Jason Mohler

Jason Mohler


Jason Mohler's debut album A Delicate Process could possibly be compared to a Kellog's variety pack of cereal. With many influences and styles of music heard through out the record alot of people have placed his music between Folk and Indie Rock with comparisons to The Barenaked Ladies, Dallas Green and John Mayer.


Jason picked up a guitar when he was 17 soon after his older brother advised him that playing chess wouldn't impress any girls. His older brother recognised a passion for music in Jason and introduced him to some punk rock bands when he was 14. A few years later he pushed Jason to pick up a guitar so he could start creating music instead of only listening to what other people had done. Face to Face, NOFX and Blink 182 records occupied the cassette deck and later on CD player as he taught himself how to play. After practicing for 2 years Jason started a band with friends from high school and played lead guitar. The band called themselves Stars Like These and in 2002 moved from Terrace BC to Calgary Alberta where they took the first flexible jobs they could find and focussed on playing shows wherever possible. Jason took a job at Wendy's where every morning while putting stock away in the freezer taught himself to sing. And again in the afternoon while mopping the coolers after the lunch rush. There were a few line up changes and additional influences to the band before they opened for Wind Up Records band Cauterize, appeared on a Calgary television station, played Miss Hawaiin Tropic Bikini Contest as well as other popular events in Calgary. In 2004 the band parted ways after members decided to pursue other things. This lead Jason to begin singing songs he'd written on his acoustic guitar. In late 2008 he began recording with Jeff Muller at Alchemy Studios who also played a large role in producing the record. Ex bandmates made appearances contributing drums and bass guitar. The record is currently available online at CDBaby, Megatunes and Melodia records in Calgary and at shows.


Debut LP - A Delicate Process
Single - Give Me A Reason sent to commercial and college radio stations across Canada

Set List

Original Songs
A Couple Covers(Social Distortion, The Fray, Lucky 7,)