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While Spectacular Vernacular may sound like a self-released debut straight from the math-rock crest circa 1995, it's actually a 2006 release from three Seattleites. Intricately layered instrumental guitar rock doesn't often lend much material for a thorough critique, what with the lack of lyrics and tangible moods to identify. The guitars here are jaunty and clean, with lots of ups and downs, herks and jerks, and time changes and spot-on drumming. Quiet electronic accents creep in and out, adding little to the equation. Similarly, the egalitarian production job from Supply and Demand Studios adds little mystery, while also managing to avoid convoluting the instruments' detailed interplay. Think about an aspiring Don Caballero protégé, minus the troubling genius of Damon Che, and also nix the recording budget. This is not to say the musicianship here lacks skillquite the contrary. Every instrument gets expert treatment. Japan Air Transfer lose a few points for said instruments almost always doing what you expect them to do, but that's not all that's important here. Vernacular sounds a lot like something we've heard before, maybe something unfinished, but it also doesn't sound like the product of a band that's trying to do more than that yet, and that's a very two-and-a-half-stars place to be.

GRANT BRISSEY - The Stranger

Tight band, guitar figures from section to section are cohesive, concise, and catchy. While it's obviously not necessary to use lyrics, vocals to express yourselves, the structure of each of these sections seems to imply a vocal. It rocks and can certainly attract some attention and keep the crowd up at your gigs. Strong playing, live sound approach and natural production are attractive. Well put together.


Music-7 out of 10

Arrangement-8 out of 10

Production-8 out of 10

Engineering-8 out of 10

Marketability-7 out of 10

JAPAN AIR TRANSFER is from Seattle and is the best music ever for skydiving or mountain bike riding. The music is instrumental with no lyrics whatsoever, but you will still feel like it is talking to ya. I love this music. Great rhythms to get ya pumped and ready for anything. Yes, anything! Rockin' tunes but still with an arty edge. The rhythm section reminds me slightly of Fugazi or Jawbreaker. I can't think of a particular track that stands out 'cuz they seem to run together so well like one huge song. Very uplifting as well. No sad sappy crap here. Sorry emo kids! I would love to see these cats live. Hopefully they will make it to San Jose sometime in the future. If so, I promise to let everybody know.Cheers and hooray to ya JAPAN AIR TRANSFER. Job well done!


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"Spectacular Vernacular"



We are a three piece instrumental rock band.