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Jatin Puri

Gurgaon, Haryana, India | SELF

Gurgaon, Haryana, India | SELF
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There are tons of talented Indians who are making their mark on the map, and surely, for all the right reasons. So when Jatin Puri recently won the Best Music Video award for Life Is Good, at the International Songwriting Competition, we just had to know more about him.

With a formidable panel of judges, from Ozzy Osbourne to The Cure’s Robert Smith, from Duran Duran’s Simon Le Bon to Run DMC and Massive Attack, the ISC is a platform for amateur and established songwriters/musicians to showcase their skills. An annual event that has given the top spot to Kimbra Johnson, more popularly known for her collab with Gotye in Somebody That I Used To Know, winning the ISC is a huge deal. Here’s our snappy one-on-one with musician, Jatin Puri.

If you had to pick three songs to describe your win at the ISC, which would you choose?
Feeling Good by Nina Simone, Jump Around by House of Pain and Clint Eastwood by Gorillaz.

How did you come up with the concept for the music video, Life is Good?
I had been following the SlumGods crew for a while and one of their representatives, Hera is a good friend of mine. So while I was thinking of doing a music video, I knew that it had to be something to do with those b-boys, coz they’re all really talented. One day the producer (Kartik Mahajan), the director (Abhijeet Chhabra) and I were just sitting and brainstorming and we came up with the idea of getting these kids to just listen to the music and react to it, similar to Fatboy Slim’s video Push the Tempo, but instead of going all crazy they’d bust some moves. So the original plan was actually to have them listen to the track on an iPod and pass that around randomly, but no one was really willing to sacrifice their iPod to be thrown around, so we decided to use another item to represent that and we thought a cap would be perfect. And then we just shot the video in the next two days.

Where was the video shot and on what camera?
The video was shot in Hauz Khas Village on a 5D Mark II by Nishant Shukla.

Your favourite line from Life is Good?
I quite like the first line of the chorus – ‘Here we go, double time, sunshine forever mine. Life is good when you see it from above’.

One thing that the world should know about you as an artist?
Other than being an artist, I’m also a Jedi.

What’s next?
I’m just working on a mix right now for an online magazine and that should be out soon. I’m going to be collaborating with a new minimal dubstep group called, The Pricks. I also plan on releasing an EP in the next few months. Quite busy, eh?_

By: Radhika Iyengar - Platform_ Magazine

This past Friday night TLR Cafe in Hauz Khas Village lived up to its reputation as one of New Delhi’s most unique and exciting nightlife destinations by hosting live performances by two of the city’s most buzzing DJs.

The night started off a little slow but sped up as soon as New Delhi based DJ Jatin Puri hit the stage. Although, Jatin Puri is known for his original and innovative electronica style music, one could definitely get a feel of the underground hip-hop, bass-heavy and pop influences in his tracks on the night. The best thing about his set, after his stage presence and energy was how he sang and rapped over his music live. - Zomba

Everything seemed to speed up when Jatin Puri took the stage. Based in New Delhi, Puri has been rising to prominence based on his interesting take on electronica because he does more than produce and compose the track; he also sings and raps over his music live. His music was upbeat and his set was tailored to start the show off on a high. Puri also managed to provide a lot of variation to his music because of his vocals. Although the crowd trickled in slowly, Puri kept his energy up and performed as if it were a packed house. - NH7/indiecision

Jatin Puri has recently burst onto the New Delhi live-music circuit, quickly gaining a reputation for his original and innovative take on electronica. Although influenced by trip-hop, breakbeat, underground hip-hop, bass-heavy and even pop genres, Jatin Puri's eclectic sound defies easy classification and is all self-produced, composed, performed and sung.

Our guest writer Anthony Victor, an avid music lover from Delhi, shares his thoughts on Jatin Puri's latest album Purify:

To confess that Purify was not the easiest album to listen to would be a feeling easily shared by those who will allow time to let their soul wander between Jatin Puri's lyrics, deep vocals, trip-hop sounds and sugar coated piano-like gimmicks.

It was not easy to enter the universe of this album as Jatin's essence seems to crossover many musical genres, with a subtle yet dominating presence of trip-hop, electronica, and forms of rap - with Jatin scanting poetry as opposed to rapping.

I listened to Purify more than once, trying to let go. I found it interesting to have songs that create very different atmospheres united on the same album. To me there is a huge gap between some of the songs that are more pop influenced and those that are products of his darkest inspiration, flirting with the roots of various forms of underground bass music.

While Connecting Souls and Savior have the Christian aspects of the first Solace Seeker looking for repentance, songs like Monster Awake reach a kind of enlightenment. Another group of songs led by Life is Good are more pop influenced, smoother to the ear, however not easier.

This all sounds a bit negative. Don't get me wrong, I generally like the album but would make a point that the vocals are sometimes unnecessarily blurred by the use of effects; sometimes, bare is beautiful.

Jatin Puri's Purify left me thinking that he maybe should have created two albums. One more focused on his pop inspiration and the other giving free access to the shadows of his bass imaginarium - I'm not implying that synthesis isn't a good idea. I just feel one is not enough.

Completely contradicting myself, I do however think it's also a good thing he made only one album. The results are a mesmerising crossover of pop, rock, trip-hop and bass - melting and producing an invigorating ear candy that needs to be heard at least a couple of times before unveiling its real flavours.

If Jatin keeps writing and singing like this, I'll be making one cruel wish... Hopefully the Solace Seeker will not find his peace too soon allowing him to explore more of his inner contradictions, suffering from them. His music, the beauty of his music, seems to come from there. An inner fight between the poet and the rapper, the candy maker and the true artist, the man he is and the man he wants to be.

Maybe it is this last point that gave me the true anagnorisis; the voice expressing the contradictions I was listening to - wasn't it actually mine? - Wild City


Album - Purify - 15 tracks
Label - Independent
Release - Jan 2011
Music Video - Life is Good

Single - Keep it all in the eyes
Release - February 2012
Link - http://jatinpuri.bandcamp.com/track/keep-it-all-in-the-eyes



Jatin Puri burst onto the Indian live-music circuit less than a year ago, quickly gaining a countrywide reputation for his original and innovative electronica. Although influenced by trip-hop, breakbeat, underground hip-hop, bass-heavy and even pop genres, Jatin Puri’s eclectic sound defies easy classification. His slick electronic tracks are all self-produced, composed, performed and sung.

Jatin Puri has been playing around the country including a few notable festivals like the Bacardi NH7 Weekender and Holi Cow Festival. Most recently, the Delhi based artist won the award for Best Music Video at the International Songwriting Competition (ISC) for 'Life Is Good'. The video was shot in Hauz Khas Village, New Delhi last year and features local Bboys from the SlumGods. The judging panel for the competition was an impressive mix of iconic artists such as Tom Waits, Ozzy Osbourne and Tori Amos alongside five record label presidents and other industry leaders. Jatin Puri has released two albums, provided scores for short films and previously was the drummer in the band Another Vertigo Rush. You can also catch his music on his latest album Purify (available on iTunes for electronic download, or in CD format from various retailers) and his latest single 'Keep it all in the eyes' (available for free download). For more information on his short film projects you visit his imdb page.