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"Reel Mighty Steps"

After several years of
learning, growing, praying and
working, gospel "sing-jay"
Jason Mighty has reached a
new level in his musical
career. "I have just completed
my first music video," he
acknowledges with a smile.
"It's called Can't Walk This
Life Alone."
Directed by the CEO of Daystar
Promotions & Productions, EC
Johnson, the video opens with
stunning visuals of past events
that have affected the island and
its people.
"The video tells a story. It begins by showing different
situations that can make an individual feel alone," Jason
explains. "The taping of the video was definitely a time of
reminiscing for me. It brought back a lot of the feelings that
inspired me to write the song."
Starring in the lead role in his video, Jason takes viewers
through a time of internal trials and turmoil while reaching
out for help from his Saviour and simultaneously showing
the love of Christ to others.
"There's a scene where I am sitting on a bridge getting
ready to jump and a woman of God comes to me, bringing a
word that shows me that I don't have to live this life alone.
No one has to."
With a production team consisting of Calvin Whilby (better
known as Bless aka Prodigal Son) and Nicole "Nikki"
Johnson (graphic designer and producer), the production
boasts a solid video shoot partnered with exceptional acting
"Right now, the "style" for music videos is a variation
between colour and black and white with some slow motion
clips. Jason's video smoothly incorporates all of those
details," Nikki explains, "When compared to secular videos,
Jason's measures up very well and we're expecting great
When asked about upcoming events in the life of this gifted
young minister, Jason explained that he is currently working
on his first album and preparing for another tour as well as
the annual Radikal Communications show, Recharge.
"I've just returned from a great two-month tour with my
North American management team, Daystar Promotions
(http://www.daystar-promotions.com), and in August I'll be
at Recharge along with my brother Bless aka Prodigal Son,
DJ Nicholas, Prodigy and others."
The video, Can't Walk This Life Alone will be played on HYPE
TV and on the upcoming video gospel programme Video
Wheel also on HYPE TV - Jamaica Observer - August 18, 2006

"Mighty Electrifies Thousands At Barbados Gospelfest 08"

The hills came alive with the sound of music as international gospel reggae artiste, Jason Mighty launched his debut album, CORNERSTONE at the 16th annual Barbados Gospelfest. Commencing the charged performance with songs such as - "Wanna Know", "Da Vinci Code" and "One Soul" - Jason shocked the crowd into a spirit-filled frenzy.

"I have been waiting a whole year for this," one female patron screamed as she waved a copy of Jason's debut album, "I am not leaving this place until I get my copy signed!" On viewing the artiste's merchandise table, hundreds of fans could be seen vying for copies of the highly demanded album. "The company [Daystar Promotions] brought in over several hundred copies of the album for Gospelfest, and they all sold out within three hours," said a Daystar representative. Many patrons were so desperate for music from the 27 year old singer, that they began asking if there were promotional discs for sale.

"I can only thank God for this opportunity," stated the sought after gospel artiste, "I love Barbados and I want them to know that it is my second home." The award winning headliner delivered hits after hits at One Awesome Day on Farley Hill in Bridgetown, Barbados. The show consisted of several events spread over seven days, the last of which was One Awesome Day, which also featured the talents of Israel & New Breed, Praise Academy of Dance (Barbados) and many more.

"It was an amazing sight. Barbados just loved on Jason and Jason loved on them right back," said one attendee.

Jason Mighty will be continuing his Cornerstone Album Tour with stops in Montego Bay (June 20, 2008), Anguilla, Canada, Trinidad, The Bahamas and several other countries.

- Yardflex.com

"Cornerstone: An Inspirational High"

Cornerstone (J-Mighty and VP Records Distribution)
Artiste: Jason Mighty

Overall rating: B+

GOSPEL singer Jason Mighty's breakthrough debut album, Cornerstone, which has been getting major buzz from Jamaica to the Eastern Caribbean to the United States, is worthy of all the hype as it offers an irresistible compilation of soul-stirring, wholesome and inspirational music.

