solo act years ago. "Since I had some Garth Brooks CDs, I learned the all time favorite ‘Friends in Low Places’. It went over well...the crowd had fun and I had, I started adding a few more country songs to the set and pretty soon country music took over!"

Born into a musical family, Marks looks back at his childhood and remembers many pleasant experiences that inspired him to be a musician. "My first musical memory was of me playing in my mother’s empty guitar case with my cousins at the age of three," he recalls. "My dad gave me my first chart at age 14 and I taught myself from there."

Discovering Wilmington in 1989, Jason journeyed from Virginia to audition for a role in the movie Teen Age Mutant Ninja Turtles. "I didn’t get the part, but I fell in love with this little town," he admits. "I came back eighteen months later to attend UNCW." It was there that Marks collided head on with his future and now, considers it to be one of the best things to happen to him. "The band I was in dissolved about the same time as some friends of mine band guitar player quit," he explains. "I jokingly said I would love to try out for the band. The next thing I knew I was in another band." But this band was going places and fast. Far Too Jones was a rootsy, pop/rock band that gained the attention of Mammoth Records and were signed in 1998. Embarking on a nationwide tour Marks and the band supported acts like Matchbox Twenty, Seven Mary Three and Train. Needless to say it was a great experience. "More specifically those guys taught me how to write a decent song and once we got signed to Mammoth records, I learned a lot of the inner workings of the music industry," he states. "They want bands to show up on time, put on a great energetic performance, enjoy themselves and appreciate the fact that we are blessed to get paid for doing something we love."

And with his new band and a new CD Slow Down, Marks admits that he certainly feels the love. Madison Bunting on guitar, Brett Waress on drums and Randall Johnson on bass are all true professionals, incredible musicians, three of his closest friends and put on a great show to boot. "We have so much fun performing together," he says. "I am blessed even more so because there is so much mutual respect among all of us - both personally and professionally.
For Jason Marks today’s country music is a great genre to be in. Even though 10 years ago he may not have envisioned himself with a cowboy hat singing about pick-up trucks and two timing women, the music is fun and has a lot of rock and pop influences that come natural to him. He and thousands of his fans think he’s found his niche. "Since I have a lot of energy - on and off stage – our music works well with the rock and country crowds," he admits. "We just want to have fun, enjoy the ride, make new friends and not get hurt or arrested along the way!"

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- The Beat Magazine

"Gary Allan showcases Carolina talent for his 'Get Off On The Pain' Tour"

It’s been six long years since Gary Allan tragically lost his wife, Angela. Since then the California country rocker has capitalized on his creativity to cope with his huge loss. The irony is in the aftermath of tragedy his career has skyrocketed. He has secured a position for himself in the storied history of tragedy and success in country music.
Now after seven studio releases and one greatest hits CD, Gary Allan is back again with his ninth CD, ‘Get Off On The Pain’.The album sums up and expands on Allan's fifteen years of Nashville music-making. Those fifteen years, seven studio albums and greatest hits CD have garnered twenty-two singles on the Billboard Hot Country Songs charts, including three that reached Number One.
"It's a relentless life you live out there. But it's been my life for the last four or five years. Since Ange passed, it's been like a healing process for me -- a way to sanity, a way of keeping my mind on something else, namely my music."

It’s been awhile since Gary Allan stopped by Columbia’s Williams Brice Stadium with Kenny Chesney in 2008, but Gary Allan has taken to the road to cope and work with the cards he been dealt. So far, we are not seeing any South Carolina tour dates, but if you are up for a road trip, Allan will be playing The Durham Performing Arts Center just up the road in North Carolina. The date will be March 12 and would be a great start to your St. Patty’s Day celebrations.

Allan has tapped the Jason Marks Band, from Wilmington, North Carolina as the opening act for this show. Jason and his band have been playing together in support of their 2008 release 'Slow Down' which features songs penned by Jason Marks and some up and coming Nashville songwriters. Their CD was produced by Jason Merritt, who has produced for Courtney Love and Paul Westerberg among others. In addition to appearing with Gary Allan, The Jason Marks Band opened for Kenny Chesney on The Poets and Pirates Tour at the Raleigh, NC show. These guys are definitely on their way to the top! - Charleston Country Music Examiner (Ricky Shivers)

"Reviews from"

“Can’t Get Enough of This CD!!! Love, love, love the whole cd but cannot stop listening to “kiss you cause i want to” and “between the lines”. I always have to play each song at least twice. Jasons voice is the type you want to sing you to sleep every night. Very addictive!!

-Author: Vj Meade

“The Only Music CD I Listen to in the Car.Whiskey is the only music I’ll listen to in the car. All other drive time is spent listening to business and finance audio programs. It’s great driving in Nashville rush hour with some Whiskey in the car.”

Author - Big Steve - website

"Comments from"

“You Rock The World! I love it and Congratulations on all your successes and I’m sure there are many more coming your way too.”

-Author: Dee Jay Silverheels

“Good sound and style of country music. I like. Keep on doin it. I give you a high 5.”

