Jason Paige

Jason Paige


After having sung with Jacko, Liza, Enrique and Pikachu Jason Paige is finally left on stage "ALL BY HIMSELF" to perform his sickest songs ever. A rare chance to see talent and craft collide in a burst of socio-political, sexual-ogical musical-comedy madness!


Jason Paige got his start in comedy tickling his friends to excessive laughter till they screamed and cried from the torture. He then went on to humiliate people for laughs and tips on the streets of NYC as a 14 year-old comedic magician. This led to pornographic balloon animals, an agent, and the rest was downhill.

Jason's long-ass hair band, "What's Up", was so funny behind the scenes that they threw away the music, picked up the video camera and proceeded to rule Manhattan Cable TV for 4 years with 40+ hilarious episodes of "The What's Up Show". This groundbreaking adult sketch musical comedy show developed a strong cult following in NYC, long before the days of Jackass, Tom Green, and the web's unexpurgated comedy. They set new standards with classic skits like "Jason's Super-bonding Ejaculate", "Hardcore Finger Sex", "Strapper the Strap-on". Musical parodies like "P is for Pussy" ("C is For Cookie")and "FreeĀ–ballin"("Freefallin") soon led Jason to a more evolved live show that combined staged skits with live music in conjunction with pre-filmed skits.

Recognizing the stage as the tip of his spear, Jason thrives on communicating his taboo-smashing ideas through song and soliloquy in his one-man show. Performed repeatedly at both NYC's Cutting Room and at LA's Improv-Olympic, among other venues, audiences learn about Jason through parodies like Stevie Wonder's "Superstition", revealing the truth about his "Circumcision" and other fascinating revelations brought to you courtesy of Jason's musical genius. When he confronts the slaughter of native Americans in "Thankskilling" and questions Christ's homo-sexuality in "The True Meaning of Christmas", he demands audiences re-examine common social ideas through his insightful, well crafted lyrics, punctuated by his superb singing. His show was 2nd runner up in LA's "15min Of Him" (second only to the Synchronized Pancake Flipper guy). He has shared his socio-political, sexual-logical, comedic-musical perspective at political benefits, on Air America radio, and performed live in venues with Al Franken and George Wallace.

Elsewhere in the theatre, he starred in the LA premier of "Funny Business", the first musical about comedians. Jason produced, co/wrote, and starred in "Concerto for the Committed" at LA's prestigious Ford Amphitheatre, a cracked musical comedy about a corrupt supreme court, broadcast on LA 36 and has starred in national and regional productions of "Hair", "JC Superstar", "Tommy" and "Godspell".

Jason's singing and character voices have appeared in dozens of TV spots on NBC, MTV, VH1, Comedy Central and on hundreds of morning comedy radio shows across the country. His imitations are sharpened by years of extensive background singing with greats like Michael Jackson, Ray Charles, Liza, Luther Vandross, Aerosmith, Meatloaf, Enrique Iglesias, Ricky Martin and Oleta Adams among others.

Jason sings 100 + jingles every year. His past clients include Mountain Dew's "Bohemian Rhapsody", Subway's "Eat Fresh", Bounty to name a few and Jason can be currently heard singing "nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach diarrhea" on the wildly popular Pepto Max commercials.

Jason's voice has been lip synced to by more people than any other singer in the history of man:

Years after singing the #1 Billboard hit, the "Pokemon" theme, spearheading the 50 billion dollar a year industry, Jason's performance has been globally exploited again. This time to the tune of $1.5 billion - Google bought Youtube, the young start up who's top rated video of all time was none other than the "Pokemon theme" song! This time, its the full album version, lip synced by teen fans, imitated by thousands of copy cats, heard by hundreds of millions, and growing rapidly, making Jason the most downloaded, most exploited, most underpaid, and most famous person you've never heard of in the world.

Until now.

Please submit all booking related inquiries to:

Mike Christiana


Some albums he's done tons a vocal acrobatics on:

-Pokemon Theme Song: "2 Be A Master" (#1 billboard chart)

-Enriques Iglesias: "7"

-Meatloaf: "Bat Outta Hell 3"

-Scorpions: "Hour 1"

-Aerosmith's "Pink" The Howard Stern Remix

-Club Dred: "Kickin it" Soundtrack

-Jessie Mcartney: "Cinderella" Soundtrack

-Frankie Valle: Next CD unreleased

Some products he's sung you into buying:

-Pepto Max
-Subway's "Eat Fresh"
-Mountain Dew's Bohemiam Rhapsody
-TJ Max

Some websites where he's hawking his wares:


Set List

Here are some videos that show you just how unique the man they call Jason Paige is.

You tube videos:

Botched my circumcision:

"Cock Star"

Jesus was gay