The 17-track CD boasts heavy reggae, dancehall and other flavourful influences, but the singer shows off his pop tendencies with cuts like Repent and Señorita (featuring Promise). He does, however, retain enough of his praise-and-worship flourishes with singles like Angels, God's For You and the popular Be Magnified - and grandiose, in-your-face choruses such as Da Vinci Code and Ready (featuring big bro Prodigal Son) that are sure to keep long-time fans satisfied.

Mighty also takes on a variety of socially-based subject matters that listeners can relate to - chief among them, the common Christian desire to enter the pearly gates on Judgement Day, as featured on the hit One Soul (with gospel kingpin DJ Nicholas). Also worthy of note are Can't Walk Alone and Hallelujah, while deejay Goddy Goddy lends a verse on the track Careful.

After a couple listens, you can't help but admit that there's something unsettlingly precious about Cornerstone. Maybe because the listener can feel that the artiste has poured so much of his memoir-worthy life experiences into the record that the "cup runneth over".

At the same time, the album was lovingly assembled with a production squad that included Danny Brownie and Dale Virgo. The subtlest tweaking of elements lets you hear even the old-school influences as something altogether fresh and inspiring.

A rich voice like Mighty's deserves its own spotlight and on Cornerstone he gets plenty opportunities to shine. Still, there's always room for improvement. But as it is, Cornerstone is a fascinating debut from an artiste who proves that he's committed to sharing the blessings that God has bestowed on him - and all that's left in store.

- TYRONE S REID, Observer staff writer reidt@jamaicaobserver.com


May 12, 2008

AWARD-WINNING gospel singer, Jason Mighty, has inked a lucrative album distribution deal with VP Records, just two weeks after launching his highly-anticipated debut CD, Cornerstone, his management Daystar Promotions has revealed.

"We are very pleased to announce that VP Records has signed a world-wide distribution contract for Jason Mighty's Cornerstone. It was originally to be a contract for physical distribution, but they contacted us several days later and voiced their interest in having Cornerstone added to their exclusive digital distribution catalogue. Our representative at VP said he was really feeling the project. The whole negotiation was just a blessed and wonderful experience," Mighty's management team said in a release last week.

The album, which boasts 17 tracks, features collaborations with local gospel stars DJ Nicholas, Goddy Goddy, Promise and Prodigal Son. Fan favourites such as Can't Walk Alone, One Soul and Da Vinci Code are among the offerings on the CD.

"We are looking forward to a very fruitful partnership between VP and Daystar Promotions. We're extremely pleased that gospel reggae is widening its horizons in the musical marketplace. The genre has the potential to be tremendous, and we want to capitalise on that embryonic potential in the global market," explained Nicole Mighty of Daystar. "With such a high level of acceptance for Jason's ministry, even in a secular company, we can only aim higher from here. And we will."

Cornerstone is now available on www.vpreggae.com and will soon be available for digital download on iTunes and several other digital music providers.

Contact: Nicole J. Mighty
Telephone: (876) 413-9009
Email: nicole@daystar-promotions.com
nicolejmighty@gmail.com - JAMAICA OBSERVER

"A Mighty Cornerstone"

BY Dhane Brown & Chavon Panton Observer TEENage writers Kingston College & Excelsior High School
Tuesday, April 15, 2008

"Finally!" Those were the words uttered when fans of the local gospel scene heard that reggae gospel artiste Jason Mighty was releasing his debut album. After years of waiting and hearing him on so many compilation albums as well as appearing on tracks with friends, he finally has something of his own to minister to the hearts of his fans.

Since apppearing on the scene in 2003 he has been nominated for several awards and has been recognised recently, winning two Flame awards this year in Barbados including Best foreign gospel artiste and best foreign gospel recording for Can't Walk This Life Alone. He also teamed up with his brother Prodigal Son to win the inaugural Reggae Academy award for best Gospel Collaboration with Ketch A Fire. With his recent success and his impending album launch (this Friday), TEENage decided to get the skinny on what was going on in his life.

