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Jason Rylan

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2015 | SELF

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2015
Solo EDM Singer/Songwriter


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Las Vegas, NV, United States of America– September 4th 2015 – Jason Rylan’s fans are thrilled to hear that the artist will be releasing his third album, The Charm. The album highlights his style of electronica/dance/classic rock blend and showcases his versatility as an artist.

“Everyone grows up with music. It’s a huge part of society and culture,” said Rylan. “My father and uncles were always playing guitar…. I feel that music is very spiritual. Music flows through us, moves and enlightens people, ignites change, and even heals people.”

The Charm is edgy and uplifting while at the same time, like a charm bracelet, each song has something unique about it. The Licensed cover of U2’s “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For” completes the album in a way no other song can.

Rylan is preparing to promote The Charm on radio, tv, and across the web. Contact him to schedule an interview and get a sneak preview of The Charm.

About Jason Rylan
Singer-songwriter Jason Rylan’s first two albums saw him hit the scene with a unique blend of electronica/dance/pop rock. His growth as a songwriter and performer are shown in his third album, The Charm. For more information, please see Jason Rylan’s website. - Sky Ambient Productions, Inc.

"Jason Rylan's 2012 - Retro-futurist?"

Artist: Jason Rylan
Album: 2012
Review by Kevin Mathews

Naming your album one year ahead is to suggest futurism. Or perhaps you just got the year wrong! Tongue-in-cheek is always a good quality to possess to remind ourselves that, above all, music should be fun.

Jesting (and hyperbole) aside, upon initial listens, the music on electronic artist Jason Rylan's sophomore album is in fact anything but forward looking. Most of the influences to whom Rylan obviously owe debts date back to the 1980’s, when synth-pop first made its commercial impact. Not only that, but on half the album Rylan actually utilizes an acoustic guitar as a rhythm instrument, which suggests that awkward hybrid genre known as folktronica. This musical schizophrenia is borne out of Rylan's candid admission (in his official biography) that he loves Madonna and Led Zeppelin in equal measure. Classic rock filtered through electronica? This idea is never more crystalized than in Rylan's truly idiosyncratic version of the Led Zeppelin chestnut "Stairway To Heaven."

Re-interpreted as a dance number with heavy shades of the late John Barry's James Bond themes, this familiar tune is almost unrecognizable as Rylan puts his fairly original spin on. It's an ambitious attempt, but such chutzpah should be admired. This gives us a clear view of what Rylan is attempting here on 2012: classic rock sensibilities with post-modern electronica.

Rylan started out recording and songwriting mainly as a hobbyist. However, in 2005, he created Sky Ambient Productions, Inc. as a local Las Vegas audio and visual production company and in the same year, Rylan debuted his first sexy single "Go-Go Boyz." The go-to track on this album is actually a radio edit of "Go-Go Boyz" with its 80’s gay disco vibe, inspired as it is by Rylan's experience of watching Las Vegas' dancers (at Gipsy and Krave Nightclubs) in action and also by the Sydney Mardi Gras in Australia. The rest of 2012 more or less follows this 80’s dance pop agenda, with Rylan's baritone vocals reminiscent of many of the 80’s synth-pop masters e.g. Soft Cell, Human League, Blancmange, and Depeche Mode. The title track itself is an interesting, thought-provoking song about socio-political themes viewed through the perspective of the end of the world. Thematically, of course, the influence of Prince's "1999" is obvious.

Thankfully, for folks who enjoy proper melodies in their dance pop music, Rylan delivers for most of 2012. Mostly consisting of actual songs arranged in electronic format, this record never skimps on the quality of tunes in favor of a dance beat, but manages to maintain a fine balance between the two. "Soar" is a perfect example of this balance, as drum patterns and auto-tune are utilized for maximum impact, but even stripped of these effects, the song would be able to stand on its own. This approach also applies to tracks like the strident "Survivor," the folksy "Goner," Latin-flavored "Love of a Lifetime," soulful "Hot Mess" and the throbbing "Stimulation." Many of these songs recall Queen's early 80’s foray into gay disco ("Hot Space") and that is a feat in itself!

The greatest distinction of Jason Rylan's 2012 is that it is able to look back and forward at the same time without ignoring the present. Retro-futurist? Sounds about right!

Review by Kevin Mathews
Rating: 3.5 Stars (out of 5)
- Kevin Matthews

"Jason Rylan: 2012 CD Release"

NOVEMBER 27, 2009 (LAS VEGAS, NV) — Sky Ambient Productions, Inc. recording artist, Jason Rylan, releases CD Single ‘2012’ as the title track for his next upcoming Full-Length feature album. ‘2012’ intertwines the current economic views and global conditions alongside the mythologies and superstitions derived from the ancient Mayan calendar. Rylan releases in perfect timing with the feature length film ‘2012’ recently catapulting into movie theaters in Early November 2009. ‘2012’ is musically groundbreaking and as innovative as Prince’s ‘1999’. The single has tribal brooding rock base with Rylan’s signature electronic canvass.

