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"Jason Mitchell & The Healing Power of Music (June 2008)"

June 22, 2008
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John Hood
Southstone Media

Jason Mitchell and the Healing Power of Music
Musician & Burn Survivor Raises Funds for Vanderbilt Burn Center’s Camp Hope

Nashville, Tenn.—Singer. Songwriter. Musician. Burn survivor. One of these things is not like the other. But for Nashville-base performer Jason Mitchell each one is an integral part of his life and career. He’s taking his experience as a burn survivor and combining it with music career going into high gear to help burn victims all over the country. In April (2008), Mitchell formed the Jason Mitchell Foundation, a 501c3 non-profit with a mission to raise funds for charities, specifically burn centers. One of his first initiatives is to raise money to help burn survivors attend Vanderbilt Burn Center’s Camp Hope, a free camp that is specifically designed for pediatric burn survivors. While the camp is free, families are responsible for travel costs to get to the camp—an often overwhelming expense for families already dealing with tragedy.

Mitchell has already raised more than $3,000 for the camp by soliciting donations from fans at concerts. He also uses his concerts as means of spreading awareness for Camp Hope by passing out informational flyers. His strong fan-base in Pennsylvania and Mitchell’s commitment to helping charities is paying dividends for his foundation. The York Haven, Pennsylvania chapter of the Knights of Columbus have donated $1,000.00 to Camp Hope in honor of Mitchell, who has been involved in that area’s Toys For Tots Christmas campaign for the past four years.

His passion for helping burn centers comes from his own personal experience as a burn survivor. At 17 years old, he suffered severe burns over much of his body while helping some friends shoot a video for a high school class project. A special effects stunt went wrong and Mitchell ended up spending more than eight hours in a critical care unit of his local hospital. He had to go to the burn center in Akron, Ohio the next day. While it took more than six months for him to heal completely, he knew it could have been much worse. At that very early age he made a commitment to helping other burn survivors whenever he was able.

Now with a music and songwriting career beginning to take off, he’s excited to honor that commitment. This talented singer and songwriter is making a name for himself with his debut single, “Get Some Sand In It,” from his debut album of the same name. It was produced by Billy Davis and Jason’s father Dan Mitchell (co-writer of "If You're Gonna Play In Texas, You Gotta Have A Fiddle In The Band"). It is the first project on the new label WeBlast Records.

Mitchell is more than a songwriter and studio musician, he’s a seasoned live event pro having played more than 1350 special shows in recent years. His poise and talent captured the attention of Dale Morris & Associates, who represent some of the biggest names in country music including Alabama, Kenny Chesney, Big & Rich, and Gretchen Wilson. They’ve recently signed on to manage Mitchell’s career.

One of the most exciting things about his career taking off is the opportunity that gives him to raise funds and awareness for burn survivors.

Donations can be mailed to The Jason Mitchell Foundation P.O. Box 20187, York, PA 17406. His website will soon be able to take donations online as well. Visit HYPERLINK "http://www.jasonmitchell.us" www.jasonmitchell.us for more info about the Jason Mitchell Foundation.

- Southstone Media

"Music Tradition Continues (Country Music News Today) March 2009"

Knoxville, TN – Jason Mitchell was born in Nashville. His father wrote “If You’re Gonna Play In Texas (You’ve Gotta Have A Fiddle In The Band)”, a song that was a number one for legendary country group Alabama. He is managed by Dale Morris, the same man who manages the likes of Kenny Chesney, Gretchen Wilson, Big & Rich, and Jake Owen. His uncles, Chip and Billy Davis, are also well-known songwriters around Nashville and he has the uncommon ability to sound exactly the same both live and recorded, a rarity in artists today. And yet, growing up, he had no desire to become a country music star.

