Jason Walker

Jason Walker


2 Billboard #1 Dance Records 2 Billboard Top 5 Dance Dance Records 1 Billboard Top 10 Dance Record IDMA Nominated Vocalist Junior Vasquez Music Recording Artist New Album "Flexible" release August 2007


Dance music can often be an accidental career. Many artists find themselves stumbling upon it as a means of boosting record sales, or as a way to revive a dying fan base. There are also musicians who only see dance music as a way to hit it big and then focus on the real music they always wanted to produce. Not Jason Walker. When he left his native Pittsburgh and
arrived in New York at the age of 24, his dream was to reinvigorate the ailing dance music scene. He had many obstacles along the way. The industry simply didn't know how to market a skinny white boy with the pipes and personality of a full-figured soul sister. It was
only when Walker was taken under the wing of famed record producer Junior Vasquez that people began to
take notice.

"Trying to break into the music industry has been a
real struggle," admits the now Billboard favorite. "I
was always being told that my look didn't match my
sound. I thought my looks made me different and that
my uniqueness would somehow give me an advantage. I was wrong." Then, on September 20, 2004, "Foolish Mind Games" topped the Billboard Dance chart. A few short months later on April 29, 2005, "Set It Free" made the number one spot as well. The successes haven't stopped there, however. Walker has since had two more top five singles, "My Life", and "No More", as well as a top ten hit with "Movin' On". Success on the charts has brought Walker press and exposure. Instinct Magazine recently stated that Walker was the top selling dance artist of the past year, singles and albums combined. His album, This is My Life (released on JVM) has remained in the iTunes Top 100 Dance Albums for nearly a year and a half.

Walker credits much of his success to the "superior
production skills" of Junior Vasquez. "My experience
with Junior," Walker says, "has been nothing short of
incredible. [He has] brought my music to a whole new
level. Having his name attached to my work has opened so many doors for me. My first single, My Life was released as "Junior presents Jason "My Life." It was a shameless marketing ploy, yes, but I would not have been heard otherwise. "My Life" ended up climbing to #3 on the Billboard Dance chart and won the 2004 HX award for "Best Dance Song of the Year." It was the first ever original, non-remix, song to win the title.

After a year of touring the country in 2006 in support
of his debut album, Walker's hard work was recognized
when he was nominated for an IDMA (International Dance Music Award) for Best New Dance Artist. Walker is currently continuing his collaboration with Vasquez,
as well as famed producer Quentin Harris, on his new
album, "Flexible" that will be in stores and on itunes
August 21, 2007. Until then, he continues his busy
touring schedule. He can be found at clubs, festivals,
and various other music events, from coast to coast.

Walker's album, "This Is My Life", can be found online
at the iTunes music library, and Beatport.com, as well
as at many major music retail stores, including Virgin
Megastores, Spec's, FYE, Sam Goody, Coconuts, Second
Spin, Wherehouse, and Strawberries.


This is My Life (LP) - 2004
Foolish Mind Games (single) - 2004
Set it Free (single) -2005
My Life (single)
No More (single)
Movin On (Single)
Flexible (LP) Release Date-August 21, 2007

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