“Jason Rylan’s music project is an instantly like-able journey of: experimental-electronic, mostly-dance-oriented songs – that are loaded with: fresh new instrumental sounds, catchy vocal hooks, infectious beats and thoughtful lyrics. Creatively speaking, he is unafraid to try new things, which makes both making – and listening to – his music an interesting exploration.” states Talbot Snow (Producer/Sound Masters of Las Vegas). “Each song has it’s own unique characteristics – differing from one song to the next. No two are exactly alike. Included, is a definite mainstream sensibility – mixed with a combination of: edgy, sometimes unusual twists and turns – in the arrangements / production. His song 2012 is at once: mystical, prophetic, catchy, intriguing, relatable and sing-able for everyone. As a music-producer / co-producer I have enjoyed working with Jason and his ever-evolving multi-media music-project. I recommend that anyone looking for a fresh new twist in: a fun, music-listening-adventure – give Jason’s project a definite go!”

“I was really excited to see the film. I think the film is an excellent portrayal of many subconscious fears and a story of survival” comments Rylan on the recent motion picture. “‘I started working the music project about a year and a half ago. ‘2012’ is a phenomenon dating back to so many ancient civilizations. I’m sure it will captivate interest and universal intrigue for many years to come.”

The single is scheduled for digital release in late January/Early February 2010 through CD Baby and The Orchard distribution channels. The Full-Length album is tentatively scheduled for release in Fall 2010. The album features notable tracks such as the increasingly popular ‘Hot Mess’, ‘Love of a Lifetime’, ‘Goner’, and ‘Survivor’.

For more information, please visit the artist website at www.jasonrylan.com.

About The Artist: Jason Rylan is a published singer-songwriter who released his debut album ‘Walk Away’ in 2006. Rylan has received a Four-Star music review by Stewart Mason (All Music Guide). Rylan also worked in conjunction with Sony Pictures Digital Media/Acid Planet, and most recently had works remixed by Top Billboard Producer, Dan Matthews (KlubJumpers).

For further information, contact Diane Kirkland at (702) 358-8156. - Press About.com

"Go-Go Boyz: A Libidinous Paean to Dancefloor Hotties"

In 2005, an overwhelming sense of nostalgia began to pervade the club/dance scene. Madonna released Confessions on a Dance Floor, an overt homage to her '80s reign as the queen of the clubs, ex-Bronski Beat singer Jimmy Somerville released his strongest record since the demise of the Communards, and Erasure resurfaced for a world tour. The seeming desire to return to the mid-'80s even began to filter through to new artists like Jason Rylan. The Las Vegas-based singer/producer's first EP is an unabashed return to the glorious decadence of the mid-'80s club scene, a libidinous paean to dancefloor hotties that's as erotically charged as a classic Soft Cell single but also ultra-catchy in the bubblegummy dance-pop style of Stacey Q. "Go Go Boyz (Maori Mix)" even reintroduces that instantly familiar piano sample that was the hallmark of house music for close to a decade. A taster for Rylan's full-length debut Walk Away, due in 2006, Go-Go Boyz her alds what could be an interesting new talent to a previously moribund form. ~ Stewart Mason, All Music Guide - by Stewart Mason - All Music Guide

"Jason Rylan Reinvents LGBT Rock on New Album 'The Charm'"

Californian LGBT rock influencer Jason Rylan takes rock on a new journey in his upcoming third album release, "The Charm."

Drawing inspiration from classic rock legends such as The Beatles and Led Zeppelin, Rylan's album is set to be released this coming November. A game changer for the rock music genre, songs such as "Shit's Gonna Get Real" is a Calvin Harris EDM-inspired beat while other tracks are draw on influences from other iconic singers from Madonna and U2 to Alanis Morrisette.

Rylan commented, "I am really excited for my fans to hear what my new album has to offer. When music fans think of rock they normally think of loud drums and the occasional guitar screech. 'The Charm' approaches the rock genre in a completely different way.

"In using some big names in rock as my musical inspiration and my personal life experience for the concepts behind the tracks, I believe I have stumbled upon an artistic combination that reinvents the way that rock music is made and listened to. There is no reason why artists shouldn't use their favourite bands or singers as a musical base. Genres change and I hope 'The Charm' highlights how effortlessly rockers can blend multiple styles, pull on their own personal journey and create something completely unique. It's kind of like taking all the things you enjoy about your favourite artists and using your personal story as the platform from which to bring it all together."

