Jason Waterfall

Jason Waterfall


You've never seen one guy Rock out this good. Instantly memorable melodies. Amazing vocal range. Dynamic, fun, lively music combining rock, folk, country, electronic, dance. New-New Wave.


Breaking from the traditional band format and creating something more than singer-songwriter with a guitar, Jason Waterfall combines a solo act that utilizes technology and acknowledges the importance of true, live instrumentation. Beautiful harmonies, memorable melodies, danceable beats, Jason Waterfall's music is an interesting fusion of rock, jazz, 80's Euro-pop, country and folk. Yet, all these elements only begin to describe the skillful crafting of his songs.

He has been a core songwriting monster in past groups in Seattle such as the post-punk power-trio Swing Radius, the psyche-rock of Invisible and Odessa. Moving to Portland, Oregon in 2002 has given him the time to carefully construct and shape his music into the twang-infused New wave Rock that became The Carrier Signal. Half of the songs on his debut album started from these sessions with help along the way from ex-bandmate Pete Hertzsch, backing vocals from Maranda Dabel (Heroes and Villains, The Advisory), Trumpet from Tim Uecker (Singer-Songwriter), saxphones from Fred Vogel Jr. (Multi-instrumentalist extraordinaire) and the engineering genius of Gabe Johnston.

Now that the big experiment is over and test driven with very well-received results from local fans, Jason Waterfall is ready to see what lies ahead and letting the music take him where he needs to go. 

Here's to Perseverance - Here's to Living the Dream - Here's to Doing what you Love - Here's to Making Sensible Intelligent Music that you can also Move your Butt and Clap your Hands and Sing Along to. Hope you enjoy it. Thanks.


I am now completing my first debut entitled "Talisman" and it should be out by the summer.

Set List

I can manage a 12 song 1 hour set. This would include a few songs with just vocals and guitar.