jason connelly

jason connelly

 Marietta, Georgia, USA

I have been playing the southeast and some of the north for 12 years. I have a clean and broad sound. My range goes from James Morrison down to singer songwriter Damien Rice. My style is based off of a 9 month U.S. walk i did. Nine Months of hiking and riding lead me to who and what i am today.


I started singing in gospel churches when i was 3. I continued on singing for jump around acts as i grew older. The last three years i guess you can say i really found my sound. I spent 9 months hitch hiking across country trying to find myself. The end product is i finally feel confortable in my own skin, and settled in my mind with the idea of being a singer/songwriter. If i was going to fill the seats at my next show, it was going to be because i had something to say and worth listening to.


I have put out a lot of mixed tapes over the years. My first single released was a song called, "hear us." We sold almost 10,000 copies of that single, but was robbed by the inner dealings of the band. After years of full band releases, in february of 07 i released my first solo record. I know the month of the doing this, because i recorded the 12 tracks in one day, and it was on valentines day. Ha! I felt that it was a fitting day for me to do so, considering music was the only love in my life. My new record is Called 14 sticks. I have a live record coming out at the end of Jan, and a full production record at the end of may (possible June).

Set List

i comprise my set of tunes like ray lamontagne, micheal mcdonal, elton john, david gray, damien rice, etc....