TEENage: Cornerstone is the name of your new album, why that name?
Jason Mighy (JM): I grew up without a father, it was eight of us on my mother alone and she always spoke down to us. I grew up never believing in myself and having a low self-esteem. I was looking for a name for the album and one day God revealed it to me. The Bible says that the stone that the builder rejects will become the cornerstone.

TEENage: What is your favourite song on the album and why?
JM: Well, Waan one Soul and Can't Walk This Life Alone, which has been doing very well in Barbados where it has crossed over to mainstream audiences.

TEENage: When did you start making this album?
JM: (Laughs) I started writing in 2005.

TEENage: What is so different about this album as opposed to others in the industry?
JM: It is the same message but a different method. My songs deal a lot with what I have gone through and the others haven't gone through what I have. My songs are also about encouraging people.

TEENage: What motivates you to do gospel music?
JM: Ha. There is a dying and lost world out there full of young people. The songs that Mavado and others do are encouraging the young people to do wrong. I believe we have to inspire the young people to do good.

TEENage: What are your goals for the next, say, seven years?
JM: Definitely to have a family as I love kids. I am being appointed Deacon at my church this Sunday and I believe the Lord is calling me for more than just music. I also want to have secured an international recording contract.

TEENage: If you had a choice to work with any secular recording artiste in the world, who would it be and why?
JM: Wow, ahhh, Richie Spice. Not for what he represents in terms of religion but because he sings positive music. I like his tone and his style. If I ever had the opportunity to do a gospel song with him I would.

TEENage: What have been some of the opportunities that have been presented to you by God as you've ministered to people through music?
JM: Gospel Fest Barbados (I will be launching my album there in May), St Maarten East Fest alongside Akon and Neyo.

TEENage: What are your greatest weaknesses?
JM: Definitely driving on the road (laughs). In terms of the album though, writing the songs. I wanted to write songs that would minister and be unique. I scrapped a lot of the songs I wrote. Also finance was a major weakness. It costs a lot of money to do an album.

TEENage: Who are the artistes that make you stop and take notice when you listen to the radio nowadays?
JM: Omari, I like what he is doing. Also DJ Nicholas, Ryan Mark and Prodigal.

TEENage: If you weren't doing gospel music now, what else would you be doing?
JM: Well, if I wasn't a Christian I would be smoking weed, been a 'gyalis' and probably be at Asylum, which was my favourite club. If I was saved and not a gospel artiste, I would be a part of a group called Soldiers for Christ. They go out and minister to and feed the poor on the street.

TEENage: Any word of advice to one who wishes to do gospel music?
JM: Seek God and ensure that it is a calling. For many are called but few are chosen for Him.

TEENage: Just one more question, though. If Jesus were to comment on the life of Jason Mighty, What would you want him to say about you?
JM: You have run the race, kept the faith. Well done, my son.

- Jamaica Observer

"Jason "Mightyer" Than Appearance"

Andre Jebbinson, Staff Reporter
published: Friday | April 20, 2007


Do not look at his nice clothes or his well-groomed physique; Jason Mighty has a lot more to offer.

Mighty had his dreams of being a good quality DJ shattered around 2000, when he got savedand was told the truth about his talent. The rude awakening came from his older brother, Prodigal, who, however, encouraged Mighty to do something else that came more naturally - singing.

With that encouragement from his blood brother and brother in Christ, Mighty started to do the music he was more comfortable with. Soon enough he was working on a single for producer Danny Browne's Yow 3 compilation, all with the help of Prodigal.

"When I got saved, coming from the world, the music was nice. There is a part of you that still wants to enjoy the music to a certain point," Mighty said.

"People like Prodigal dem a DJ hardcore, but you could still get a message out of it. I see a lot of people get saved from this music, so there is power in it. It is more than just writing and more than just music; you have to have a relationship with God," he said.