Like most teenagers, Jason had no solid idea as to what direction he wanted his life to take. His teenage years were filled with athletics - his soccer team was one of the top eight teams in the state - and mixed martial arts. After high school, Jason considered a career as a producer, lawyer, and even a massage therapist. It took what amounted to two near death experiences to help him realize his music dreams. At 17, Jason suffered severe burns when a school project went wrong. A few years later, his father fell victim to a heart attack, effectively setting the music dream in motion.

“Dad said ‘hey listen, what do you want to do with your life? You almost died, I almost died, what do you want to do with your life?” Jason recalls. It was then that a career in the music business started to take shape. “Music had always been there,” he says. “Music was in my blood.”

Sitting in a microeconomics class, Jason received a text from his father saying he was heading to audition people for a family entertainment show he was working on. That text would prove to be life change.

“The guy teaching was named Mr. Ping,“ says Jason. “He was Asian, an awesome guy but had bad English. Dad was going to audition people and I was feeling frustrated. So after I got that text I went to the teacher, shook his hand, thanked him, and left college for good.” He auditioned, made the show, and ended up singing with it for five years before leaving to pursue his own career.

The goals for that career are lofty. One at the forefront of Jason’s mind is to play a show every single day for a year.

“People tell me all the time I can’t do it but I think I can,” Jason declares. His tour schedule going into the new year is already heavy with dates being added all the time, especially as he now works with multiple booking agents. One gig he is especially looking forward to is Country Cruise 2009 featuring him and Mustang Sally.

“That’s going to be a lot of fun,” Jason says of the cruise. “We’re going to be opening the boat up that first night, then playing on a private island in the Bahamas, just cruising through the Bahamas playing music.”

Jason’s music is catching on with fans fast. His single “Sand In It” reached number one on the Indie World Country Music charts, topping songs by the likes of Neal McCoy and Alabama’s Randy Owen. Topping the Indie World Country Music charts isn’t enough for Jason however.

“It was great and I was proud to see my name up there on the charts but I want it on Billboard. I’m ready to get this thing rolling,” he says.

Jason’s musical influences include the usual suspects - Kenny Chesney, Billy Currington - but also include those closest to him.

“I listen to my dad a lot. If I could sing half as good as him I would probably have eight labels that wanted me or at least be on one. I listen to my uncle Chip Davis to hear his background vocals, and my big brother Damien Carroll, who is more of a rocker than I am,” he lists off.

Jason describes his debut album, Blue, as a “pretty fun album with some really great songs” and credits his father, and uncles Chip and Bobby Davis with many of the songs on the album. The album also includes Jason’s version of the Chris Cagle hit, “What Kind of Gone”, which was written by Chip. He also works with Heineken the HitMaka, who has worked on tracks by Young Buck and Beyonce to determine if his music, a combination of country, rock, and pop sounds, is “poppy” enough.

It is not just music that Jason is devoted to however. Having experienced severe burns himself, Jason has pledged to aid other burn victims through the Jason Mitchell Foundation, an organization that will also help a number of other charities. With the Jason Mitchell Foundation, he intends to help children attend Camp Home, a camp that is free for burn victims except for travel and accommodations.

“Camp Hope is a free camp for burn victims,“ Jason explains. “The camp is free but the travel isn’t, so we give to Camp Hope who figures out or estimates the costs and fronts the gas money or send them a check to get down there.”

While Jason’s heart is big, he is also humble. It was not his idea to name his foundation after himself.

“I didn’t want to be called ‘the Jason Mitchell Foundation‘,” he says. “I didn’t feel as though I needed credit for it, call it something else, call it a big kick ass fund to help people out, but they didn’t go for that.”

Jason is also quick to give credit to those around him, recognizing that he has a support system that others can only dream of.

“I am very fortunate to have the people I have. I have some great people, people other people would kill to have. My manager, Dale Morris, I grew up with him, playing at the bottom of the stairs while dad was meeting with Dale. My uncles, Billy and Chip, have done so much for me it’s stupid. I can call them and be like ‘can I record this song, can you help me?’ and they will. Heineken the Hitmaka - He’s the only one who can eat blazing wings with me from Buffalo Wild Wings and will give me a different perspective on things, especially my music. And I have my big brother, Damien, too.”

