Jason Seed Elixir Ensemble

Jason Seed Elixir Ensemble


Played SXSW and it went fantastic...because of the size of the files you have to go to www.myspace.com/jasonseedelixirensemble to hear the core tunes but there's a sampler here...we've been compared in the press to Frank Zappa, Charles Mingus, Steely Dan, early Phish, Mahavishnu and even Bela Bartok


This group is all about ANYTHING GOES...musically speaking anyway. Genre be damned. Anything I like to listen to I also like to write so why not play it? The influences range from Frank Zappa to Hungarian Folk Music to Bill Withers to Bach to Phish to Steve Reich and Bill Frisell, Duke Ellington and Stravinsky....rock, funk, jazz, classical, r&b, blues, folk music from anywhere and alot of the whynot? aestethic...played SXSW this year and had a great time. the group moves between genres with ease touching on jam, jazz, rock, modern classical, funk, r&b, dixieland, free jazz


Delusions - check out the tunes :
Ol Striped Carp, Skyfish, Night Creatures and a montage of others at

Set List

Ol Striped Carp, Night Creatures, Looper, Under the Bed, Forgot it in the Right Place, Buggin Out (at the Whipping Post), Swamp Siren Serenade Suite, Igor's March, J.S Funk, Skyfish, Start All Over Again, Goulash Rag, The Holy Flailing Filaments, Out of Step, Steve's Waltz, Wizened Whiskey Guru, static...

King Kong
Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun
Uncle Meat
Don't Fear the Reaper
Boogie Stop Shuffle
other stuff too