Jason W. Bryant

Jason W. Bryant


My music comes from other songwriters who I believe are masters at their craft like Townes Van Zandt Guy Clark and Sam Baker. I admire what they do and how they do it. They take everyday life and turn it into peotry with music set behind the words and phrases.


My story is simple. I am a music fan, just like you. I try to take the music and add soething to it without taking anything away


A Song For Townes

Written By: Jason W. Bryant

Townes had a way with words
most would say.
When most men would fold their cards
Townes liked to stay.
Now sure he was known to drink too much
and stay out pretty late.
And he loved more than a few women
most men wouldent date.

When it came to the lord
now Townes was a believer.
He said he'd follow anyone
who turned water to wine.
But he never could seem to walk the line
or stay on the path of the straight and narrow.
Townes' path was more like that
of a broken winged sparrow.

He had a heart of gold, that flowed from his pen.
He never met anyone who wasnt his friend.
The life of a songwriter, Townes he lived it.
And when it sked for his life, Townes he gived it.
(End Chorus)

Townes often felt that his glass was half empty.
But he wasnt one to go looking for sympathy.
He had no problem gettin by with what he had
And hoping to find what he'd lost.

In groups of one or a thousand he'd entertain us all.
From a barstool where Townes was bound to fall.
He always said he'd die before his work was done and he was right...
Lord why'd he have to be right?

(Repeat Chorus)

To Townes life was never easy
but he loved it like a whino's last sip.
Whether he was talking at you straight
or shootin from the hip.

And I hope the Lord found him a place in heaven.
Where he can still have a drink
and roll him a seven.
And an ol guitar to help him ing his song,... Lord help him sing his song

(Repeat Chorus and Out)

Single Mothers

Written By: Jason W. Bryant

(1st Verse)
Sun comes up on Monday morning
just a little bit late.
She's got three kids down the hallway
late for school that have not ate.

(2nd Verse)
It's been hard to keep the lights on
since their daddy left last fall.
But for mothers day there was a card
to "The Greatest Mom of All."

She sings a song from her hymnal
In hopes that he might hear.
She bow's her head to pray
When she needs to, hide a tear.
(End Chorus)

(3rd Verse)
One little girl is crying
she's too young to understand.
And the oldest he is trying
too soon to become a man.

Selfish prayers go unanswerd
she's not asking for herself.
But could you help Lord with the rent
and maybe put some food on the shelf.

She sings a song from her hymnal
In hopes tht he might hear.
She bows her head to pray
When she needs to, hide a tear.
(End Chorus and Out)

Jason W. Bryant


Currently working on first collection of songs, trying to get them recorded in a way that will present them to the listener in the best light to convey my message. I also have some sample demo's on My-Space at www.myspace.com/jasonwbryant

Set List

My typical set list is 2-4 songs at an open mic or 10 -12 at a backyard BBQ. I have about 50 written and about 25 that I will play. No cover tunes I dont believe in it. I hate it when someone gets up and botches one of my favorite songs.