A blend of modern style music that hasn't forgotten the roots and simplicity of an acoustic song. Man and guitar express emotional frustration and breakdown without sappy pissing and/or moaning.


Jastrow - Born in Philly and raised in the trenches of NJ suburbia. Many influences of music, which requires an open mind to music in all forms. Simple music comparable at times to Tom Petty and/or Beck that strikes the right chords and the right words. Very large original catalog and seeks to get back in the studio with some of his newer material that simply enters a truly different approach in songwriting by doing the exact same thing.



Written By: Jastrow

Gotta get it together
Gotta put my game face on
Throw on my sunglasses
and step out into...the sun

Well its gonna be a long day
I hope things will turn out my way
I shouldve just stayed sober
Cause girl you give me such a Hangover

Can't remember last night
Probably better if I dont try
Bitches had me sayin oh my
With a botle of Jack by my side


Girl you give me such a hangover (repeat 4x)

You drove me drink last night
Almost got into a fight
Sittin in a corner by myself
You've put me through a living...a living hell


Girl you give me such a hangover
Girl you give me such a damn hangover (repeat)

*scat sorta not really


Jastrow - Committed

Set List

All originals are played and some offbeat covers such as Beck, Johnny Cash, etc

Sets have been no shorter than 45 mins anywhere and each set is different than the next