When asked about his future career goals, Jason’s answer is not just to make it. It is to make it big but to also help others along the way.

“My plans are to get a deal, go out on the road, be out on the road as much as possible, build a great big house, and put a moat around it, in that order,“ he says. “I want to live the dream, sell out shows. I want to be like Kenny, win entertainer, make foundations as prosperous as they can, make them a reality for the people who need it.”

With his determination, his support system, and his desire to pay it forward, Jason stands a good chance of doing just what he intends to do - make it big. Jump on the Jason Mitchell bandwagon now folks because this is one artist you want to be able to say you knew about ‘before he was famous’.

To listen to Jason’s music, visit his myspace at myspace.com/jasonmitchel

Sara Wyland
Country Music News Today
- Country Music News Today

"True To His Roots: Country Singer Enjoying The Ride To Stardom (Coshocton Tribune) February 2009"

COSHOCTON - Kicking back by a pool and enjoying the vast West Virginia mountain landscape Wednesday afternoon, Jason Mitchell was taking a breather to gear up for a busy year-long tour.

"Right now I'm living on the road - doing shows in the Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Virginia and Maryland area," he said. Mitchell, an up-and-coming country star, will be performing at Whiskey Dick's in Columbus on Saturday.

For the busy musician, this gig is a chance to return to his beloved Buckeye state. Even though he was born in Nashville, Tenn., and spent the first six years of his life there, he has called Coshocton home for many years as well.

"Nashville influenced me musically and put that into perspective for me," he said. "Coshocton influenced me to go out there and be professional, but to go and have fun. I don't forget where I came from; I learned my values in Coshocton."

A 2001 River View High School graduate, Mitchell said growing up he had no idea he would ever become a singer. He was exposed to music at an early age; his father is songwriter and producer Dan Mitchell, who co-wrote Alabama's "If You're Gonna Play in Texas, You Gotta Have a Fiddle in the Band." Nevertheless, Jason said he wanted to be an attorney in the music industry negotiating contracts and dealing with the legal aspect.

Mitchell said "fate stepped in" when he was 17. He suffered severe burns over much of his body when a stunt for a school project went wrong, and he needed six months of recovery time. He then dropped out of college during his freshman year after his dad suffered a heart attack. His dad suggested he work on his vocal chops at an audition, and the rest is the beginning of Jason's history in the music business.
He recorded his first CD and was recently signed to DMP Records. His father produced "No Sand In It," which climbed to number one after hitting the independent charts and stayed there for five weeks. His recent release, "(I'm Yo) Chicken Man" debuted at number 37 on the independent charts and climbed to number 28 in about a week.

Mitchell describes his music as fun, upbeat and energetic, and a chance for him and his band to get out there and have fun. "We like to rock it out," he said. "We're all over the place and have a good time. We like to go out and talk to the fans, hang out with them and see where they're going after the show."
Even though Mitchell said he's eager to get back into the studio to record new material, being on tour is exciting; he and his band are hitting the road playing a variety of venues in the East. "I like all venues; each is a different monster in itself," he said.

Along with numerous dates scheduled in Coshocton and around Ohio, one major project in store is the Country Cruise 2009. The five-night cruise from Jacksonville, Fla., runs from April 18 to 23. The humble Mitchell also keeps his plate full and remains grounded by participating in plenty of charity work. Last April, he formed the nonprofit Jason Mitchell Foundation to raise funds for numerous charities. Building on his personal experience, one of the first endeavors was to help burn survivors attend the week-long Vanderbilt Burn Center's Camp Hope in Tennessee.

"That's one of the closest things to me," he said. "I also want to start an animal shelter, and we do something for battered women, breast cancer, other cancers, you name it," he said. "If it's a charity, I want to do it. I want to do as much as possible, even if it's auctioning off the smallest thing like drumsticks."

