Jason Sullivan

Jason Sullivan

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Adult contemporary with roots rock flavor and a sprinkle of soul.


I began playing guitar at 12. My influences range from 70's-90's rock to Funk, Reggae and even Heavy Metal and Rap. I am self-taught and learned how to play other instruments by practicing on my bandmates' gear whenever they would blow off band practice. I played in several bands as a guitarist and ultimately formed a succesful funk band as the bass player. After 5 years of gigging on bass, I decided that I wanted to return to my first love and began focusing on guitar again. From my small home studio, I capture my moments of inspiration in hopes that someone out there will listen to them and actually like them.


Worship my virtue

Written By: Jason Sullivan

I'm following a path
is it the right way?
Who's to say if it's right or wrong
I can always turn back if I get there
and decide that I don't belong
I don't want regrets when I'm older
I'm gonna do things my own way
I know it's easy to play it safe
but you never get anywhere
if your running in place


I'll take my chances I'm not afraid to
you need to chase it
dreams don't just come to you
I'm gonna make it
I'm gonna prove to you
just climb up and take it
Worship my virtue

I'm walking in the dark
I won't be afraid
in time I will see the light
I can always turn back
if I get there
and decide that it don't feel right
It's so hard to be a contender in this world
but you'll never win unless you put up a fight
so hard not to surrender in this world
you'll find success if you keep it in your sights



Sky Fountain: Self titled EP
Felix Brown: Six shades of Brown

Set List

I play acoustic covers.
Jeff Buckley, U2, Lenny Kravitz, the Beatles, The Black Crowes etc... with originals thrown in.