Jason Schweitzer

Jason Schweitzer


My music is a unique blend of original acoustic rock and Americana that smoothly combines vocals and acoustic guitar.


Born an Aquarius in Dublin, California, Jason Daniel Schweitzer was raised by his wonderfully loving, free-spirited hippie parents. He spent the better part of two decades in and around Southern California, learning, loving, and making music. But at 18, he left behind the deserts for the green hills and blue lakes of Oregon.

Jason currently resides with his wife and (almost) 2 children in Prineville, Oregon. He developed his signature acoustic style while playing for friends at social gatherings over the years. Jason has been creating his own material in 1997. His music takes the form of "story-telling" songs crafted from personal experience, a vehicle still readily apparent in his current works.



Written By: Jason Schweitzer

Simple to Fly Away
So Simple to Fly Outta Here
Pack My Wings and I'm Gone Through the Window
Leave All Baggage Behind and Just Disappear
Goodbye Laughter, Goodbye Emptiness, Goodbye Promises Never Kept
Goodbye, All of You Inconsequential Fools

Easy to See My Past Tense, Overconfidence
So Easy to be a New Me Unregretfully
I Was Angry, Lonely
You Were Above Me so Lovely

Goodbye My Childish Rage
Goodbye to My Dying Day
Goodbye Forever More

Silent the Tears That I Cry for My Pride
Buried Like Bones of Beasts, Deep Inside
Silently Sleeping, Violently Weeping
But I Know It All Only Shows In My Eyes

Goodbye Youth, Hello Truth, Hello Duty
Goodbye Denial, Hello Love, Hello Beauty
Goodbye All of My Infinite Potential
Hello my Desire for Something, Simple


Currently working on his fist CD.