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Jason Yudoff & The New Hotness

New York City, New York, United States

New York City, New York, United States
Band Rock Funk


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Jason Yudoff & The New Hotness @ The Bitter End



Jason Yudoff & The New Hotness @ Maxwell's

Hoboken, New Jersey, USA

Hoboken, New Jersey, USA

Jason Yudoff & The New Hotness @ Arlene's Grocery



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This funk rock CD by Jason Yudoff seems more like a one-person project than one done by a band. Yudoff does the vocals, keyboards, much of the percussion, and plays drums on one track. There is the sense of a whole band, though, one that has a feel for funk rhythms.
Many other musicians fill in on guitar, bass, percussion and drums, along with Renee Veneziale on background vocals. Yudoff himself feels the groove, with his choppy piano playing and songs written to be played in funk style. The CD was produced in New York City, and it definitely has a NYC sound. For example, “Happiness” looks for utopia, but at a breakneck city speed featuring an electric guitar solo at the end. Many of the lyrics, printed on the CD sleeve, may sound like typical singer/songwriter fare - for example, “I feel so helpless/like a child who has lost his way on “Bottom Line.” But Yudoff’s songs are never uninteresting, due to his fluid melodies and the production by Yudoff and Steve Rossiter, which expertly layers wah-wah and choppy licks on guitar and various percussion elements. 
Yudoff can also handle slow songs, like “How I Want to Feel“and “All I’ll Want,” with a strong voice that can wrap its way expertly around a ballad. The lyrics are above average here, for example, “Because there’s nothing to distract me from me/Stuck in habitual philosophy/hypocrisy.” He even gives life to Randy Newman’s often done “Guilty.”
Yudoff also knows his way around electric piano, as he proves with the two lively instrumentals “Reckless” and “Mother.” The former recalls Ramsey Lewis, while the latter leans a bit toward New Age.
There is a lot to like on this CD of thirteen songs, particularly for fans of jazz vocals and/or funk. Visit Jason Yudoff's Official Website at http://www.jasonyudoff.com .

-Dave Howell 
- Dave Howell

The National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences Committee
has placed Jason Yudoff on the
Official Ballot for the 2005 Grammy Awards

Category 1 - Record Of the Year
Jason Yudoff - All Day

Category 2 - Album Of the Year
Jason Yudoff - Smoke Sex Water

Category 3 - Song Of the Year
Jason Yudoff - All Day

Category 4 - Best New Artist
Jason Yudoff

Field 1
Category 6 - Best Male Pop Vocal Performance
Jason Yudoff - Before

Field 1
Category 9 - Best Pop Instrumental Performance
Jason Yudoff - Mother

Field 1
Category 11 - Best Pop Vocal Album
Jason Yudoff - Smoke Sex Water

Field 4
Category 21 - Best Rock Song
Jason Yudoff - Happiness
- National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences

Jason Yudoff and his band hit you hard with the funk. Cool keyboards, thumping bass and Jason's vocals take you on a smooth-alicious ride to cool-ville. All Day sets the tone for an outstandingly original album that manages to mixes funk, blues and pop into one satisfying package. Find out more about Jason and his cool vibe at http://www.jasonyudoff.com.
- Podcast NYC
- Rob

Jason Yudoff has hit a home run with his latest disc - ‘Smoke Sex Water.’ Yudoff is at once a true and talented musician, whose lyrics expose a man whose art is born from an analytical mind and the heart of an eternal romantic. The bluseyrock melodies swim alongside powerful keyboard riffs, and Yudoff’s growl adds a lethal injection of blue-eyed soul that, in its hottest moments, leaps right out of the speakers and demands nothing short of the listener’s undying attention. ‘No Such Thing’ has the bright eclectic dimensions reminiscent of Steely Dan, while the opener ‘All Day’ has an influence that is more in the vein of Dr. John. There are also numbers like ‘Guilty,’ where Jason takes Randy Newman’s composition to a deep and dark place. Yudoff’s smartest choice in the production of ‘Smoke Sex Water’ is the ‘live’ feel of the recordings. This gives Jason the opportunity to play to his strong suit, and that is his musicianship. Each song breathes and betrays anything close to formulaic, while leaving the road open to some wonderfully mind-blowing grooves, like what can be found in the shaker ‘Pride’ and the instrumental jam ‘Reckless.’ Yudoff spends most of the disc behind the electric piano, but makes the leap to the Hammond organ and Moog synth when a more colorful sound is called for, like in the most groove-heavy numbers ‘Happiness’ and ‘Pride.’ It’s real rock ‘n’ roll, and Jason Yudoff’s powerful keystrokes make the absence of a heavy guitar presence all but unnoticeable. Yudoff brings the curtain down on ‘Smoke Sex Water’ with the piano instrumental ‘Mother,’ an inspired tribute, and a
fitting end to a passionate and colorful collection of songs. Hop on the Jason Yudoff bandwagon at www.jasonyudoff.com

