Jason Sprague

Jason Sprague


Singer/ songwritter music with influences ranging from the Old 97's to Tom Waits. Catchy acoustic guitar driven pop music with an often fimiliar feel.


I grew up at the Philadelphia Folk Festival. I went every year since the age of two. There were always gauitar players around the campfire singing songs so I took up guitar at a very early age and started writting my own songs.
In highschool I took the DIY approach and released my first CD and played countless coffee houses in the area to promote it. Since then I've recorded and released two other full-length CDs and played places such as the Stone Poney, and CBGB's.


Jason Sprague - Full Circle (1999)
Adolecent Residue - (EP) 2001
Faux Pas Love Letters - 2005
Boxer - 2007

Set List

My sets are usually an hour to two hours depending on if Im opening or headlining. Usually the set list vary, but this was my last one

Seven Years Bad Luck
Darkest Hour
Penn Station Cupid
Keep Your Jane
Back Burner
Dear Girlfriend
Open Book
Ghost of You
Good Day
Written In the Stars
My Wall
Stuck Where You Are
If It Doesn't Kill You