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Truby’s Third Project Slated For Late 2008 Release

(Nashville, TN) – May 7, 2008 – With experiences such as touring the world, recording with renowned producers and selling millions of records, one would think they have it all. But Jason Truby knew he had to stay true to himself.

Get To Know Jason Truby
You may know the name Jason Truby from his days in the band Living Sacrifice or as part of P.O.D., when he joined the group back in 2003. But this famed guitarist, once mentored by Phil Keaggy and who has since graduated to be his peer and friend, has been writing and performing music for eighteen years and teaching himself every step along the way.

After four years of songwriting and recording with P.O.D. (Testify, 2006; Greatest Hits: The Atlantic Years, 2006; The Warriors EP, Volume 2, 2005; and Payable On Death, 2003), Truby decided to continue his musical career on his own, pursuing his own writings based out of his hometown of Little Rock, Arkansas. With a unique musical palate geared more toward classical and jazz/fusion flavorings, this self-taught guitarist is heavily influenced not only by legends such as Keaggy but also by Pat Metheny, Radiohead, Michael Hedges, John Coltrane, Thelonious Monk, Stanley Jordan, Bob Dylan, Herbie Hancock, U2, Wes Montgomery, to name a few.

Ready to share his individual and distinctive musical talents with the world, Truby wrote and released his first solo instrumental project, String Theory, in 2006 during the same time P.O.D.’s Testify was hitting the airwaves and store shelves. String Theory, a very introspective project, easily exhibited Truby’s diversity as a writer. This experience allowed him to perform for the very first time as a solo artist at Denver’s Guitar Festival in the fall of 2006, where he shared the stage with Keaggy as well as Glassharp. It was at the end of that year where Truby followed his calling to be home and pursue a solo career full time.

With even more songs to share with his fan base, Truby wrote and produced Waiting On The Wind, his second instrumental project that released this past November. He is now preparing for his first solo vocal project, slated to release later this year.

Upon describing his distinctive solo compositions, Truby explains, "I believe that art and music should speak for itself. The more innovative and creative, the stronger the impact. For me to attempt to define what is beyond words would in turn defeat the point of the music itself.”

Truby continues, “These sounds are designed to touch each one of us in a different way. It is my opinion that we let the music define itself in the way each of us receives it. Music is merely a voice given to express the human
emotion where words cannot.”

Through His Musical Career
Along with his numerous other accolades, Truby has been featured in such publications as Christian Musician, USA Today, Blender, Spin, Rolling Stone, Relevant, and CCM. He also appears in John Schroeder’s book “Between The Strings,” a book compiled of guitar legends’ stories where he shares the pages alongside Les Paul, B.B. King, Peter Frampton and Chet Atkins, among others.

While part of P.O.D., Truby and the band co-wrote the single “Sleeping Awake,” the title track to the Matrix Reloaded soundtrack (2003), which sold over one million copies nationwide. They were also featured on the Passion of the Christ soundtrack for their penned song, “Truly Amazing.” The album Payable On Death, co-written by the band, went gold in the U.S. and sold one million copies worldwide. This project also featured the instrumental song “Eternal,” written and performed by Truby along with Keaggy.

Jason Truby, his wife and their three children reside in Little Rock, Arkansas. He is managed & booked by Brian Skaggs of Narrow Road Management & Narrow Road Comapny, based near Little Rock.

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String Theory - 2006
Waiting On The Wind - 2007
Finding The Quiet - 2008



Jason Truby is a guitar player's guitar player, a songwriter who has been writing and performing for over seventeen years. He began in Little Rock, Arkansas, where he still resides. His career began in a band called Living Sacrifice, but did not truly blossom until their fourth release entitled REBORN.
This was a unique genre of very complicated music structure and time signatures. However, Jason's musical palate was geared more toward classical and jazz fusion. He was heavily influenced by artists like Pat Matheney, Phil Keaggy, the Beatles, and Stanley Jordan, to name a few.
As his style continued to develop, he found himself taking on the role of guitar for POD in February 2003. Sleeping Awake would be the first song he would write with POD. It was the title track to the Matrix Reloaded soundtrack, which sold over one million copies in the U.S. From there, he would write with POD their self titled album which went gold in the U.S. and sold one million world wide. During the making of this album, Jason became friends with Phil Keaggy who was featured on an instrumental song he and Jason wrote called Eternal. This led to the release of an LP called Warriors 2. This was a collection of songs during the writing process of Jason's second album with POD called Testify.
Testify was released January 2006 and was produced by Grammy winning producer Glen Ballard. During this time, Jason recorded his first instrumental album entitled String Theory. It was recorded in Colorado Springs and co-produced by John Schroder at John’s studio. It is a very introspective album using multiple acoustics and demonstrates much of Jason's diversity as a writer.
In October 2006, Jason performed as a solo artist for the first time at the Denver Guitar Festival sharing the stage with Phil Keaggy and Glassharp. This lead to Jason's final song with POD, which was, featured on The Atlantic Years...the Best of POD.
Since embarking on his solo career, Jason has released three solo albums entitled String Theory (2006), Waiting On The Wind (2007), & Finding the Quiet (2008).
It’s 2009 and Jason has embarked on a new path as a solo artist. Future projects will include a vocal album later this year.