Jason Whitton

Jason Whitton

 Los Angeles, California, USA

If the Zac Brown Band had a baby with Keith Urban, there's a good chance he would sound like Jason Whitton.


*Available as a Solo Performer, Duo or Full Band!

Jason Whitton has been performing live for over 15 years. His blend of Country, Folk, Americana, and Pop has set him apart from many other artists in the mainstream music world today. He's a very talented song-writer whose music has been heard on TV and film over the years. (Gilmore Girls, Grantham and Rose, Disney, WB) 

He was raised in Houston, TX, and moved to Los Angeles, CA in 1998. Although he has been in LA for many years now, Jason never forgets his roots. That is all too clear when you hear his music. He has been inspired by many artists such as George Strait, Garth Brooks, and James Taylor.

Thriftstore Cowboy Records will be releasing Whitton’s latest record, Honey Butter. He’s currently putting together a tour, which will include stops in his home state of Texas.

Jason has some amazing talent on this new record. Bob Boulding, touring guitarist for the Celtic Rock band, Young Dubliners, lends his masterful guitar chops. Ginny Luke, fiddler for Meatloaf and Florence and the Machine, weaves her magical violin skills into the album. Whitton also teamed up again with none other than mastering guru Matt Forger, who worked on little known records, Thriller and Bad.

You can currently hear some of Whitton’s music in the indie film, Grantham and Rose, on Netflix. He was brought on as the main composer by the incredible Tony nominated director of Broadway’s Rock of Ages, Kristin Hanggi.

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Thriftstore Cowboy - 2006

Broken Horses - 2012

My Way Home (EP) - 2014

Honey Butter - 2016