The upcoming 15 track LP is a major step away from Rylan's previous two releases, and is his most personal and emotional work to date. Covering a variety of different themes, the album looks at wanting time with that special someone in "Skyline," and moving on from addiction and other life issues in "Ain't Nobody (Got Time For That)." "It Gets Better" is a positive spin on negative experiences showing LGBT youth that things can change and life does indeed get better.

"The Charm" takes listeners through some of the biggest events in Rylan's life up, to and including his recent 40th birthday celebration. Some of his most emotional work to date, the album is a reflection on life choices, why we make them and how they are instrumental in defining who you are. The crux of Rylan's message truly is that no matter what happens, it is important to pick yourself up and try again.

Rylan explains, "I hope that by sharing my story listeners will feel inspired to live their life the way they want. Nothing is worse than trying to fit a mould or do what you think is expected of you when it doesn't feel right, contradicts who you are and what you believe in. Making this album has shown me that rock doesn't have to be confined to certain parameters, and neither should we as people. Out of my previous releases, this holds the more powerful messages. After all, isn't the time old expression 'third time's the charm!'"

For more information about Jason Rylan and his upcoming release visit: http://www.jasonrylan.rocks

Jason Rylan is a Californian musician who specialises in rock music. Drawing on many influences including worldwide LGBT events and the work of some of his favourite artists, Rylan works to produce some of the most eclectic music while remaining true to his own style. Founder of Las Vegas audio and visual recording company, Sky Ambient Productions Rylan has worked with stars including Sham Lewis, Talbot Snow and Dane Nagahuki. - Edge Media

"Calvin Harris Inspires Song on LGBT Rock Album"

Jason Rylan emulates the Scottish DJ's signature style on this new track.

US LGBT rocker Jason Rylan is set to release his third album ‘The Charm’ this November. Showcasing a personal journey, the eclectic 15 track album was inspired by some of Rylan’s favorite artists including The Beatles, Madonna, Led Zeppelin and Alanis Morrisette, among others. Rylan, has however also revealed that one track in particular has been heavily musically influenced by well-known Scottish DJ Calvin Harris.

Never knowing where inspiration would come from next, the upcoming rocker was so motivated by what he heard in Calvin’s mixes he decided to emulate the style out of sheer respect for the esteemed Scot.

‘Shit’s Gonna Get Real’ features Harris’ inspired EDM beats, cleverly woven into a graceful piano melody as a salute to the DJ’s signature style and the musical creativity he is known for.

Rylan commented, “Producing and publishing a song called ‘Shit’s Gonna Get Real’ is one hell of a conversation piece. When recording the song however, I wanted an EDM feel that was slightly edgy and a little provocative. This is where the Calvin Harris inspiration came from, his music is also catchy, edgy and unlike anything else around at the time we went into the studio. I wanted to draw from this and put my own twist on a song that is unlike anything I have put out before.”

Inspired by a choice phrase heard when Rylan was out and about, ‘Shit’s Gonna Get Real’ was created for those, who in the face adversity will still stand up for what they believe in.

Aiming to turn negative experiences with music directors and club owners into a positive, Rylan was determined to produce a track with a powerful message that will encourage his listeners to follow their dreams despite what others think.

‘Shit’s Gonna Get Real’ is not, however, the only song off “The Charm” that makes a statement. ‘Ain’t Nobody Got Time (For That)’ is one of Rylan’s most personal musical endeavors inspired by some dark times in his life. By exposing his feelings and experiences in both these tracks, Rylan hopes that his music will encourage others facing similar issues to find their inner strength and courage. As Rylan explains, “Music is meant to be healing. I want people who are suffering at the hands of others due to differences in color, religion or sexual orientation, to know that there are people out there who care. I hope that they find in music the inspiration that I too have found in others and that this will empower them into a life changing moment where they stand up and say something”.

Jason added, “Drawing on Harris’ music was a new experience to me and really challenged my comfort zone. I hope that listeners will feel how I do when I listen to his music and remember that no matter what anyone thinks, shit is always going to get real but they are not alone and together we can get through it.”

To find out more about Jason Rylan and his upcoming release click here

To pre-order The Charm and receive three songs for immediate download click here - Curve Magazine


In 2005, Rylan debuted his first sexy single 'Go-Go Boyz.' The song was partially written and recorded in Las Vegas, inspired by the dancers featured nightly at Gipsy and Krave Nightclubs. Rylan also commented that the song was also was also heavily inspired by his recent trip to Australia and Sydney Mardi Gras.

