Jason Patrick

Jason Patrick

 Chicago, Illinois, USA

Many artists say its their dream to do this, I know I was BORN to do this!" -Jason Patrick


The message of his music fueling his every move in the music and fashion industry, Jason Patrick, an American singer/songwriter and model, combines his worldwide outlook on  arts and entertainment, with the likes of musical influences Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, & Journey to deliver a needed blend of pop, pop rock, and alternative music, or whatever his spiritual guidance takes him without too many genre limits.

American television shows like 'Glee' have successfully brought light to the stage of high school show choir, where Jason Patrick began his grueling hours of performance rehearsals, stage presence, and competition- which to date, has lead him through the world of runway, lifestyle, and commercial modeling. Through songwriting, JP is creating an international brand as a crossover fashion/music artist, creating songs that not only give back to fans, but help others not feel alone in their life journey- regardless of profession, age, sex, gender, race, ability, or belief. Using the modern mobility of digital marketing, LIVE performance, and fan base interaction, expect to grow with Jason Patrick, for many decades to come...

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