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Jason Vigil

Denver, Colorado, United States

Denver, Colorado, United States
Band Pop Rock


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"Heart Gone Sober Review"

“He delivers the songs with a passion that is unmatched by anyone out there right now. While most bands chose to scream their passion at you these days, Vigil chooses to rather pour them out so you can understand them.” - All Ages Zine

"Heart Gone Sober Review"

“When all is said and done, this CD is a pleasure to listen to.” - Blog Critics

"Heart Gone Sober Review"

“….if you're looking for a full band record of quality modern rock - this is the album for you.” - Melodic.net

"Heart Gone Sober Review"

“Singer/songwriter Jason Vigil embraces the straight-forward pop format throughout his entrancing Heart Gone Sober. Laden with catchy hooks ala alternative rock from the late ‘90s, it’s an album that discusses some of the more personal sides to humanity—drug abuse and recovery, relationships, and life in general. Passionate music played with vigor.” - Smother.net

"Vigil Trudges Through Tough Times On Latest CD Project"

Jason Vigil’s latest CD was a true labor of love — emphasis on the labor part.

Nearly two years in the making, not counting all the time it took to write, “Heart Gone Sober” had the fates working against it. Luckily, Vigil isn’t putting his money on fate.

“It was definitely much more difficult than I had anticipated it to be,” said the former Fort Collins singer/songwriter recently transplanted to Denver. “Not that projects are easy but this was just crazy.”

Two years ago Vigil and his band went into Nuthouse Recording Studio in Santa Fe. Three months into recording the digital files became corrupted and the tracks on them unusable

“We had to start all over again,” he said.

So back to the beginning they went. Several months later another computer glitch halted recording for a month while repairs were made. Then family illness befell the producer. For six months the band was in a state of stasis.

Recording finally begins again and another tragedy occurs. Vigil is hit by a drunk driver — luckily he’s not hurt too badly but his car, necessary to make the seven-and-a-half hour drives back and forth from Santa Fe to Fort Collins, is totaled. Vigil is stuck in Santa Fe for more than two weeks sleeping on the recording studio floor waiting for his car to be fixed and unable to finish any new tracks.

Finally the CD is recorded and Vigil takes it to Fort Collins’ The Blasting Room for final mixing and mastering. And gets in yet another car accident, a five-car pileup no less, on the way to the studio.

It was almost as if someone wanted to put him through the wringer to make sure this was really what he wanted to do with his time.

“There was a time or two where it didn’t feel like it was worth all of this hardship,” Vigil admitted. “But we had already been through so much that it became something that I had to see the end of or I’d never be happy.”

Luckily Vigil not only finished it but said it didn’t turn out half bad.

“Actually it turned out better than I had expected,” he said. “Which is weird to say because I obviously expected a lot out of it.”

Vigil often uses the ups and downs of his life in his writing, so maybe the trials and tribulations will make great songs for the next album. By then he’ll be able to laugh, and sing, about it.

During the process of getting “Heart Gone Sober” completed there was one song on the CD Vigil said he used to get himself through the difficulties.

“ ‘So Tell Me,’ is actually more of a conversation I had with myself,” he said. “It’s one of the few (songs on the album) that’s not about a relationship. I was in a rough place emotionally and I realized that I really need to decide whether I want to feel better about what I’m doing. And that I just gotta’ keep doing it. It helped get through a rough time.” -Stacy Nick - The Fort Collins Coloradoan

"Sometimes Always Review"

Heart Gone Sober, Jason Vigil's last album (released in 2006), was so gosh-darn earnest that anyone who's even mildly cynical probably recoiled like a vampire in the sunlight at the sound of it. Misanthropes should know, then, that Sometimes Always, the subject of a Saturday, September 13, CD-release party at the Soiled Dove Underground co-starring the Trampolines and Zack Nichols, isn't a huge departure from a sincerity standpoint. Musically, however, it's a definite upgrade. "Breaking Over You" and "Sometimes Always" are chiming hook-fests, while "Hard to Be Away" benefits from Justin Miller's sturdy pianistics — and if "Because of You" is still goopier than necessary, at least its pace picks up after a minute or so. Sentimentality is a lot easier to take when it's accompanied by guitar solos.
-Michael Roberts - Westword Magazine

"Heart Gone Sober Review"

On his debut release Heart Gone Sober, Colorado-based Jason Vigil displays a keen pop sensibility and a knack for tapping directly into the heart of a song like a modern-day Buddy Holly. No unnecessary fluff, not one wasted note—just catchy melodies and lyrics that make a visceral statement.
“Grab a bottle, hold on tight to me, we’ll be everything, just you and me,” he sings on “You I’m Thinking.” The heavy pop-rock arrangement supports rather than clouds the lyrical and melodic roots of the song. Ditto for the title track, a grooving number that perfectly captures that painful moment of falling out of love: “My heart’s gone finally sober / From missing out on life, my life.” Do your own heart and ears a favor, and don’t miss out on Vigil.

-Mare Wakefield
- Performing Songwriter

"Heart Gone Sober Review"

Jason Vigil, a singer/songwriter out of Colorado, releases his debut album Heart Gone Sober. If you haven't heard of it yet, that's because it hasn't gotten much help from a big label or radio. However, if the preliminary reports are any indication, you'll be hearing from Jason soon. Heart Gone Sober has been met with much excitement in his hometown of Fort Collins. With a little promotional help, this album will find its way into many hearts across the country.

