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No Names

Written By: Jason Rinke

Bottle scotch whiskey can't get far,
like a snake bite cure from a medicine jar.
Try to fall victim to the hate in the world,
is a whole nother story that you never heard.

Out in the city and into the light
like I've sinned little girl,
it'll be alright try to change
my mind but its just no use
like I've told myself over again.

She was long legged busted sexy lookin' kind,
I swear theres none like that I could find.
Been hurt about once or twice,
make me shed till world aligns,
lets use no names.

stroke of my skin just slidin' down
started takin' off her clothes and dancin' around
out in the dark and into the light
she was dancin' and singing just all night
she looked good from the veiw I had
but today I'm coming back again.

Repeat chorus

Guitar solo

repeat 1st verse

repeat chorus twice