But since Mighty was a maturing Christian and a maturing artiste, he was bound to face some of the harsher realities of the business, some of which included difficulties getting on shows and also facing the fierce tongues of those he performed for.


He had a few collaborations with well-known artistes and it seemed only appropriate that he got some recognition in Jamaica, as the songs were getting much airplay. Still, he found himself performing mostly overseas, particularly in Canada, which he could not understand. Many also criticised him for the way he dressed.

"I try to look good, but people seh mi hype. I used to look good before I got saved and mi nah guh just wear anything now because I am in the Church," Mighty said.

But his frequent trips to Canada and his nice attire paid off. He was winning souls and he also won the heart of his wife, whom he met in Canada.

Finding love did not mean that his troubles were over. People started to take issue with something else. His surname would seem like something he added for his music career and others have judge him for it. He would, however, like to make it clear that his given names are Jason O'Neil Mighty.

"It is my real name and the Lord instructed me to use it," he said.

Regardless of the trials Mighty has had, he said things are turning for him and shows are popping up more frequently in Jamaica. There will probably come a point when he will permanently join his wife in Florida, United States, but he is now focused on building a ministry in Jamaica that will be accessible worldwide. Young people love him and his single, Ketch A Fire, with Prodigal continues to dominate the circuit, even as he works on his debut album.
- Jamaica Gleaner

"Flame Awards Coming Up"

Flame Awards coming up
Published on: 1/4/08.

CALYPSONIAN ENOBONG has received Eight nominations in the 7th Annual
Flame Awards to be presented on March 8 at 7:30 p.m. at the gymnasium of
the Sir Garfield Sobers Complex this year.
The Experience Calypso Tent member, who placed eighth in the Cable and
Wireless Pic-O-De-Crop-Finals at the National Stadium won her
nominations largely through her two self-penned renditions Gotta Get Back
and Time For A Change.
In all, there were at least 13 first timers among a list of over 60 nominees
for the 2008 Flame Awards.
They are Marlon Legall, Lana Spooner, Njeri and Andrea, Generation Next,
Repaired, Carlos Cobham, Militant, Warrior, Jeanne Beckles, World
Changers, Ordained Synergy, Rugged Royalty, and Rev. Elector
However, perhaps the more interesting nominee is Dr Jeanne Beckles who,
even though she is well known in the Methodist circles, gained more
recognition when she produced an impressive CD entitled Songs In The
Night in May last year.
Four of her songs along with the CD have each been nominated in the
respective categories giving her a total of five nominations.
Here are the 2007 Flame Awards Nominations:
Neil Crichlow
Hozia Hinds
Sheldon Hope
James Leacock
Marlon Legall
Rev. Tony Lowe
The Nation Newspaper | Flame Awards coming up Page 1 of 7
http://www.nationnews.com/life/333676419160513.php 29/01/2008
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The Nation Newspaper | Flame Awards coming up Page 2 of 7
http://www.nationnews.com/life/333676419160513.php 29/01/2008
Njeri and Andrea
Barbados – Kareen Clarke
Gotta Get Back – Margaret Holder
I'm asking for a Miracle – Jeanne Beckles
Real Real Christian – Neil Crichlow
Time For A Change – Margaret Holder
But God – Katrina Howell, David Thomas, Kerriann Harris
I will not Fear – Jeanne Beckles
The Lord, My Rock, My Shield- Jeanne Beckles
Worship Is – Arnold Goslin
You Can't Drown Me- Lana Spooner
Peace – Elector Pearson
KDB – Zion's Gate
Return to Me-Lana Spooner
Slaying Time – Dragon Slayer
Songs in the Night – Jeanne Beckles
Praise Academy of Dance (Hope For Africa)
Praise and Worship with Alvin Slaughter
Linda Randle – God On the Mountain
Crossroads-Touch Ministries
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Andre Belle
Denise Charles
Derrick Frederick
Hearts of Worship
Jesus Army
Pearl Ann Hinds
New Era (Praise Academy of Dance Boys)
World Changers
Gozzy – Free
Joyann – Don't try to stop Me
KDB – Rave
Sammi Jane – It's our time
Generation Next (PAOD)
New Creation Dancers
Praise Academy of Dance
Psalm 150
Sammi Jane
Animal Farm (Rommel Hall)
The Nation Newspaper | Flame Awards coming up Page 4 of 7
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Apocalypso (Rommel Hall)
Gotta Get Back (Margaret Holder)
Time for a Change (Margaret Holder)
Marissa Boyce-Knight
Carol Toppin
Graham Vaughn
Vere Walcott
Daniel Blackman
Kerry Mason
Ricky Niles
Elector Pearson
Carib Vision
The Heat
The Nation
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Carlos Cobham
Generation Next (PAOD)
Jeanne Beckles
The Nation Newspaper | Flame Awards coming up Page 5 of 7
http://www.nationnews.com/life/333676419160513.php 29/01/2008
Neil Crichlow
Dragon Slayer
Arnold Goslin
Lana Spooner
Jessy Dixon
Canton Jones
Jason Mighty
Martha Minuzzi
Linda Randle
Can't Walk This life Alone – Jason Mighty
God of the Mountain – Linda Randle
Jesus is the Best Thing – Martha Minuzzi
Love Song – Canton Jones - Nation News


