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Home is Where I'd Be

Written By: Jason Walsh

Home is Where I’d Be
By: Jason Walsh
In Dedication to my Grandfather Walsh

I’ll never forget the way you look, each time I close my eyes

And no matter what ever happens, you’ll always be on my mind
I grew up with you since I was a boy, and you showed me right from wrong
And everyone in our family will agree with my song


I wish I was there for you right now cause you were always there for me
If I could have one granted wish, home is where I’d be, home is where I’d be

I think I turned out alright, my thanks goes out to you

For if I didn’t have your love, I wouldn’t know what to do

The time has come for you to go and we all must say goodbye

I know that you would say to us, “Please don’t you cry”


I hope everything works out fine and our families can pull through

I want you to know before I go “Grandfather I love you”

You were so strong through it all, until the last breath you drew

I hope one day later in life, I can be a man like you

Chorus: x 2 and then repeat the last line of chorus 3 times