His schedule keeps him constantly on the go, but Mitchell loves to return to his stomping grounds and catch up with as many people as he can. "I love Coshocton; I have a lot of memories that I hold dear to my heart," he said. "I write songs about that stuff and my experience. Coming back to Nashville and Ohio is bittersweet. Both are my home, and both are sad to leave."

- Coshocton Tribune

"Jason Mitchell To Perform At Whiskey Dicks With Jimmy Wayne (Columbus Metromix) February 2009"

Jason Mitchell at Whiskey Dicks
Cochocton country singer carries on local tradition
By John Benson
Special to Metromix
February 17, 2009

Born in Nashville but raised in Coshocton, you can say new singer Jason Mitchell was born to be a country musician. As the son of veteran Music City songwriter and producer Dan Mitchell, who co-wrote Alabama’s big hit “If You're Gonna Play In Texas, You Gotta Have A Fiddle In The Band,” Mitchell recently moved back to his native Tennessee city to kick off his own career.

Having spent the majority of 2008 recording his debut effort, “Don’t Get No Sand In It,” Mitchell is now focused on touring the project to as many fans as possible. This includes his first Columbus show Feb. 21, opening for Jimmy Wayne at Whiskey Dicks. Metromix talked to Mitchell about his upcoming touring plans, his rocking country style and why Coshocton has become a haven for burgeoning country music talent.

We see in your press release you’ve already booked 70 dates this year with upwards of 80 more before the end of 2009?
I’m so busy it’s ridiculous, but I love it. We even have a cruise coming up in April, and I’ve booked almost half of the boat with just my fans going. (Cruise officials) started out saying they wanted us to play the first night to open the boat, and then it got to the point where they want us to do this private excursion with me out on this island in Nassau. So we’ve already sold that out. It’s pretty cool. It’s crazy.

Hmm, playing an intimate gig on an island. How Kenny Chesney of you.
It’s funny you said that because we had a radio station in Nashville play my old song “Don’t Get No Sand In It” and had listeners rate that song. One guy called in and said he gave it a 1 and that it sounded like a Kenny Chesney starter album. It was really funny, but I got 10s from all of the ladies. That’s our demographic, but the “Kenny Chesney starter album” was the best, I laughed.

Regarding the material found on your first album, “Don’t Get No Sand In It,” how does it translate into the live setting?
On the record we’re more traditional country like Jason Aldean, Kenny Chesney and Keith Urban kind of mix. We do those kinds of songs, stay in that field and that genre, but when we go out and pay live, we do like Stone Temple Pilots. It’s a good time. Growing up I listened to a lot of rock. We actually do this Eric Church song called “Before She Does,” and before we play the opening of Alice In Chains’ “Man in the Box.” It’s cool.

Considering you went to the same high school as rising country singer Danielle Peck, it appears as though Coshocton is quickly becoming the Buckeye State’s country music connection.
My dad went to Riverview High School, Danielle went there, and I went there too. I remember walking down the halls of my high school and by the main doors there was a gold record hanging on the wall. That’s one of my goals, to get a gold record hanging beside my dad’s. That’s something I really want to do, but I try not to get a big head. My dad has worked with a ton of people, and I’ve seen people get signed, get this huge head in five minutes and the next day they’re like, “Oh man, we got dropped.” I really don’t want to be one of those people so I try to stay very focused.

Tickets to see Jason Mitchell opening for Jimmy Wayne are $20. The show takes place at 8 p.m. Feb. 21 at Whiskey Dicks, 2690 E. Dublin Rd., Columbus. For more information, call (614) 890-2700 or visit www.whiskeydicksbar.com.
- Columbus Ohio Metromix

"An Interview with Country Musician, Jason Mitchell. (About.com)August 2009"

An Interview with Country Musician, Jason Mitchell
Native Nashville Musician
By Jan Duke, About.com

Nashville produces a ton of great musicians but it's a rare occasion to actually find one that is a native Nashvillian. Mind you, there are a few and Jason Mitchell is one of them. Jason is making his own way on Music Row these days just fine and recently took a few minutes out of his busy schedule to sit down and chat with me.

