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Dreaming About Tomorrow - EP
"I'm On The Run" is getting streaming and radio play



Here’s the thing about Midwesterners, were damn good storytellers. And we’re damn good musicians. And the best of us like Bob Dylan, Paul Westerberg and Martin Zellar know how to put the two together to make some pretty damn good songs.

So let me tell you about my friend Jason. He’s a born music man just like his daddy and his granddaddy before him. He’s an old soul in a not so old body who makes authentic American music that tells the story of us hard working heartland folks. And everyone of ‘em’s got the kind of sing along chorus that’s guaranteed to raise the roof of whatever beer hall you happen to catch him in.

He’s Springsteen with a country twang. Johnny Cash with a backbeat. Lyle Lovett with a Telecaster.

Heck the guy was even a finalist on Nashville Star.

And now he’s got himself a darn good band with his friends Matt, Bill, Kai and Rich. They call themselves the The Jason Paulson Band.

These five brothers have shared the stage with some legendary acts like Tom Petty, Uncle Cracker, the Bodeans and Sheryl Crow. They’ve sold more than 20,000 albums the old fashioned way, through hard work and endless touring and the video for their latest single, I’m On The Run, has been seen more than 100,000 times on youtube. If you haven’t seen it you should really check it out.

Lead by Jason’s soulful voice and fearless guitar, The Jason Paulson Band embodies the very essence of American roots music. They lean a little country, but that don’t mean they won’t rock your fillings out. Their soulful harmonies and blistering anthems have made The Jason Paulson Band one of the hottest live acts in the upper Midwest.

But don’t take my word for it, get out and see for yourself. Heck they play more than 100 shows a year, so it won’t be hard.

And lucky you, these boys got a brand new full-length album coming just around the corner. “My Daddy’s Eyes" is sure to be another humdinger filled with damn good stories and some damn fine songs.

-Tony Johnson