Jason Stone

Jason Stone

 Imperial, Missouri, USA

Powerful, dynamic and emotional songs to which anyone can relate.


Singer / songwriter Jason Stone was born in a small, southeast Missouri town called Poplar Bluff. He started playing the piano by ear at age 8 and playing the guitar and singing at the age of 15. When he turned 17, he moved to St. Louis with a friend to pursue a music career. They had an old guitar, a truck full of gas and $20. After living in the truck and playing street corners for about a year, Jason finally saved up enough money for a small flat in south St. Louis. He went from band to band meeting new musicians and studying their styles. He started recording the songs he had written and striving to make a name for himself. Now, 11 years later, he has written and recorded over 250 songs and played over 1000 shows. His passion in life is writing powerful music that people cannot only relate to, but belong to as well.



Written By: Jason Stone

Mama used to read me bedtime stories at night
With a warm glass of milk and she turned out the light
I remember laying in my bed wide awake
Praying to God, please take us away
To a little town, so far away, where we could spend the rest of our days

I see us in a big house with a white picket fence
Screened-in porch and all of our friends
I see a treehouse in the biggest tree I’ve ever seen
The best part of my day is mama pushin me on the swing
Gonna swing, gonna swing, oh yeah, into my next dream

Papa never showed me affection very well
With a snap of his belt he showed me how he felt
I remember my mama telling me that she fell
With a bottle in his hand, I begin to understand
She was in pain, so I started to pray
God take us away, take us back to that place


And she screams
Sooner or later, he’s gonna break her
No one can save her tonight
He grabs a knife
I close my eyes
I hear her scream
Then silence fills the night

Well I opened my eyes and my world fell apart
Mama’s lyin on the floor in a puddle full of blood
I held my mama as she slipped away
And she looked up at me and started to say
I’ll be waiting for you in your dreams
Every time you go to sleep
You’ll be there with me
In a little town, so far away
Where we will spend the rest of our days

30 Years

Written By: Jason Stone


Yesterday, I woke up alone. I didn’t know where my life had gone.
But it’s funny how some time things just work themselves out,
Cause when I saw you last night, I broke down and cried,
and I need you more with every tear that fell from my eyes.

And I don’t mind admitting that I was wrong,
contesting there’s someone for everyone.
And I didn’t believe in love at first sight, till I looked in your eyes
and I saw me 30 years from now.

Just today, I woke up reaching for you.
But you weren’t there like you were in my dreams I’m confused.
I said what happened to the perfect life, that I dreamed about last night.
What happened to the perfect love I can’t stop thinking of.


But if I can’t have you only, then I’d rather have this dream,
holding me tightly for the rest of my life.


Cotton Dreams

Written By: Jason Stone

Lately it seems that all your thoughts are connected by the dots of what you swear you’re not.
You’re looking out for someone to offend you.
But now you cotton dreams seem to rip you at the seams though you swear you’re not,
I’m no longer able to defend you.

But I pray to someone I’m not sure is even there,
for your itchy nose and spiders in your hair.
I hate it when they tell me it’s a shame.
I’d give anything to bring her back.
The pills they didn’t only kill the pain.

Maybe you think that you’re disguised but I can see right through your lies
cause you can’t cover up eyes, the window to the truth I see right through you.
But now your cotton skies seem to distort your replies and it’s no longer a surprise,
I think about the days of when I knew you.

And I pray to someone I’m not sure is even there,
for your itchy nose and spiders in your hair.
I hate it when they tell me it’s a shame.
I’d give anything to bring her back.
The pills they didn’t only kill the pain. X 3

Breath all you like, hold it inside no one can save you but you and your high. X 2
Mother, I love you mother, come back dear mother.

Paper Flowers

Written By: Jason Stone

I remember the day you moved in. Oh how could I forget the first day of my life?
I couldn’t understand a word you were sayin, cause my wonderin eyes couldn’t seem to get that high.
I remember the first time I kissed you. I closed my eyes and hoped like hell you’d kiss me back.
I never wanted to leave that brick ledge. I swear to god my lips never wanted anything so bad.
I swear to god my lips never wanted anything so bad.

I’m in love so in love with the girl next door, I’m like a kid locked up in a candy store.
She’s so wrong, she’s so wrong, so wrong, she’s so right for me.
She’s a drag, she’s a blast she’s a pain in my ass. That girl, she’s the love of my life.
She’s the moon pokin through the clouds on a cold dark night.
She’s a cab ride home when your engines fail. She’s the best of heaven/ she’s the worst of hell.
I’m in love with the devil in an angel covered candy shell.
I’m in love with my best friend and I think I’m lucky as hell.

I remember swinging in my back yard, and I remember our first dance.
I still think about the choices that I made and I must say,” That big red truck never had a chance”.
I remember our first I Love You. Those three words never seemed so sweet.
I’m still trying to figure what I did right; in life to find a girl that’s so damn into me.
Even when we fight I want you right beside me.


Paper Flowers in a cardboard vase, I’d walk through fire to touch your face, if I could stay in love with you.
I'd sell my soul if we could make the same mistakes that we once made and I would try to save the day, because ( I’m so in………. Love in love in love in love in love in love)