The beta launch of 'Go-Go Boyz' was celebrated with several release parties throughout the United States, including The Boom Boom Room in Laguna Beach. The track was also featured with a world-wide remix contest sponsored in part by Sony Pictures Digital Media and AcidPlanet.

In 2006, Rylan debuts his feature-length album 'Walk Away.' The album is an ecclectic collection of songs written and recorded as a triage of Hope, Faith, and Change. 'Walk Away' also features the album version of 'Go-Go Boyz', as well as an extended mix with catchy electronic and synthesized vocals. The album includes the song 'Falter', written and recorded in memory of Rylan's late Father. The title track, 'Walk Away' is another notable song reminiscent of Kelly Clarkson's "Break Away."

In 2008, Jason Rylan releases 'Go-Go Boys' as part of the 'G Global CD 2', a compilation cd featuring songs from GLBT recording artists world wide from over 14 countries!

In 2010, Rylan releases his second full-length cd '2012'. The album is a unique collection of songs with wide ranges of themes around 2012, current world events and economic views, love, and more. 2012 also features a remake of Led Zepplin's 'Stairway to Heaven'. Notable tracks include 'Soar', 'Survivor', 'Goner', 'Stimulation', 'Hot Mess', and a Dan Matthews/Klubjumpers remix of 'Go-Go Boyz' as a bonus.



Composing from the Cradle to the Rave

Jason Rylan Artist Bio

“Music is spiritual, it flows through us, moves us, and it heals us. It sparks us to ignite positive change within.” – Jason Rylan
The saying goes, “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.” However, for one Las Vegas-based songwriter, what he does in “Sin City” is blasted out to thousands of people on the radio. Jason Rylan is the name of this singer, songwriter, and producer. This California-born artist is electrically eclectic. He has an innate ability to blend EDM, electronica, dance, and pop together with a little rock. The result is an amazing amalgam of music. Jason crafts his compositions, so they’re meaning-filled musings written to lift others up.

Jason Rylan’s artistic history began long before he can recall. “My parents were musicians, and they’d jam in the garage when I was a newborn,” explains Ryan. He continues, “They didn’t have a baby monitor, so they hung a mic above my crib when they practiced in the garage.” “Since day one, there’s always been a mic near me and this club and dance-styled producer inside of me,” says Rylan. Perhaps it’s all part of a Jason Rylan’s journey – composing from the cradle to the rave.

Jason taught himself to play keyboards and guitar by ear, with his family helping as well. As a child and teen, he also took traditional lessons for guitar and vocals. He went on to attend Southwest Missouri State University, studying Film Production and attaining a degree in Mass Communications. Working at several FM radio stations in Springfield, Missouri, he had the opportunity to work with Disney Magazine and Rolling Stone.

 “I’ve always had a love for visual arts and instrumentation,” offers Rylan. This combination is apparent in his musical interests that include eccentric, filmic and innovative artists that do the same, such as Madonna, Kesha, and Lada Gaga. However, his musical tastes don’t stop there and include classic rock acts such as Van Halen, The Doors, and The Beatles.

 Over the course of the last decade, Jason Rylan has released three full-length albums that include his debut, Walk Away, which he launched in 2005. The album coincided with his business venture with Sky Ambient Productions, a Vegas-based audio-visual production company. The most successful single from the project was “Go-Go Boyz,” inspired by the nightly dancers in Las Vegas. The single also had club releases throughout the U.S.A., and a world-wide remix contest hosted by Sony Pictures Digital Media via AcidPlanet.com. Jason followed Walk Away with a CD entitled 2012, which hit the airwaves in 2010.

 “My first two albums were a hybrid of electronica, dance blended with pop and rock,” Rylan recalls. In 2015, he released his most recent album, The Charm, which exemplified his evolution as a songwriter over the past ten years. “I wanted The Charm to be edgy, eclectic, and inspiring. The Charm showcases hip-hop undertones, a blend of pop, rock, electronica, and dance. Creating the album was a team effort, and Rylan relied on the talents of Talbot Snow, Sham Lewis, Carolyne Scott, and Jedd Boyd. “This gifted team was essential, and they contributed a lot to the album,” adds Rylan. “Help is on the Way,” was the first single to hit the airwaves. The Charm stands as a dazzling display of Rylan’s ability to compose across multiple genres.

Go ahead, call Rylan a “genre junky,” and he’ll take that as a compliment. His creative goal is to make each song unique – both in substance and style. Jason is not afraid to be an avant-garde artist. Jason isn’t afraid to take a gamble with his music in Vegas, and with his positive musings, he usually wins big. Living in “Sin City.” Rylan relies on a higher power for inspiration and is perfectly happy as long as there is a mic in his hand. After all, for Jason Rylan, that microphone has been there - all the way from the cradle to the rave.

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