Jassy Grazz

Jassy Grazz


Jassy Grazz is a high energy fuse of funk, progressive rock and reggae; live shows often consist of some hip-hop and even bluegrass and ska. Performances often showcase the band stretching out and improvising, with a lure to the dance floor that can't be ignored.


Drawing from influences in funk, reggae, bluegrass, jazz blues and progressive rock, this 6 piece from South Bend Indiana is definitely on the rise. Jassy Grazz is growing into one of the Midwest's most exciting up and coming acts. Carefully composed originals are complemented and balanced by the band's ability to improvise into a musical playground that combines many styles and genres. Festivals such as Summer Camp, and Victor Wooten's Friends Uv Nature & Knowledge, gave the band an opportunity to share the bill with some of the top acts in the nation such as Keller Williams, MOE, Umphrey's McGee, Karl Denson's Tiny Universe, Dirty Dozen Brass Band and numerous others. JG's first appearance at Summer Camp was highlighted by an impromptu set in the church, in which MOE bassist Rob Derhak, joined the band. Wherever they play, its obvious that this band enjoys what they do. Interacting with the audience in a lighthearted, almost comedic manner, the band weaves their originals in and out of a vast catalog of covers including Funkadelic, NIN, The Police, Stevie Wonder, Old Dirty Bastard, Bill Withers, INXS, The Roots, and Black Sabbath just to name a few. Jassy Grazz's popularity is growing fast, and they're sure to be in a city near you soon, so don't miss them!


White Album - 1998
Jellybean Astrology - 2000
Live at Hippy Hill Hoodang - 2004
NeckBreaka (live) - 2005
Look for JG's new studio album coming in 2008

Set List

Our set lists typically include 85-90% original songs. Depending on the venue, our show will consist of, but is not limited to one or two sets each lasting from one to two hours. We have the ability to play consecutive shows without repeating material. Examples of artists covered include Funkadelic, Bill Withers, Beastie Boys, Frank Zappa, Primus, Stevie Wonder and Hall & Oates.