by Dan Brown
Music Critic
GoodTimes Magazine - Dan Brown

Now, I’m usually reviewing hard rock, punk, or metal bands in my column. This week, I checked out something a little different than my norm. I checked out a jazzy funk band called Jason Yudoff and The New Hotness after hearing their song ‘Happiness’ on Z100’s Radio Star Contest. The song was so well written that I was more than curious and had to check out their website, www.jasonyudoff.com Jason Yudoff has actually been in the business for a while now. Besides being a talented self-taught musician, Jason also had a chance to work for The Carson Organization (owned by Liz Taylor’s daughter Maria Burton Carson) right out of college. Jason became one of the youngest agents in NYC with over 120 clients, signing and/or representing actors like James Van Der Beek and Tara Reid. Soon, fate stepped in and convinced Jason to follow his heart and focus on his music career. It wasn’t long after that when the producers of the Broadway show ‘Stomp’ requested Jason to do a tour with their new show ‘Tap Dogs,’ which traveled through the US, Canada, and Europe. After a year of playing out around New York City, both solo and with a backup band of session players, Jason felt that he needed a change. Jason was playing out about once a month with a great response to his music, but with the impending release of his debut CD ‘Smoke Sex Water,’ Jason needed a new vibe and a new band. Jason connected with Carmine Ciccarelli, a hungry guitar player from Hoboken, NJ, who had the sound, the drive, and the love for funk that Jason was searching for. Brooklyn-based funk drummer Seth Johnson, Carmine’s best friend from back home in Madison, NJ was quickly recruited. The trio went right to work learning songs while auditioning bass players. After an exhaustive search, Ray Mills from Boston, MA walked in and right away won the job. The New Hotness was born! Jason Yudoff and The New Hotness’ debut CD ‘Smoke Sex Water’ has gotten them airplay on college radio around the country. ‘Happiness,’ ‘Pride,’ and ‘How I Want to Feel’ are confirmed singles off of the CD. The songs kind of reminded me of local favorites The Josh Dodes Band. They also reminded me a little of John Mayer. Jason is currently composing music for the independent film ‘For the Children.’ Check them out at www.jasonyudoff.com

by Tim Louie
Music Critic
The Aquarian
East Coast Rocker - The Aquarian Weekly

Mixing Jazz, Funk and Pop we might have another Billy Joel here! There is even (gasp) a Hammond organ shoved in for good measure. The most touching of the tracks is the absolutely brilliant instrumental piano piece titled simply Mother, at the end. It just comes across as real music. Probably the most powerful aspect of the recording is, despite its studio polishing, it still reminds the listener of the "live" club or bar performance that would suit the music so well. So bottoms up - belly up the musical bar for a taste of Jason Yudoff!
*Highlighted Tracks: All Day, Mother.
- Skel

Having just seen “Lord of The Rings: The Return of the King”, Jason Yudoff is like a smoking, sunglasses-wearing Arragon if you can imagine that. His music sounds like a funkier version of Ben Folds Five, Black Crowes and Santana on songs like "Happiness", "How I Want To Feel" and "Pride".

- Shorty

Keyboard magazine - August 2004

Rock' n' roll piano is very much alive in the capable hands of New York's Jason Yudoff. And we're not just talkin' technique, here: Jason's 'Smoke Sex Water' embodies the spirit of rock, in word and - judging from the album art - deed. From the Grand Funk-ish opening cuts to the Journey-esque love songs, Jason shows a remarkably consistent concept of songwriting, singing, performance, and 'tude. Holding forth mostly on piano, he also spends significant time burning on B3 and Clav. A very tight rythym section complements Jason's blend of arrangement precision and satisfying looseness of groove. A couple of Elton John-style piano ballads round out the set. But the emphasis is squarely on party music of the highest order. For more information, visit www.jasonyudoff.com
- Ernie Rideout

