Jason Ward

Jason Ward


I seem to write very introspective and my songs evolve over a period of time. They may take a day to finish or maybe even a month. The ones that I'm most proud of are the ones I usually dig up in my head from a couple years ago.


Been writing since I was twelve... playing music since I was eight.



Written By: Jason Ward

I feel alone and I’m so afraid. I fear these feelings won’t go away.
All these thoughts drain from my head and conceive all this pain.
I can’t even begin to explain what I fight with everyday.
So much emotion inside that doesn’t want to go away.

This weight on my shoulders bears down on me, this pressures unbreakable as it breaks me. I try to escape but I just fall again. My pride is ripped away from me as I choke on everything I see. I feel this everyday but it never fades.

I feel broken as I crawl through this, this pool of loneliness.
I have seen this all before and now I’m promised only more.
But underneath this facade I’m so cold.
Beneath me is a shade of grey I am faced with everyday.

So everything is shattered now, falling apart right in my face.
I try to fight but I can never find my strength.


Written By: Jason Ward

Well I'm so cold
But inside I burn
I feel so numb as I sink in this,
this sea of hurt.
I try and breathe
But my last gasp is lost in all the pain.

So now the walls are closing in
and I have no place left to hide.
I feel this pain rain down on me
as I feel so undermined.
I know it’s me alone again
fighting everything I fear.
And in the end I know
this pressure will completely ruin me.

I can't seem to mask
all my collapse.
All I can see
A desolate scene.
Soon in time, I’ll disappear
and drown inside all of my fear.

I'm lost and I'm fading
I feel so addicted
Why must all this pain affect me so vicious?
I’m falling so fast though
I can’t get a grasp.
Cause I’m breaking apart
with all of my doubt.
Now I’ve shattered my heart
Just to be broken from this.
I can’t breathe cause I’m
drowning in all of the visions.
My head is in circles
And now I’m surrounded
By all of the things that could tear me apart…

The Effort It Takes To Breathe

Written By: Jason Ward

One thought
and it all falls down
One look
and I'm on the ground
One step
and I'm off the edge
One move...
This is all in my head

One more day of this and I think I'll break down
Another ton of pressure cause I'm looking for what can't be found
Another headache from the pain moving around
One more and I'm jumping now

I'm still trying to make it through this... to make it through this
I still can't breathe but I'm breaking through it... I'm breaking through it

I feel so empty now that I'm all alone
I'm still searching for that feeling that I've never known
I'll feel much better once I find a place to call home
As for now I still have nothing left to show

The Curse

Written By: Jason Ward

There is no cure for this feeling that I battle
I'm losing rope with no place left to hide
I'm breaking down as I fall
Falling down so I crawl
Crawl for sanity... for this - I beg

So take away the sorrow cause I don't feel like I'm strong enough
So take away the infection cause I know I can't hold on

Hope is a distant memory
So much regret from this one feeling that I get
Take me away and subside all this pain
I can't feel much but it's enough to make me numb

Help me back to the way... the way I once felt
I can't fight this curse so my hand is out for help
Try and shade what I feel and what I see
But I can't escape my own reality


Written By: Jason Ward

I'm shattered without shame
I'm always the one too blame
I've built this cancer inside
That I cannot hide
Sometimes being dead beats being alive

All my strength and all my pride
All your shit and all your lies
Now I drown in a sea of loathing
Can't you see that you've left me nothing

Nobody knows what this does to me
No one can feel the pain it gives
Now I've got this carved into me
A deep scar - can anybody see?



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