With a pop/rock sound and a slight folk rock flavor, there is a definite energy to this album even if it doesn't immediately slap you in the face. The production on this album is decent and very fitting to the music style. Jason mixes clean electric guitar tones with fuzzy, light distortion guitar to build a full layered music bed. The bass is full sounding and the drums are full, but not overpowering. They leave room nicely for the vocals to shine through.

Jason is one of those artists that uses the written lyric to carry the song. This doesn't mean the music isn't just as good. In fact a good mix of music and lyrics like this is extremely hard to find these days.

There is a definite Rob Thomas/Matchbox 20 sound in Jason's music, with some Andy Taylor flavoring with a little bit of Head Automatica sprinkled into the mix. The Rob Thomas influence is probably no more evident than in "Need Your Space". Jason's phrasing, enunciation and emotion are all very Thomas-like in this song. "Hurts to Be Without You" is another song that has a definite Rob Thomas feel to it.

"Sad Month" is an awesome song and could possibly be one of the best tracks on the album. Once you spin the disc, you'll realize that the word "ballad" was not used in the last sentence. Yes, it is a ballad. In fact, the track consists of an acoustic guitar track and a vocal track. (Honestly, they probably used several microphones to pick up the room noise and get a fuller tone--but who's really paying attention to that crap). But in this stripped down setting, Jason's talent really comes off the "page." It's easy to imagine that he could mesmerize a room with just a guitar and a vocal microphone.
If you like to interpret lyrics or if you like to sing along with catchy pop melodies, this will be a surprise gem for you. If you're one of those people who like to listen to music two years before it finally hits radio (Gym Class Heroes anyone?), make sure to let all your friends know you have this album now. It's risky because Jason may not get the label or radio support he deserves and your "music guru" reputation may end up taking a bath on this one, but this album will make it worth your time.

Curt Hauff (Feb 9, 2007)
- Hardrockhaven.net

"Heart Gone Sober Review"

Young Denver songwriter Jason Vigil’s debut album Heart Gone Sober is a highly promising disc from an artist clearly influenced by the likes of Rob Thomas and Goo Goo Dolls.
Vigil’s clear voice has real commercial potential and his songs are, for the most part, well-written, containing plenty of memorable hook lines. Opener “You I’m Thinking” has obvious claims for possible radio play and along with the Coldplay-esque “Need Your Space,” has already gained rotation on a number of Denver stations. The acoustic ballad “Sad Month” is another highlight, showcasing a more delicate side to Vigil’s writing, while closing track “Come To Me” displays a harder edge. All in all, Heart Gone Sober is a debut that could lead Vigil onto bigger and bigger things if he continues to build a solid audience in his hometown.
Andrew Ellis
- Ink 19

"Heart Gone Sober Review"

“Ripe with reflections on love, loss, and heartache, the songs never drag along or bring the mood down; instead they remain energetic and meaningful while maintaining catchy hooks, powerful vocals, and solid performances from Vigil's band.” - Colorado Music Buzz


Sometimes Always -EP (2008)

1. Breaking Over You
2. Sometimes Always
3. Because Of You
4. Hard To Be Away
5. Before You Disappear
6. A Beautiful Mess
7. Color Blue

Heart Gone Sober -LP (2006)
1. You I'm Thinking
2. Heart Gone Sober
3. Need Your Space
4. So Tell Me
5. Sweet Goodbye
6. Hurts To Be Without
7. Sad Month
8. Safety's Gone
9. Looking in the Sun
10. Come To Me



Sometimes the maturation process of a musical artist happens before our very eyes, and in the case of Denver based Jason Vigil, the act of writing, recording and performing over the last few years has helped that process along. Vigil released his debut, Heart Gone Sober (2006) to a sold out Walnut Room in Denver, and he�s now back with Sometimes Always, an EP that fully displays his maturity as a singer, songwriter and performer.

Vigil admits that this album is more �upbeat� and �happy� than the material on Heart Gone Sober. �My style has become I believe more polished and I think that the music I'm writing now makes more sense musically and lyrically than before,� he says.

Vigil is also drawing from more influences that ever before. �I've been working on becoming a more well-rounded writer as well as musician,� he admits. �Not just staying in one genre per se, but being able to draw from several styles depending on what the song I'm writing dictates.�

But as with any talented artist, performing often has helped Vigil to hone his skills, and you can hear the confidence in his edgy, powerful vocals on Sometimes Always. Much of that was the result of working with producer Duane Lundy (Scourge of the Sea, Neva Jeffrey, Vandaveer, The Parlour Boys).

�It was great working with Duane,� says Vigil. �He takes a very organic approach to recording, which was refreshing. He gave the songs a distinct sound and made them stand out more individually. I also liked how he was hands-on with the structure of the songs, which gave them direction.�

But it�s not like Vigil came completely out of nowhere. He was nominated by Westword Magazine for best singer/songwriter in the Denver area and has established himself as one of the city�s top talents through radio play and constant high profile local and regional shows. In addition to that rigorous performing schedule, Vigil also toured the Midwest, Southeast and west coast in 2008. That is something he intends to do more of in support of the new release.

�I would like to be on the road more consistently,� he says. �I want this release to launch awareness of my music to a higher level nationally.� One listen to Jason Vigil�s emotive voice delivering powerful and interesting tracks on Sometimes Always, and you�ll know that he should be able to garner that awareness with a slam dunk.

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