TYRONE S REID, Observer staff writer reidt@jamaicaobserver.com
Friday, April 18, 2008

With his brand new album, Cornerstone, set to woo new
followers of his music and ministry, the gospel singer tells all
about keeping the faith, handling criticism and why he's ready
to rock the gospel world.
Creatively blending gospel lyrics with reggae and dancehall
influences, Jason Mighty (his birth name) is doing what he
loves best and having a blast. Blessed with larger-than-life
vocal and lyrical skills, the gospel singer, 27, possesses the
uncanny ability to touch people with his artistry and lifechanging
And, as his many fans and well-wishers would agree, he has all
the talking points to promote his highly-anticipated debut
album, Cornerstone, which offers tracks that will make you
dance and others to make you stop and think as you follow him
on his musical journey across the diverse landscape of life and
love. And, as he makes it clear to Splash, he is as long on style
as he is on substance.

SPLASH: Congrats on your debut album, Cornerstone, which I
understand is being launched today. What are you most excited
about with regard to the record?
Mighty: Well, I'm excited that it's coming out (Laughs). I've
been working on it for quite some time now and I am very
happy that it is finally in my hands. I think people will really
enjoy this album.
SPLASH: You've been in the gospel game for over five years
now. What took you so long to drop an album for the fans?
Mighty: Two things. I believe in putting out strong singles first
to climb the charts not just in Jamaica but overseas. I wanted
to ensure that my music was established first because good
music is important to people. So I wanted to wait for the right
moment to release an album and I believe now is definitely the
right time.
SPLASH: What do you hope listeners take away after hearing
the 17 tracks on Cornerstone?
Mighty: I want them to be inspired by the Jason Mighty story
because this album is about how I grew up. Most of the songs
on the album are dealing with encouragement and people are
definitely going to be encouraged after hearing this album. Of
course, there is some praise and worship and dancehall praise
on the album as well.
SPLASH: Are you satisfied with the current state of the gospel
music industry in Jamaica?
Mighty: It's not where I want to see it at the moment. I want to
see our gospel artistes being booked for more secular shows
and to be able to reach more people. We need more airplay
from disc jockeys and more overall promotion. Our Jamaican
gospel artistes are getting a lot of respect overseas, but we
deserve more locally as well.
SPLASH: Gospel artistes like yourself, Ryan Mark and your
brother Prodigal Son are noted for your strong fashion sense.
What is it about male gospel artistes and fashion?
Mighty: (Laughs) We are just taking it to another level. Before I
got saved, I was very fashionable. It is not a sin, as some
people would make it seem, to wear something that looks good
on you because you are a Christian. We are entertainers and
people want the full package from their entertainers. People
want to be entertained and our fashion is a part of the whole
SPLASH: I spoke to your wife, Nicole, over the telephone
yesterday. She sounds lovely.
Mighty: Yes, she is. Two weeks ago was our anniversary. She's
the one who travels with me as my manager and she
represents me well. She's a wonderful person. She even helps
put my clothes together sometimes (Laughs). She is a wife,
friend and business partner. I couldn't have asked for anyone
SPLASH: What question do you hate being asked?
Mighty: I hate when people ask me if I think I am a tougher