Hi Jason, thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule to chat with me. We hear that you were actually born and raised in Nashville. Did you get a good taste of the local music scene at an early age? Can you tell folks what it was like?

Jason - "I did, actually. You could say "I was born into the business." My dad Dan Mitchell had a Miller Beer jingle on The Super bowl. That paid for my birth under the screen writer's guild, and my mom Cathy Mitchell use to make all of the stage clothes for Eddie Rabbitt and other stars as well. Then dad's song "If You're Gonna Play In Texas" hit when I was around two years old. After I got old enough I became a total studio rat, tagging along with him whenever I could. So...yea, you could say I got a good taste at an early age lol."

When did you realize you wanted to try your luck at a music career and can you give us some background of how and why you got back into the Music Scene?

Jason - "Um...let's just say it had to do with a girl, when I was in high school! The conversation started "so...I hear you sing?"

Your dad is a pretty good songwriter himself, how has this affected your insights and views in the Music Scene? How has it affected your songwriting abilities?

Jason - "My dad gives me a lot of guidance and not just in music, but in life too. I'm out on the road so much, and don't get me wrong I wouldn't change it for the world. But sometimes it gets a little tough and he's always right there to help out in any way he can. Love him a lot and thank God for him everyday."

For anyone who hasn't heard your music before, how would you describe your sound?

Jason - "We do allot of Asian, polka rock, and I really try to incorporate that into our shows as much as possible. No I'm kidding, LOL. Um I would have to say Alt. Country Rock. I hear so many bands say "well, we're country...but with an edge." and then they play, and it's almost the same as the radio version with nothing original to make it their own or new. No...see country with an edge, "for example" would be playing "Hick Town" with "Enter Sandman" in and outta there, and...Kenny Chesney's "Better As A Memory" that goes into a Bullet for My Valentine song called "Hearts Burst Into Fire" but...that's just me talkin'."

I hear touches of the Soulful Blues (Im yo Chicken Man) with a Bits of Rock (Curves) thrown in, how do you feel this will blend into the current country music style?
Jason - "The country music scene is changing so much right now. You can turn on a pop station and hear Taylor, then turn it to country and hear her there too. Same thing with Kenny and his beach vibe. Same thing with me...just trying to be me and do my own thing."

Which and how many instruments do you play? Every musician has a favorite instrument, which one is your favorite?

Jason - "I play 3, if you count an iPod and the radio. Other than that, the guitar. I'm learning the piano but it's kinda hard to take on the road!"

Before returning to music what other jobs have you had?

Jason - "Well I never really left music. And to be honest I left everything to do it. I was a waiter at Ruby Tuesday's in Newark, Oh and I was an entertainer at a local tourist attraction as well. LOL the strangest one was when I dressed up as a costume character. Yea...I was a beaver. I cut down the wood to make the baskets...seriously."

With all of the craziness of the whole music industry, what keeps you grounded?

Jason - "One word and one word only...Momma."

How sweet, I'm sure she's very proud of what you've accomplished thus far. Can you tell me, What you normally do to keep busy in your downtime?

Jason - "I like to do yard work and remodeling on my house, watch movies and just relax."

You've got a song, Gold Record and Cadillac that talks about hitting the Nashville Music Scene. What is the best piece of advice you would give to someone who wants to get into the music business?

Jason - "Become a doctor. Ha ha ha i'm kidding. There isn't a text book, or a guide book on success. You make your own way and sometimes unfortunately you get lost along the way and have to double back. No one will be there to tell you get up and go run, practice your songs, exact. you are in charge of your own destiny. So work hard, cause there is always someone who is working harder than you...and they might take your place if you let them."

Ok Jason, I'm going to hit you now with a fast, and I mean fast, question & answer round. Hope you're ready...
Who have been your greatest musical influences?
"My dad, big brother Damon. Hardest workers in the world."