Author - Dave Roy

“Excellent songs, great lyrics and professional sound. We vote 5 for a thoroughly enjoyable showcase and wish you every well deserved success.”

Author: DSS Music

“Great sound. Great balance of instruments and vocals. Really like the lyrics and vocals on “Between the Lines” and “The Key”.

Author: Marlan - Showcase Your Music

""Music of the Night (Shift)""


After performing pop rock country tunes on a bright stage surrounded by tens of thousands of screaming fans, Jason Marks should be able to perform clinical rotations with a steady hand.

“It was very exciting and more fun than I’ve had in a long time,” says Marks with a slight Southern drawl. Marks, who attends Cape Fear Community College (CFCC) in Wilmington, N.C., has been a practicing musician for several years and has been playing with his current band mates for about six months. He’s combined the passions by creating a scholarship for fellow CFCC students. And this summer, at the Time Warner Cable Music Pavilion at Walnut Creek in Raleigh, his hard work paid off.

“Jason Marks and the Band,” which Marks describes as pop-rock with a country twist, won a contest put on by a Raleigh radio station. The prize? To open for a crowd of 20,000 on August 23 as part of Kenny Chesney’s “Pirates and Poets” tour.

Marks says that opening for Kenny Chesney was, in a word, intoxicating. “I love being in nursing school, but I really love being on stage in front of a large crowd,” he says. “I was just so overwhelmed.”

The performance went smoothly, but as he belted the tunes, Marks was well aware of the big act to follow: “I was nervous and kept wondering, ‘When’s Kenny coming out?’”

When he bowed to applause and exited the stage following the act, he realized not all of CFCC had been aware of his upcoming debut. “From the time I walked on stage until I walked off, I got over 200 text message from people who’d had no idea I was playing,” says Marks. “I signed a few autographs the following Monday at school.”

After the concert, Marks and his fellow band members were able hang out at after parties and meet briefly with Chesney. “I talked to him for about 15 seconds,” says Marks with a laugh. “Of course, he had a million people meeting him, so I didn’t monopolize his time too much.”

Although he’s been playing music for several years, Marks contemplated the steps to take in his professional career: “I asked myself, ‘What can I do that I can make a really good living helping people?’” The question led him to nursing, and with only 10 months left until he graduates, he’s working toward his ultimate goal of pediatric oncology.

One of the best things about being a professional musician, says Marks, is the flexibility it gives him to pursue his nursing goal. “Music gives me a lot more freedom to go back to school,” he says. “You don’t have to work Monday through Friday. It’s a blessing in that respect.”

He also counts himself blessed to be playing music with a great group of guys. “I feel really comfortable with the guys in the band,” says Marks. “It’s kind of the same thing in the healthcare setting: you have a team of people you’re working with and you can trust them. It boosts your confidence in the same respect. Everyone knows what they’re supposed to do.”

With two CDs under his belt (the first titled “Whiskey Would Be Risky” and the second called “Slow Down”), Marks continues to follow his two chosen paths. He plans to start work on a third CD this November or December. Part of the proceeds from CD sales on iTunes go to benefit the Singing Nurse Scholarship fund at Marks’ college, which he created at CFCC to help ease the financial burden of the school’s nursing students.

“With the nursing shortage, we’re just trying to help as many people as possible,” says Marks. “We’ve got some single mothers there with two or three kids who are getting help financially. It’s amazing how they do it, and what little I can donate will hopefully make a big difference.”


"Cape Fear Nursing Student Opening for Kenny Chesney"

A Cape Fear Community College nursing student will soon be making his big debut under the bright lights.

Jason Marks is a local Wilmington musician who just landed the opening spot for Kenny Chesney’s “Pirates and Poets” tour. Marks and his band were selected by a Raleigh radio station to open up for Chesney.

Marks says juggling his music life and full time nursing school status is hard work. “I realize it’s a big deal. Right now we have a big exam coming up on Tuesday morning, so up until we get there on Saturday afternoon I’ll have my nose in a book. And then I’m sure the reality will set in, with more than 20,000 people there.”

Marks hopes this opportunity will help further his music career. He just released a CD titled “Slow-Down”
- WWAY TV 3 - Wilmington, NC

"Country Music Review"

Country music can run in bloodlines – just ask Jason Marks, the guitar-slinging, country-singing son of two musicians and grand-nephew of Johnny Cash drummer WS “Fluke” Holland. Though the latter revelation is recent news to the singer, he has known the drive to create since age 15, when he learned to play guitar with his dad in California. Marks was playing solo shows a few years later, and continued through his college days at UNCW in the late ’80s and early ’90s. After a stint in the successful Raleigh-based band Far Too Jones (who released a record on Disney’s Mammoth label) and some time in Nashville and California, Marks returned to Wilmington. “I saw a Dawson’s Creek rerun at 7 in the morning and realized how much I missed it,” he says. Falling back on his musical abilities, he played solo shows here right away. His 2005 CD, Whisky Would Be Risky, showcases his stylistic range, from the Lyle Lovett-like cut Running Me Down to the rockabilly ruckus of Long Legs and Long Necks. “Country music is wide open now, and genres have become homogenized – but in a good way,” says Marks. Think Over and Over from hip-hop artist Nelly and country singer Tim McGraw, which hit No. 3 on Billboard’s Hot 100 Singles chart. Thirty-five-year-old Marks credits his upbeat sound to age and outlook. “I don’t have that twentysomething angst anymore. I’m very happy for the most part.” Marks will tour Australia in the fall, and his new CD should be out by the end of the year.
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October 20, 2008