artiste than Prodigal Son. I am not into the comparison thing
http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/lifestyle/html/20...4666_obs_jason_mighty__minister_on_a_mission.asp (2 of 4) [5/12/2008 5:04:22 PM]
because people should be praising the work Jesus is doing
through us instead of worrying about who is the better artiste.
SPLASH: Do you take criticism personally?
Mighty: It depends. Right now I am learning not to take it
personally because people talk a lot about the way I dress and
I don't want people to judge me because of what I wear. So I
am learning to get over things like that.
SPLASH: Looking back on your life, if you could apologise to
one person today, who would it be and what would you say?
Mighty: My mother. She is senile at the moment so she no
longer knows who I am. When I was growing up I used to talk
back to her and stomp my foot. I was rude at times growing so
I would definitely apologise for that.
SPLASH: What would you do if one day you woke up and you
were a white man?
Mighty: (Laughs) I would beg God for a miracle to change me
back. Or I would probably turn to plastic surgery to get back
my colour. I love my colour.

"'Cornerstone', a dream realised"

Crystal Lattibeaudiere, Sean A. Bennett and Nicholas Sanchez

April 18 marked an important day in the life of Jason Mighty. This was the day the Lord had made and Jason rejoiced and was glad in it as he launched his long awaited album, Cornerstone.

The launch took place inside the walls of New Life Assembly. It was a jam-packed church, as scores of worshippers came out to support the young minister.

The emcees for the evening were Nadine Blair, Olecia Wedderburn-Christie of Love 101 and Marklan Edwards. Nadine and Marklan took us through the initial stages of the launch then handed over to Olecia who guided us until the end.

The first half began with the praise team of New Life Assembly leading the congregation in worship. Upcoming artistes, such as J Lee, JCee, and Tina, were features of the evening's first segment. Judy Mowatt also graced the stage and contributed as she, too, came out in support of Jason.

Moment of anticipation

"Eternal Father, bless our land", was the line which announced Jason's arrival. The congregation was on its feet as he made his way to the stage. He opened with worship songs featured on his album. It was a humble Jason stood before the congregation as he ministered in song and testimony. This was the perfect end to the evening's first half as he exited the stage, making way for his brother Calvin, better known as Prodigal Son. He shared what he knew of his brother, adding a little humour and a lot of encouragement. "I am a proud big brother," he said.

However, Prodigal's duty wasn't just to speak of Jason. He had a message on his heart which he delivered with power. He then had an altar call which saw several persons making their way to the stage.

Part two

Dance group Shady Squad delighted the congregation as they gave an animated performance. Jason was then invited back onstage to minister. Songs such as Da Vinci Code, Repent, One Soul and Ready highlighted his ministry. Prodigal Son and DJ Nicholas shared the stage with him, as they, too, ministered. The launch came to a close with the blessing of the album. Jason's wife, Nicole Mighty, then said thanks to everyone who made the launch possible as the curtains came down on a wonderful evening.

- Jamaica Youthlink

"Mighty, VP link"

Gospel artiste Jason Mighty has received additional support from VP records, which has signed his album 'Cornerstone' for physical distribution and exclusive digital distribution.