If you could record one cover song what would it be?
"That's a tough one. Right now I'm hooked on "Indian Summer" by Brooks & Dunn"

If you could go back in time and see one concert what would it be?
"MJ and Barry White"

What CD is in your CD player right now?
"Stone Temple Pilots"

What is one thing that you absolutely cannot live without?
"Well there are actually three...can I name 3?! 1st is a shower in the morning. If I don't have a shower first thing...I'm not getting outta bed. 2nd is a razor...gotta shave. And 3rd is a fan, cant sleep with out a fan."

Okay, all of the ladies out there are going to want to know, are you single?
"YES VERY! And you can send me a message on Facebook, or Myspace!"

Tell me something not everyone knows about you.
"I will do anything to make someone laugh and I love to have fun and joke around."

Ok, before we wrap things up, can you let folks know what are you working on now and what can your fans expect to see from you in the near future?
Jason - "I am working on a new web page and fan club site. It's gonna be amazing. I'm actually buying another cell phone just for the fan club!"

Speaking of fans, where and how can folks find and join your fan club?
Jason - "There is an Official MySpace Fan Club that they can contact and you can also email them at jasonmitchellfanclub@gmail.com".

Jason, Thanks again for sharing a little bit about your self with us. Can you tell us where folks can learn more about you, listen to, and buy your music?
Jason - "Hey thank you! Sure. You can go to my web page www.jasonmitchell.us or MySpace at www.myspace.com/jasonmitchel Yea...its with one "L" some other Jason has it lol. We stream our shows live, when we can, at www.ustream.tv/jasonmitchell and you can follow me on Twitter at www.twitter.com/jasonmitchel. You can also find me on Youtube and Facebook too."
- About.com

"JASON MITCHELL, JASON MITCHELL, JASON MITCHELL (Today's Country Magazine) Septemeber 2009"

by S. Parks

Three times a charm and he is – a ‘smooth yet rough’, a ‘sweet yet sassy’, a ‘country yet rocker’ charmer.

Born a Nashville studio rat, his head barely reached the recording console controls when his singer/songwriter father, Dan Mitchell, known for Alabama’s “If You’re Gonna Play in Texas”, was planting those music seeds in his little boy. But life happens and the seeds went dormant when the family relocated away from Nashville. While in college, his father arranged an audition, he got the part, his seeds sprouted and he said goodbye to micro-economics forever. He knew his home was in music and in Nashville.

During our chat at the Tracking Room studio, site of recordings by Big and Rich, Willie Nelson and Kenny Chesney, to name a few, it didn’t take long to discover what a delightful and determined artist I’d come to interview. He proudly said, “I was born in Nashville. I was born right up here at Baptist Hospital,” a right of passage not many aspiring artists can claim.

With an assembly of accomplished music movers in his corner combined with his positive attitude, amazing talent and unshakable confidence (without the unshakable ego), we can just accept the fact that Jason will soon be a major force in today’s market. Managed by Kenny and Gretchen’s team led by Dale Morris, and having songwriters Chip and Billy Davis for uncles, Jason needs only to continue on his golden path of writing great songs, co-writing with the likes of Muzik Mafia’s Adam “Atom” Shoenfeld, playing as many shows as possible and building a great relationship with his fans. That’s what he truly loves and he’s growing at just the right pace.

Having attended the same school as Danielle Peck, he can drop names with the best of them – sharing the stage with John Anderson, Jimmy Wayne, Confederate Railroad, and Tracy Byrd and growing up with music celebrities around the house. That’s given him a certain comfort but he can command his own spot in any all-star lineup with his talent and presence.

Jason’s live show is a must see with a band he raves about. Two to four hour shows of genre-crossing music are common with tunes by Keith Urban to Michael Jackson and great originals as well. The band has been collecting footage for a video for “(I’m Yo) Chicken Man” at several shows around the country including the Lost Parrot Beach Bar in Beckley, WV. It will also incorporate clips taken by fans

A few excerpts from my studio chat with Jason in my trademark

“Chat~erview”™ series:

SP: How would you classify your music?

