Jason Paradisa and Stockholm syndrome

Jason Paradisa and Stockholm syndrome


Finally - They are here - Jason Paradisa (Indy) and Stockholm Syndrome are here to play Rock until the world goes under - fire alike vocals, drums and guitar - This band whitholds all the good stuff a modern Rock Band has - they are just great.


Jason Paradisa

Jason Paradisa features fire alike vocals and words of wisdom and nonsenses somewhere where
rock 'n' roll meets magic.
I have lived the life of a rebel, street child and fool.

But only fools know love!
I ran away from home as a young boy stepping into the unknown without fear, breaking rules because I have none myself. When I lost everything and everyone I became a lonely, negative, criminal ego animal. Nothing good went into my brain. I went really insane.I have learned from my own experiences that if you leave a child to its own devices and without attention, it will turn into an ego animal. I have trodden a path through life somewhere between reality and
imagination,fact and fable, tragedy and nonsense.

I began life in the middle of nowhere, in a remote village in
Azerbaijan of Iran.I was a rebellious child from birth. Born to a mother who was a mystical singer, I was from an early age fascinated and transfixed by music and poetry,and even worked for a year in a cow pasture just to buy my first radio. I left my father and mother and homeland in search of adventure,freedom and rock and roll.

In the company of two friends I left my orignal country, and, having illegally crossed the borders of all the wartorn countries on the way, arrived in Pakistan,after which my two friends returned to Iran and I yourneyed on to Holland. On getting my Dutch Passport I made
my base in London, where I spent my time honing my musical skills and became a regular at the legendary Soho recording studio, Tin Pan Alley.It was in Tin Pan Alley thatI meet some of the influential players in my first band, Naked as Friends. They were bass player Steve Lawrance, drummer Chris Bells, guitar players Stevie klasson, David Salonia and Jim Banner, producer/mixer Tony Plat, who had prevously worked on Iron Maiden's "Phanton of the Opera", Bob Marley and The Wailers' "Catch The fire.Burning", AC/DC's "High Way To Hell" and "Back In Black" and Motorhead's "Another Perfect Day", producer/mixer Ken Thomas, who had produced some of Bjork's albums, and producer and mixer Steve Kent, who produced for many London bands.

Naked as Friends was well received in Europe and I did a successful tour with the band as lead singer/songwriter. Also, in 2002 I released the hit single �Gypsy Child� on Royalty records, Pop UK, but due to disagreements about the contract, we parted without further collaboration .

For some Reason I left London in 2002. I have also heard that in the UK People think I'm dead.

After a couple of years, I found myself in a new place, wanting to transcend the anger and darkness and focus on harmony and love.
Considering my early premonitions, it is no wonder I would start up in the official land of the golden peeps Norway, where I decided to give up my old criminal ways and live an honest life, like I'm doing now. Selling Norway�s number one Anarchist paper, �Gateavisa�, on the streets of Oslo,I have used the income to transform my music to new heights.

The new sound lifts the ceiling with light and joy, while the lyrics reflect the wisdom of my remarkable life journey.

My new band features the renowned guitar work of Stevie Klasson of Hanoi Rocks, who has also played with Johnny Thunders.Stevie Klasson is one of the world�s top performers, his self-confident poses eloquently matching his guitar skills. Also, the band features the drums of James Bradley jr., who has recorded with the Beastie Boys and Crazytown and Slash. Finally, Stefan Bj�rk of the Diamond Dogs is on bass. So far, Jason Paradisa have performed three acclaimed gigs in Oslo, and thousands of fans from sixteen to sixty are going wild!

Jason Paradisa�first album, Mystical Premonitions, has recently been recorded in Stockholm at the Decibel Studio, and while it is not yet officially released, it has already sold more than 4,000 copies in Oslo alone,and has been featured on the national radio channel,�Kanal 24� as well as "RadiOrakel". The producer is Dag Lundquist, who has previously worked with CC Cowboys, Ulf Lundell and Weeping Willows. I'm currently gearing up for a Tour in 2007.Our new album will be released on Zobb music, and I am looking forward to combining the inward journey with the outward one.


Mystical Premonitions - (CD) (Cat: 01D8011)
Rock Compilation #1 (CD) (Cat: 01D8012)
Jason meets Mihaly (EP)

All our music is also distributed by Megarock.se

Set List

I dont hate you anymore
Crazy moon spaceship
Angel of love
Pearl of my soul
Sweet penetration
Beautyful Fire
+6 Unreleased