Mighty says this is a good opportunity as it means that his album will be accessible through iTunes, rhapsody and amazon.com. He says VP was pleased with the product because of its quality and the fact that the 17-track album began with the Jamaica National Anthem.

"One of the things that I was worrying about at my album launch is that people won't have access to it. Now I can just send them to VP. I know the product will sell and they will be able to get it," said Mighty, who launched his album three weeks ago.

He added, "It's good for me 'cause throughout my life I've been toiling and this is my first album so I feel really pleased for what God has done for me."

He says most people like the variation on the album as it is a mix of different genres. The album also features other top gospel artistes like his brother Prodigal Son, DJ Nicholas, Goddy Goddy and Promise, who is a rapper signed by Kanye West.

Mighty says songs on the album like Can't Walk This Life Alone, One Soul, Wanna Know and Da Vinci Code are all doing well in Barbados where they hold high ranks on secular charts.

Due to the huge response he is receiving in Barbados, he will be launching his album there when he headlines alongside Israel and the New Breed at Barbados Gospel Fest in two weeks. He will also have another album launch in Montego Bay on June 20, where he says it has been requested.
- Jamaica Star


YOW 1 - 2000
YOW 2 - 2003
SCROLL 2 - 2006
YOW 3 - 2006
YOW 4 - 2007





Reggae music possesses the undisputed ability to touch the spirit, the soul and the body regardless of face, creed, color or nationality. Singer, songwriter, Minister. Multi-award winning, international gospel reggae artiste, Jason Mighty (his real name) is revolutionizing reggae praise and worship with his soulful ballads and uplifting praise tunes.

Blending smooth, distinct vocals with musical hooks and slurs that can appease the most discerning listener; Jason imparts a glimpse of a genuine relationship with his Savior to the forefront of his songs.

Born in the sun-rich island of Jamaica to a musically inclined mother, Jason grew up hearing the time tested, sacred hymns that are near and dear to many of our hearts. When asked about his inspiring musical talent he states, "In the year 2000 God gave me a mandate to preach hope and salvation through my music; be it on dancehall or roots reggae rhythms. The message is the same that has been spread by our Savior himself. I simply sing the message of the gospel of Jesus Christ." Confirming his status as a minister, Jason was also ordained as a music minister and a deacon at his home church, New Life Assemblies Church of God.

In 2008, before the largest audience to attend a launch in Jamaiaca, Jason released his debut album entitled "Cornerstone". His hard work did not go unnoticed by his peers and the industry, as he was awarded the Best Gospel Collaboration award at the 2008 Reggae Academy Awards. He was then nominated at the 2008 Flame Awards for Best Foreign Recording Artiste and Best Foreign Gospel Recording of the year.

The award winning, Jamaican born artiste has toured in various countries including: Anguilla, Antigua, Barbados, Bahamas, Canada, England, St. Marteen, St. Kitts, The United States, and Turks and Caicos. With his impressive stage presence he has shared the spotlight with fellow international gospel recording artistes such as: Kirk Franklin, Dr. Bobby Jones, Micah Stampley, Martha Munizzi, Mary Mary, Canton Jones, Sitchie, Papa San, Prodigal Son, DJ Nicholas, and many more. He has also shared the gospel of Christ on shows that featured artistes such as Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley, Ninjaman, Neyo, Akon, and more.

Jason's worshipful blend of a contemporary yet radical style has made him a hit within all age groups, and amongst musical veterans and critics. On his hit songs, "One Soul (ft. DJ Nicholas)", "Da Vinci Code", and "Can' Walk This Life Alone," Jason exhibits his talent in mixing hard hitting lyrics with an authentic Jamaican flavour, leaving his hearers on the doorstep of the throne room of God.

"I believe that music can evolve. The same as how our methods of transportation has evolved - we've gone from a horse and carriage to motor vehicles. Our methods of delivery must change to suit the needs of our generation, but the MESSAGE must stay the same.

That is my mandate, that is my message."