Jason: Alternative country with more rock. When we’re driving up and down the road we listen to a lot of rock. We love the energy of rockin’ out and getting out there. We’re not a traditional country group but that’s not our direction. We’re more alternative country rock, a little on the Keith Urban side and the Kenny side for ballads.

SP: In a sea of “Jason Mitchells” competing for industry success, what will make you stand out?

Jason: The main thing that will make me stand out is I do a lot of stuff that is very close to my heart. I take as many shows as possible. We like getting out and playing those bar gigs and being with people and keeping in touch with them. We like going out and playing the huge festivals too. It’s very important for us to meet fans and talk with them.”

SP: Have you given any thought to analog recording and going to vinyl, something not done often in country but a new “old” trend among the Jack White, the Features and the Killers faction.

Jason: I actually had a conversation with my Dad a few months ago about this. I remember some of my first records growing up. I had a little Fisher Price.

SP: Mine was yellow.

Jason: Mine was gray! Dad used to buy me records and bring them home. I loved Barry White. I would say at this point it’s possible.

SP: A dream show – what would that be for you?

Jason: I would have loved to play a show with Elvis or Barry White.

SP: Did you ever meet Barry?

Jason: I did not. I used to sing when I was a child to Big Al Downing (Rockabilly Hall of Fame R&B/country great) …wore out the record on my Fisher Price. Hey Dad, what was the name of that Big Al song you used to put me to sleep with?

Dad (Dan) “There Will Never be a Better Night for Being Wrong”.

Jason: When he was in town for a while and found out I wore it out, he came by a couple of nights and sang it to me live. (a long pause) I’ve never told anybody that.

SP: Thank you for sharing that with us.

SP: Nashville is famous for its unrelenting support of charities with its bottomless supply of music talent. Which do you support?

Jason: I started my charity when Dale wasn’t even working with me. I’m not shy, I tell it like it is. After I crossed the bridge coming home from the hospital, the first thing I remember is that I looked up and saw the church in Roscoe Village in Coshocton, Ohio, where I was raised, and I promised God that if I make it through this and if I ever do anything, I will give back.

After spending four hours at the Akron Burn Center after an accident with a school project, they weren’t sure if I was going to need skin grafts, but we prayed a lot. My Dad, my Mom, and my girlfriend at the time, Allison Skelley, took care of me to no end and I actually didn’t have to have any kind of surgery, no skin grafts and no scars at all. And I can tell you today, it would not be like that if it was not for those people. I’ve never publicly thanked Allison.

(Jason then elaborated on the shows he does to raise funds for burn victims, Camp Hope, Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital, and when he saw a need to take the children’s minds off of their lengthy treatments, he went out and got Wiis so they could play games. The Jason Mitchell Foundation (not this humble man’s choice for the name) will be expanding its work to sheltering battered women and animal welfare as well.)

SP: What is something most people don’t know about you?

Jason: I am an amazing kisser. LOL Just kidding. I do love to do yard work and fix up houses. I’m working on one now.

Jason has come a long way from playing saxophone in school. He took the opportunity to brag on his band and spoke as though they’ve been together forever. On drums he has the amazing Tom Nord, with the versatile lead guitarist Stuart Hill, Jimmy Pino on rhythm guitar and WV’s Scott Workman, bass man and songwriter. He just couldn’t brag on them enough. He loves having three true front men up there with him and, since they all play acoustic also, they can easily take it from full band electric to full band acoustic. Jason loves his Gibson and has his eye on another of his Dad’s vintage guitars.

The goal isn’t to get the “big bus”, although that’s surely in the future. The exchange with a rapidly growing fan base is what really matters to these November babies (all but one) as they look forward to some great fan club parties.

As we spoke, confirmation came in for a show at the Mohegan Sun in Connecticut. You can add that to his very full schedule and catch him in your area. Look for the new CD that’s being mastered – go to http://www.myspace.com/soulfunksuperfly, no surprise since Barry White is still spinning vinyl in Jason’s memory.

