Jason Pitts

Jason Pitts

 Culver City, California, USA

I'm an acoustic singer/songwriter that incorporates fingerstyle guitar and nice vocals into thoughtful songs. If you would like a cross between Nick Drake and James Taylor's guitar playing with Dave Matthews and Bob Dylan's style of singing, I'm the musician for you.


I started playing music at a very young age, 4 to be exact. I started on classical piano, and then stopped private lessons when I was 12. Since then, I have been on a voyage to learn to play many instruments, including: Electric/Acoustic Guitar, Piano/Keyboard, Percussion (Congas, Bongos, Xylophone, Timpani, etc.), Drumset, Electric Bass, Trumpet, Ukulele, and Harmonica. I have been writing my own songs for about two years now, and I primarily write music for acoustic guitar, which I have been playing for a few years. I have never had private lessons for any instrument except piano, and have mostly taught myself through watching and/or listening to other musicians. I intend for music to be my career and hobby for the rest of my life. As of right now, I have performed alongside: Billy Idol, Jackson Browne, Dave Mason, and Venice.


Where Life is a Song

Written By: Jason Pitts

Verse 1:

Houses of brick, they don't even
Stick together, there is
Space in between
There are fields of freedom.

People of hope, they don't even
Slope on down, there is
Kindness and care,
For people all around,
That's why I'm southern bound.


Don't you worry, I'll bring you along
I'm goin to Nashville, where life is a song

Verse 2:

Writers of love, they don't even
Need to be famous, there is
Passion in making,
A tune that you'll hum.


Don't you worry, I'll bring you along
I'm goin to Nashville, where life is a song (my life is a song)

The Child is Who I Am

Written By: Jason Pitts

Shiny shells and fancy rocks,
Waiting for my discovery.
Stranded on roads I used to walk,
They're not what they used to be

Adventures of childhood
Are as far as I see,
An adventure from childhood
Is where I want to be.

Chorus: Stuck inside an aging traffic jam
The capture of the man,
The child is who I am.

Soccer balls and baseball bats,
Field trips that never end...
Party favors, party hats
When hearts were easy to mend.