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Port-of-Spain, City of Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago | Established. Jan 01, 1995

Port-of-Spain, City of Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago
Established on Jan, 1995
Band Rock Reggae




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All the members of the band are influenced by classic heavy rock and the reggae music that surrounded them in their native land Trinidad.  'Jaundis-i' was formed back in 1994, recorded an album in 1995 and sadly split a year later when Robert Beadon left Trinidad to make a life in England with his wife to start a family.  However, The album the band left behind (Voodoo in the Cookoo) left an indelible print on the fans it had gathered and continues to gather.

The individual members continued to write and play music, tasting different styles, experiencing different musicians, being influenced and influencing. Never straying too far from their rock reggae roots.

Forward wind twenty years, the band has a reunion,  it's music still fresh reawakens it's fans.  Now with two Rojas brothers in the band, 'jaundis-i' sounds tighter and more professional than ever before. The reunion is a big success, but more than that, the band realises how much they have missed each other and just how right this union feels.

To Trinidad, this is a welcome return, to the rest of the world, 'Jaundis-i' is still a very fresh new sound. The band performs in the 2015 Boomtown festival in England and other smaller venues only to be inundated by new fans wanting to purchase CD's and eager to find out more about this band, who's appearance on stage is so appealing.  It's easy to look at this band and see the friendship the guys have with one another.  'Jaundis-i' was meant to be and will be. Our goal is to play as many gigs as possible and get a new album recorded. The songs are written, but the financial means to record are not there yet.  We are very optimistic about the future of our band, our experiene so far has been great.

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