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Jason Silver

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Jason's style is piano rock-- It's a mix of Marc Cohn (Walking in Memphis), Bruce Hornsby (The Way it Is), The Fray, (How to Save a Life) and Five For Fighting (Superman). Think Billy Joel meets Sarah McClachlan. Other similar independents are Ben Folds and Jon Regen.


Jason Silver has distinguished himself throughout North America as a singer, songwriter and pianist of unparalleled depth. His music is haunting and unforgettable.

Jason Silver was raised in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. Originally self-taught on his family’s upright piano at the age of seven, Silver would make his beginning like so many other artists: singing and playing in the church choir. In fact, his music studies and spiritual approach would ultimately lead him to fill music director roles in churches across Canada and the United States.

Jason lead his first band while still in his early teens, doing popular piano cover tunes from the eighties, by Elton John, Billy Joel, David Foster, Gowan, Chicago, Bruce Hornsby, and more.

After pursuing a variety of genres, from instrumental Celtic to synth-pop, Silver stepped-out on his own in 2006 as a masterful performer with an unmistakable, individual voice and a magnificent piano touch.

He studied performance and music theory at Aldersgate College, playing in piano bars in the area. He traveled with the college performance group for three years before graduating with a Bachelor's Degree.

From there he took a position arranging for vocal and instrumental groups at Lakeview Church for two years, and Westgate Church for a year, both in Saskatoon, Canada.

From there he moved to Northern New Jersey, where he performed with skilled musicians from New York City, and Paterson University's jazz program, and built a large music program for a young church in North Haledon, NJ.

After five years in the United States, he relocated back to his home province of Ontario, where his strong melodic and rhythmic approach to the piano would not go unnoticed. In 1999 he released a collection instrumental improvisations entitled "Moving On."

Working with the Chris Coleman, from the folk music group, "Night Sun," Silver arranged music for the Kingston Symphony Orchestra who played behind Night Sun at Old Fort Henry in Kingston.

He moved from hometown Kingston, to Hamilton in 2000 and began building a music program at Philpott Church. He led the musicians there to release two CD projects of original sacred music.

In 2006, Silver released "12 Girlfriends," a twelve-song collection of original love songs showcasing his aptitude for romantic ballads and his powerful ability as a pianist. Critics around the globe heralded the new music with unanimous praise. MySpace plays went through the roof, and it quickly rose to the top ten on MySpace Canada for a few weeks.

In 2008, Silver released two new CD projects, Ghost Town and Sunny Days, and is offering them for free from Last.fm.

He plans to release a Christmas album in the fall of 2008.



Written By: Jason Silver

Had moments seem so full of life
Had thoughts too deep to say
Together we've borne bitter strife
And drank the pain away

I've raised my glass to toast a time
To hold you in my hand
Bitter, still I call you mine
Facing reprimand

I am falling for you Amber
You may have a home in mine
Kissing sweetly in the evening
And leaving pain behind

The first day we met in Ireland
Galway's shore at night
To soon become a loyal fan
Full draught with hops delight

Lift Your Head Up

Written By: Jason Silver

Lift up your head; don't let your chin hang down
Look at the trees, holding up the sky
Lift up your head, I don't want to see that frown
Cause all around
There is beauty to see.

Lift up your eyes, look at the mountain peaks
Take in the valleys stretching below
And if you try, you'll hear that nature speaks
Cause all around you
There is beauty to see

Almost everyone among us
has a life that won't slow down
And the easy way to win the fight
Is just to look around

Lift your head up,
And don't forget to smile
Make a stranger happy
Put frowning out of style
All our little problems will shrink down in a while
Just lift up your head,
And smile.

Lift up your face, put a smile out there
Twinkle those eyes, giving us your love
Hold out your hand, to show the world you care
Cause all around you
There is beauty to see.


2008 - Ghost Town
Another collection of "song-a-day" pieces, this CD starts out with the title track, "Ghost Town." It is also available for free download.

2008 - Sunny Days
These are some of my favourite tracks which were created during the "Song-a-Day" phase. I decided to release the simple vocal-piano arrangements in a collection. They are for free download, so go ahead and burn them. Share with your friends and family to help spread the word!

2007 - Moving On Again - Instrumental Improvisations
This is a rerecording of many of the tracks on Moving On, with a few new ones thrown in.

2005 - 12 Girlfriends
12 Girlfriends is a collection of twelve love songs. It is one of the few CDs available for purchase right now. Please help support an artist by buying this CD.

2001 - If We Can
This CD is available for free download. It consists of older songs that were not "released" until recently.

2000 - Moving On
Written after leaving a job in New Jersey, this collection of mournful instrumentals represents the emotions I was feeling at the time.

Set List

Jason Silver has an interactive approach to concerts. He loves to use the audience to build a song or two made up of their called out suggestions.

He seamlessly intersperses well known covers in his genre along with popular originals.

He is able to take many requests from the crowd, which is especially appropriate in a small venue.

A full repetoire of cover tunes is available from his web site here: