Jasper James

Jasper James


In the ever-weirdening world of dance-infused Electrohop, there's plenty of glam disco in Jasper's sound to set her apart from her hip-hop peers. An Electrifying performer,rapper,dance music provocateur who transcends labels; Jasper James gives you a solid glimpse into the future.


Award Winning Artist Jasper James (cousin of Chris Jasper of Isley Brothers fame) makes it easy for audiences to understand why she is on the radar of every legitimate underground music aficionado in NYC and an international one to watch.

Born In Las Vegas and raised in New York, this Electrifying performer, singer/rapper, dance music provocateur and CMJ/SXSW alumni has opened for musical icons such as Debbie Harry (Blondie,) Electro-Pop Goddess Peaches, DJ Johnny Juice of Public Enemy as well as Leighton Meester (Gossip Girl.) Jasper has graced the stages of various well-known music venues including, Heaven (London,) CBGB's, Mercury Lounge and the prestigious Nokia Theatre in Times Square. Ms. James also appeared in Hedwig & the Angry Inch Director John Cameron Mitchell's underground film sensation "Shortbus" that subsequently includes her breakout Single "This House" on the Soundtrack which was reviewed as a major highlight on the album.

To add to her most recent credits, Jasper's song "ROCKET" was the winner of the OUTSTANDING Hip-Hop Award for the 2009 OMA's, her single"IT'S ON" is the Official song for KIA Motors 2011 ad campaign sponsored by the NBA , and her video "ROCKET" is currently in rotation on LOGO's CLICK LIST.

**2011 KIA Sorento is the official vehicle of the NBA**

**"ROCKET," exclusively Premiered by MTV**



Written By: Written and Performed by: Jasper James

I’ve been back and forth from New York to London-
Hit Berlin to Dublin like it ain’t nothing
I get down with the kids from Japan-been to Heaven to Santos
Out to Van dam to dance

I’ve been caught out with fuzzy logic but I’ll assist you
To make you understand-I’ll represent for you

Come on let’s rocket baby
Come on let’s all go crazy
Get down with my sons and ladies
Brooklyn’s got more bounce, bounce to the ounce

The beat be pumping like I wish you would
Bangladesh to my hood, you know it’s all
Now pay attention, I’ll say it in reverse
You won’t mind if I curse
Now maybe I won’t, or maybe I will
The freshest m____ they be where I chill

Come on let’s rocket baby
Come on let’s all go crazy
Get down with my sons and ladies
Brooklyn’s got more bounce, bounce to the ounce

Sex in the city, late rendezvous
Party on the roof top-bbq
Bratty kids screaming on the side walk crying
Girl’s chewing gum to the blare of the siren
Big haired chicks coming from Long Island
Short, shorts mixing it with medallions

Adiddas, long socks- nice arms tank tops
And the boys they love it when the beat goes..

It's On

Written By: Jasper James

Heavy laden’s got ya
Burdened down an’
Feel you’ll find the answers
In hope and sound yeah
When you’re feeling angry
And don’t know why
Know the Angel’s business
Is passed the clouds yeah

It’s On, It’s On, It’s On, It’s On,
It’s On, It’s On, It’s On, It’s On

Now you’re stepping, stepping
Step alive there
Here the trumpets sounding
In your mind Dear
When you’re feeling lonely
And don’t know why
You can la-di-da-di
In the place now


Here the mighty trumpets
Singing loud
Feel the Holy Spirit
Lift you high an’
Go from heavy laden
To burdens light
Pass the sideliner
New born child

It’s On, It’s On, It’s On, It’s On,
It’s On, It’s On, It’s On, It’s On

Feel, feel
You real, you’re not alone
I’m by your side


LAST PARADE, Spank DJ "Italo"Remix
ROCKET, Crispin Thump
ROCKET-Dirty Space Remix
VIBRATOR, Crispin Thump Records,
THIS HOUSE, Shortbus Soundtrack (Team Love)

Set List

A typical set is 45 minutes- 1hr. Songs from the album are performed with backing tracks and back up dancers. There are also acoustic/accappella songs and covers performed.

Song List: (originals)
1. Rocket
2. Chanel
3. Love
4. Nobody Sleeps
5. It's On
6. Get Some
7. Vibrator
8. In Stereo
9. This House

1. Personal Jesus
2. Every Rose has it's Thorn
3. Proud Mary
4. Summertime
5. White Wedding