The streets of Bay Shore were grooving to the sounds of blue-eyed soul the night that Jason Yudoff paid a visit to The Nutty Irishman during this most recent leg of a tour promoting his debut album, "Smoke Sex Water". Jason Yudoff is a stand-out singer/songwriter and keyboardist who makes living up to the tremendous hype that has been hitched to his wagon look like child's play.
With an opportunity to build a Long Island audience in his crosshairs, Jason and his band
The New Hotness came out of the blocks at full sprint with the ass-shaker "Pride". Even seated behind his keys, Yudoff is a strong charasmatic presence, and his abilities as a player are apparent from the very first stroke of his fingertips against the balck and whites.
Jason wasted very little time between songs, except for the occaisional exchange of dialogue with his eager audience. The energy level in the room never dropped below the boiling point, and there wasn't a weak link in the set, even when Jason switched gears to earn his stripes as a legit bluesman with a showstopping cover of Randy Newman's "Guilty".
Jason drew the audience in even closer with the irresistible chorus of "Happiness". The Bay Shore Crowd, who by now had already fallen head-over-heels with Yudoff's vibe, took in the full scale of the ensemble's abilities during the original instrumental "Reckless", then Jason kept the momentum rolling with "All Day". We didn't know whether to dance or just stand and admire Yudoff during the incredible keys-heavy musical break in the 'Smoke Sex Water' opener. Finally, with the crowd's full attention still cradled in his gifted hands, Yudoff closed the night with a soulful cover of Stevie Wonder's 'Superstition'.
This night gave us Jason Yudoff at his very best. All the parts came together and the connection with the audience was both magical and powerful. And by evening's end, everybody knew without a hint of uncertainty that they had been in the presence of something very special.
To find out how to catch this awesome act and get your hands on 'Smoke Sex Water', visit www.jasonyudoff.com.

-Dan Brown
Good Times Magazine - Good Times magazine

“Great voice, surprisingly soulful…Killer keys, interesting grooves… Soulful songs, old school… as they should be..”
* Carmine Appice, Legendary Drummer for Vanilla Fudge, Cactus, Beck Bogart & Appice, Rod Stewart Band, King Cobra, Blue Murder, Edgar Winter Group and many more

"He's one of the best keyboard players that I've ever seen."
* Rob Gordon, President
What Are Records?

“Jason Yudoff is one hellacious Rock & Roll piano playing vocalist who commands your attention and applause at each and every performance. Absolutely smokin’!”
* Larry Oakes - former keyboardist/guitarist with Foreigner, Bad Company, Derek Trucks, and Founder of "Singer/Songwriter Sessions" - NYSongwriters.com

"It's like a funkier version of Ben Folds Five, Black Crowes and Santana..."
* Shmat records

“Soulful, genuine and compelling, Jason Yudoff is the 2005 ‘darkhorse’ version of Billy Joel. If you're looking for ‘happy endings’, you'd better look elsewhere. If you're looking to crawl inside the fabric of American youth, searching for love and some peace of mind - through the experiences of a raspy-voiced, Joe Cocker-esque young man who has ‘been there’ and ‘done that’ - then kick back and enjoy the percussive ride... (and watch him break a few strings on his piano!)”
* Evan Krauss, Esq.

“Old school funk! New school hip! Authentic rock & roll played with taste and energy...
Jason Yudoff is the real deal!”
* Michael Packer - Blues Artist and NYC Promoter

“Jason Yudoff performs music like a race car driver. There are no stop and yield signs. Yudoff puts the medal to the pedal on his rhythmic high-energy keyboard playing and singing and he takes audiences on a rock and roll musical journey through the 60s, 70s and right on up to his own unique style.”
* Music-Tech.Net Indie Artist
Showcase Review

“Jason Yudoff is an inspired artist that doesn't hesitate to display his fiery talents, showcasing his phenomenal keyboard and vocal abilities right from the start of SSW. When I first heard Jason play live, I was blown away with his ability as being a great entertainer. As I experienced listening to Jason's CD, I immediately noticed that I also simply enjoyed his songs. I think we can soon expect Jason's music to be heard in a great many households throughout the world.”
* G. Neal Merrick
Merrick Music Productions
Nashville, TN

“Jason Yudoff is surprisingly soulful with natural God-given talent, and he never misses a beat! I am talking real music here, people! As sad as it sounds, it seems as if we don’t have much of that going on today... Artists like Jason Yudoff are keeping music alive!”
* Damiano Leoni - DJ, Long Island Radio WXXP.