Jason wanted to thank our Today’s Country fans for getting to know him and invites everyone to come out to see a show. He looks forward to meeting each and every one.

In Jason’s words, “There’s always a song somewhere.” Looking at the world through those icy blue eyes is sure to give him special insight that will lead him to the top. I can almost visualize his banner for his first Number One as I drive down Music Row.

At the rate he’s going, he may one day end up borrowing a title from James Brown - “hardest working man in show business”, and I’ll add “with the biggest heart.”





www.twitter.com/jasonmitchel (Note: one “l” as there is another Jason Mitchell)

www.myspace.com/jasonmitchel (Note: one “l” as there is another Jason Mitchell)


Contact S. Parks at: musicmusicmusic100@hotmail.com
Photo credits: © 2009 S-Parks Creative and Custom Guitars (studio shots
- Today's Country Magazine


- Slow and Steady
- Sand In It
- I'm Yo' Chicken Man



Funny how sometimes the things a person most fiercely resists later become the very things they embrace most completely. That's certainly the case with Jason Mitchell, a dynamic young country singer whose music business childhood left him convinced he wanted nothing to do with being a performer.

"I was born in Nashville and grew up a total studio rat," Jason explains. "My dad, Dan Mitchell, is a producer and songwriter ("If You're Gonna Play In Texas (You Gotta Have A Fiddle In The Band") and mom made stage clothes for a bunch of stars."

Dan Mitchell, working out of the famed Burns Station Sound, kept the late night hours common to the recording industry. "Dad used to say, 'Well, I'm headed out to Burns,'" Jason recalls. "I thought Burns was a person and I hated that guy."

Jason moved to Ohio in grade school and developed interest in soccer, martial arts and just about anything besides making music. "I loved music, but I wanted to listen to it, and that's it," he says. Two events in a two-year period changed his course forever.

Days short of his 18th birthday, Jason was in an accident and caught fire from his waist to his head. "I had first and second degree burns to my face and spent 10 hours in ICU," he says. "I remember leaving the hospital later and driving across a bridge. I saw a big church and just started praying for healing and promising to give it back to God."

He did heal, in half the time the doctors predicted, and went on to college. While attending classes he learned that his father suffered a massive heart attack. "He called me after he was in the clear and asked me what I was going to do with the rest of my life," Jason recalls. "And I had no idea. He said he'd almost died once, and I had, too. And then he said I might want to start figuring it so I don't spend my life wandering."

At the time the elder Mitchell was directing the entertainment at a local tourist attraction. "A couple months later I was sitting in economics class and got a text from him that said, 'Heading to auditions, see you later,'" Jason says. He looked up from his phone to see the students around him and the Japanese teacher whose English he could barely understand and made a decision. "I picked up my books, walked out of the class, went to the audition and made the cast," he says. "Dad was like, 'I had no idea you sang.' I was there for the next four years."

Performing six shows a day and as many as 1,300 in one season, Jason poured himself into music. "I only knew two songs at first: 'My Girl' and 'I Miss My Friend.'" He learned quickly, however, and soon produced his own CD, selling 1,000 copies in a just a few months. And a strong work ethic, the one he'd seen in his father, took over.

Jason began performing anywhere that would have him, working on his music and developing as an artist to the point he was signed by legendary Nashville manager Dale Morris. And he's giving back, as promised. A foundation he started has already raised $25,000 for the Vanderbilt University Medical Center Burn Center.

His debut single, "I'm Your Chicken Man," shows Jason's playful side, while songs like "Slow And Steady" smolder with passion. Going after fans one-by-one at each and every show, Jason Mitchell is as committed to his career as he once was opposed to the idea. And he's a quick study.

"I saw so many artists my dad worked with squander their opportunity," he says. "I'm not comfortable going to sleep at night thinking there's somebody out there working harder than I am."

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