For Further Information Contact:
Dana McKoy 910-362-7209


October 20, 2008; Wilmington, NC: Cape Fear Community College nursing student and country-rock artist Jason Marks will perform live from 3 to 6 pm on Saturday, November 1, 2008 behind CFCC’s Burnette Building on the Riverfront. The concert is sponsored by CFCC’s Alumni Association and all proceeds from ticket sales will benefit the CFCC Alumni Legacy scholarship. Tickets will be sold at the venue at a price of $3 per person; children under 12 will be admitted free. This family-friendly event will also feature concessions from Papa Johns, face-painting for the kids, and other fun entertainment.

Marks, who is in the practical nursing diploma program at CFCC, is a regionally-acclaimed musician and the former guitarist for the popular band Far Too Jones, who were signed with Disney's Mammoth Records in the late 1990's and had a hit with “Best of Me.” Jason is also the great nephew of Johnny Cash's original drummer, W.S. "Fluke" Holland.

Most recently, Marks has performed solo at venues such as Mayfaire Town Centre, the Wrightsville Grille and Front Street Brewery. He has also opened for national recording artists as such as Rascal Flatts, Bucky Covington and Jason Michael Carroll.

Marks and fellow musicians Randall Johnson, Brett Waress and Madison Bunting, who comprise the Jason Marks Band, were the featured entertainment at this year’s Riverfest main stage. The band was also the first runner up in the KENNY CHESNEY/WQDR NEXT BIG STAR contest finals in Raleigh on August 7, 2008. The band impressed Chesney's representative so much that the contest rules were changed and the band was invited to open on the main stage at the Time Warner Cable Music Pavilion on August 23 during the Raleigh stop of the Kenny Chesney "Poets and Pirates" tour.

Marks recently celebrated the release of a new CD entitled “Slow Down,” in a large outdoor concert at Mayfaire Towne Center in May. The CD features songs written by Jason and Nashville artists such as John Griffin (who has co-written with artists such as George Ducas), Randy Montana (son of songwriting great, Billy Montana), J. Juliano (Little Nashville) and Arlis Albritton. This is the follow up to his well received “Whiskey Would Be Risky” CD.

The November 1 concert will also feature additional talent from CFCC. The performance area is located behind CFCC’s Burnette Building on the Cape Fear Riverfront on Water Street between Walnut and Red Cross Streets. Guests are encouraged to park in the lots adjacent to the Burnette Building and in spaces along Water Street. For additional information, please contact the Cape Fear Community College Foundation at 910-362-7207.
- Official CFCC Press Release: Oct 20, 2008


Far Too Jones "Picture Postcard Walls" (Disney/Mammoth Records 1998)

"Whiskey Would Be Risky" (Imperial Hardware Music 2005)

"Slow Down" (Imperial Hardware Music 2008)



Jason Marks' music career began when he combined his true passion, country
music, with a necessity for work, which at the time was hard to find, so he took out a small loan, bought a PA and a guitar, and began performing locally during his college years.

Now, after years of working to build a career with his passion for music through
his solo efforts and with the band Far Too Jones, Jason is hitting his stride with a new band and a new album. Released in 2008, "Slow Down" is comprised of
songs written by Jason, along with some of the hottest up-and-coming songwriters in Nashville, such as John Griffin, Arlis Albritton, J.Juliano and Randy Montana.

"Slow Down" was produced and engineered by Jason Merritt, who has worked with numerous national artists such as Dr. Dre, Courtney Love, Paul Westerberg, Anastacia and HotHotHeat. The album features guitarist Will MacFarlane, who worked for years as Bonnie Raitt’s guitarist, along with Brett Waress and Randall Johnson, current members of the Jason Marks Band, who fill out the rhythm section on the new album. Madison Bunting was added to the lineup on guitar and harmony vocals.

The Opportunities Continue To Emerge. . . The band was featured as special guests on the March 12, 2010 Durham, NC stop of Gary Allan's "Get Off on the Pain" Tour and in August 2008, the Jason Marks Band
was invited by Kenny Chesney's Next Big Star coordinators to perform in the opening spot for Leann Rimes and Kenny Chesney as part of the Poets and Pirates Tour at the Time Warner Cable Music Pavilion in Raleigh, NC. With a steady stream of live performances and significant radio airplay in central and
southeastern North Carolina, the popularity of the Jason Marks Band continues to grow. The rest, as they say, is history in the making...