"...also from funky roots, Jason plays keys like lightning; song quality and vocals are there; remind you of a lot of other artists, but doesn't sound like any of them; check out Jason's website for a recent article in Good Times Magazine; MUST see live!
* Contact High
Booking and Promotion

“Jason Yudoff's keyboard and music commands you to move your soul and taps into your cerebral rhythm.”
* Amy Zaborowski - Director of Promotion, The Navigator Promotion Company

“Jason Yudoff has keyboard chops to rival ANY piano man I've seen in this town. He takes the blues, the funk, and the rock to a sonically fresh new level. With songs like "Happiness", an anthemic chorus any jam band tour would welcome, to "Time Will Tell" a timeless ballad which could translate easily over cocktails at the Algonquin or to Z100... Or confronting his demons on"No Such Thing"..He is destined to stay welcome in your mind! And, ladies (and gentlemen), he's a charmer...”
* Patti Rothberg - Singer/Songwriter/former EMI recording Artist

“His music is the fusion of blue eyed soul and funk....The combination of hot keys, a great voice, and funky tracks makes this album a winner...”
* Mike Levesque - Composer and Sound Design, Mike Levesque Music, LLC

"Bro.......that was just sick......"
* Bouncer, Bitter End NYC - various


Jason Yudoff: "Tragic Hero"
Released: November, 2007

*Placed on Official 2008 Grammy Ballot in 4 categories including Album Of The Year & Best New Artist *

Jason Yudoff & The New Hotness:
"Live at The Cutting Room"
12 song live performance album
worldwide release date: Feb. 1, 2006

Jason Yudoff: "Smoke Sex Water"
solo debut full-length album
* Selected for the 2005 Grammy Ballot in 8 categories (see PRESS)
* SSW received airplay on over sixty internet and college radio stations across America -
* Charted on CMJ with singles "Happiness", "Pride", and "How I Want To Feel"
* "Happiness" played on Z100 commercial NYC radio
* NPR half hour feature interview show -
also airing "All Day", "Happiness", "No Such Thing"
* Featured on PODCASTNYC "Alley Cuts" - feature show where they played seven songs off of SSW

*Songs can be sampled at:



Jason Yudoff & The New Hotness expertly straddles the fine line between the underground and the mainstream, mixing catchy, hook-heavy radio 'singles' with a funky jamband mentality and high-energy rock feel...The wide range of influences include Stevie Wonder, P-Funk, Otis Redding, Stevie Ray Vaughn, King's X, N. Mississippi All-Stars, Billy Joel, Jamiroquoi, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Beck, Herbie Hancock, 60's soul, 70's funk, and 80's hard rock. NYC-born and bred singer/songwriter Jason Yudoff's soulful voice and percussive keyboard skills lead this hypnotic group down an original path of funk, pop, rock, and soul, with a hip and passionate vibe. There just isn't anyone out there with this kind of sound.

Both Jason and his 2 studio albums,Smoke Sex Water and Tragic Hero were selected to the Official Grammy Ballots in a combined 12 categories, including Album of the Year and Best New Artist. Jason was also chosen by the Songwriters Hall Of Fame for their New Writers Showcase and Compilation CD, and has been featured on N.P.R., Next Big Hit, CMJ and Music Connection. Keyboard Magazine calls Jason's music: "Party Music of the Highest Order!", while legendary drummer Carmine Appice says "Great voice, killer keys, interesting grooves... Soulful songs, old school - as they should be!" All of Jason's albums, including a live show recording from The Cutting Room in NYC, are available on itunes, cdbaby, and amazon among numerous other internet outlets and retailers. Check out http://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/jason-yudoff/id4478256 for samples.

Jason has performed in every kind of venue - from Carnegie Hall and Radio City Music Hall to busking in the NYC Subway system. He has rocked the House of Blues in LA, Highline Ballroom in NYC, the Al Hussein Cultural Center in Amman, Jordan, Central Park’s Summer stage, Hammerstein Ballroom, Knitting Factory, BB King's, Bitter End, Maxwell's and every bar and hotel piano he's seen from Hawaii to Budapest to Colombia to Germany to Jerusalem and everywhere in between. He has performed for President Bush, and hit "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" twice. Jason Yudoff & The New Hotness just recorded a new single called Satisfy You (check it: http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/satisfy-you-single/id407842667) With an 8 piece band including a full horn section, JY&TNH guarantees an electric live show that will leave you funkified and wanting more. Jump on board the Jason Yudoff bandwagon now at www.jasonyudoff.com

Follow Jason on all your favorite social media sites: