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"WXRT 93.1FM Oct. 2007"

"Javelinas are righteous and outasighteous! Their new record "Seven Sisters" is unf**kingbelieveably good, it rocks from start to finish. It's my favorite record for the month of Rocktober!" - Richard Milne

"Taproot Radio Review Nov. 2007"

"Javelinas new cd "Seven Sister" will knock you flat against the wall and leave you asking for more!"

Wednesday, December 05, 2007
Taproot Top 20 for 2007
This has been the hardest year yet to pick the top 20. But here it is......

1. Heavy Trash: Going Way Out
2. The Gourds: Noble Creatures
3. Mofro: Country Ghetto
4. Bettye LaVette: The Scene Of The Crime
5. Hacienda Brothers: Music For Ranch & Town
6. Brian Setzer And The Nashvillains: Red Hot & Live!
7. Malcolm Holcombe: Wager
8. Patty Griffin: Children Running Through
9. Ryan Bingham: Mescalito
10. Two Cow Garage: Three

11. Eilen Jewell: Letters From Sinners & Strangers
12. Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings: 100 Days, 100 Nights
13. Deadstring Brothers: Silver Mountain
14. Javelinas: Seven Sisters
15. Wilco: Sky Blue Sky
16. Son Volt: The Search
17. Lou Ford: Poor Man's Soul
18. The Avett Brothers: Emotionalism
19. John Doe: A Year In The Wilderness
20. Two Dollar Pistols: Here Tomorrow Gone Today

Honorable Mention
John Fogerty: Revival
Will Hoge: Draw The Curtains
Ruthie Foster: The Phenomenal Ruthie Foster
Peter Case: Let Us Now Praise Sleepy John
Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals: Lifeline
Jason Isbel: Sirens Of The Ditch
Ryan Adams: Easy Tiger
Lyle Lovett & His Large Band: It's Not Big It's Large
Gurf Morlix: Diamonds To Dust
Po' Girl: Home To You

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- Calvin Powers

"Javelinas - Dirtbath"

- With plenty experience behind various bands, these guys bring the dirty rock to alt-country. When I hear these guys I picture a live show in some cool barn with people tappin' their feet and girls swinging from ropes into piles of hay. Perhaps we can get them to do a Barn Tour...that would be rad. Did I just use "rad" to describe an alt-country band? Anyway...you MUST hear the song "Hero of the Underground" and the heavy guitar in the middle of the song, almost sounds like he's going to break out in some sick guitar solo but alas he just teases. This is one of those CDs that will round out your CD wall.

Check them out at myspace.com/thejavelinas or myspace.com/javelinas - dan@musicrightnow.com


Letter to the Editor

Serving Houghton, Keweenaw, Baraga and Ontonagon Counties Since 1858.

Published: September, 2006

To the editor:
[....] All in all those that attended had a blast. The Javelinas ( from Chicago) were awesome. They are without a doubt the best band we have heard in many years. We hope they return for another performance[...]


CLKBA president

Calumet MI
- The Daily Mining Gazette

"Javelinas @ World Series Game 1, 2005"


While "Let's Go, Go-go White Sox" has been getting a lot of air time 46 years after its release, another song scored a hit with hundreds of Sox fans waiting for the gates to open.
The band entertaining the crowd at Gate 3 was the Javelinas. The song was titled "Houston." And the chorus was "Houston's got a problem, and it's none of my doing."
The song was released about a year ago, but the Javelinas are now capitalizing on its World Series tie. So much so that they editied it into four different tracks and were handing out CDs to fans. "Hopefully it will spread like wildfire," said Mark Grzelak, the band's guitarist.

Sunday's Chicago Sun-Times, October 23, 2005, page 19A
- Sunday's Chicago Sun-Times, October 23, 2005, page 19A

"Seven Sisters THE ONION REVIEW"

Like many songs on Chicago band Javelina's recent album, Seven Sisters, the title track is muscular and catchy enough to outrun your average FM-country playlist, but it also has enough grit and moodiness to charm fans of Americana-leaning classic rock. It isn't quite right to call it alt-county, though, as the band's consistent but broad sound shows shades of everything from rockabilly to wah-wahed metal. - The Onion

"Seven Sisters IE REVIEW"

Javelinas are a Chicago-based outfit who combine Americana, classic punk and rock, and the singer-songwriter vibe to great effect on Seven Sisters. Fronted by Chris McInnis, the band crank out a sound that recalls what was great about 20th century American music. Comparisons to Social Distortion and Uncle Tupelo can be made, but Javelinas can’t be easily summarized. “Red Shoes” and “SSA” are great tracks, but all the tunes here work. Fans of what we used to call straight-up rock ‘n’ roll will like this one. (www.myspace.com/javelinas)
– Mike O’Cull - Illinois Entertainer

"Javelinas - Feb 2006"

The Javelinas
(Kentland Records)

Chicago’s Javelinas perfect that alt-country, swag rockabilly sound that fills the air in a typical Midwestern bar. While I’m not a huge fan of the rockabilly genre, I have to admit that I was captivated by the Javelinas. And wow, can they play!

Riffy melodies with swaggy country accents make them somewhat of a novelty these days in the Midwest’s pool of talent. The Javelinas also possess the ability to play a range of styles, as they transition from country-accented tunes to a heavier rock sound in “Billy’s Cross”

Lyric-wise, you’l hear tracks about chemically-induced nights in Detroit, relationships, and living the good life while in your twenties.

Notable tracks on this respectable disc include – “In the mix”, “Voodoo Train”, “Imperial Highway Fishtail”, and “Detroit Narcotic Nights”.

Check this band out, I think you will like what you hear.

- Corine Jurgerson

- Midwest beat magazine

"Javelinas - "Dirtbath""

During the early 2000s, Flat Mean Tires prowled the local alt-country circuit, though after calling it a day a few members formed The Javelinas. On its Kentland Records disc Dirtbath, the group picks up where its precursors left off and continues to revive that insurgent spirit, spiked with doses of punk-powered rockabilly. Tracks like “Stop, Drop And Rock ‘N’ Roll,” “Voodoo Train” and “Imperial Highway Fishtail” are barnburners that excel with fierce riffs. (www.kentlandrecords.com)
– Andy Argyrakis - Illinois Entertainer Mar 2006

"Javelinas @ CBGB's 9-20-06"

Javelinas CBGB's Show Play by Play 9/23/06

Sep. 23. CBGB's NYC - A day in the life of JAVELINAS

In typical big city music festival fashion, the 2006 M.E.A.N.Y. Fest was out of control. Co-hosted by CBGB's and many other Rock and Roll venues in our world's capital, the air was filled with that rock and roll craziness only experienced when hundreds of bands and fans flock to rock fests. Also in typical R&R fashion, Punk legends Agent Orange were booked last minute into CBGB's, thus moving the M.E.A.N.Y. Fest exclusively over to CB's Gallery, right next door to the historic club. Aah - rock and roll...

800 miles into the adrenaline rush of sonically destroying anything that had preceded them or slated to perform after and not even phased by the venue shift or news that sets will be cut short, JAVELINAS were anxious and more than ready to hit it and at approximately 12:30 am EST, they did just that.

How they lived the experience:

Chris McGinnis, in the likes of insane Iggy Pop-ness circa 1970s, was absolutely on fire and full of spontaneous antics like swinging from a water pipe hanging from the ceiling (then falling gracefully into the kick drum) or crawling over the monitors like a snarling King Cobra hunting it's prey, somehow keeping hold of the mic, were par for the course as he stared straight into the eyes the onlookers, fans and pretentious indie rock snobs until they looked away, then looked right back so as not to miss any of his raucous, extremely raw delivery of highly personal tales of Detroit life, fueled by JAVELINAS ROCK AND ROLL...

Danny Postal thundered (nice, eh?) stage right on the 69 Fender precision and was not even phased when his (provided) amp went out in the rocketing ode to Chris's father "Robert Eugene." Slightly perplexed, Danny sauntered over to the amp with a waveless yet "what the fuck is this all about" tinged gait. Calmly, he flipped the switch on, off, then kicked the 8x10 cab... boom, back in business - on to rocking and living the experience of the show... Damn that Danny.

Mr. Glynn, kickin' it straight to the crowd, as well as NYC fans and fans who came down from his hometown of Boston, MA was shooting shards of birch or whatever the hell his sticks are made of all over the stage as he railed through the short set with a view of the crowd and all of the antics of his band unfolding in front of him. What a view that must have been! Glynn rocked extreme, and despite the hysteria of the shortened set, still maintained poise enough to give ol' Spiv-o-rino that wink during the ode to we lifetime rock and rollers "Red Shoes"...

Spiv - mad like a blood thirsty bat at feeding time due to the fact that his rig didn't work from the get go. (for you Vintage Marshall geeks, turns out it was a problem with his ohmage switch) Spiv, sweating like the pollack he is, in a style parallel to anxiously awaiting that pierogi-feast he used to do at grandmas on Division/Wood. Um, yeah. Anyway, once the announcer said Javelinas, Spiv got his rig kickin' and a sonic hell broke loose. Stompin' on the booster pedals on his custom Brinias pedal board, the Marshall 4x12 screaming like the Concorde, and wailing on the Gretsch, you could catch him smiling from time to time. How rare is that? Part awestruck by the stage antics to his right, but more so just with absolute glee living in this rock and roll moment w/ JAVELINAS at CBGB's.
- Independent


Dirtbath - 2005 - Kentland Records, Chgo IL
Seven Sisters - Nov 2007 - Kentland Records, Chgo IL



CHICAGO--- Javelinas new album Seven Sisters is now an XM Radio hit. Seven Sisters has muscled it's way into XM Radio X Country's Top 10.
It's not a surprise, considering the station has 5 Javelinas songs in rotation, including the smooth 8 Mile Way , the rocking love song Red, Red Rain, the barnburner SSA, the acoustic Americana of Homebound, and the straight-up rock of the title track Seven Sisters.

The BIO:

CHICAGO---Here is your Rock and Roll. Finally.
Emerging from the ruins of this lost decade of rock comes a band that holds the gas can to the bonfire saluting the history of Rock music. Chicago’s JAVELINAS have crafted a traditionally familiar sound all their own. Guitars and stories, sonically strong as a steel belted radial tire; skidding, screeching and in control, JAVELINAS are a requisite fresh injection to modern rock and roll music.

Their new single Red Shoes reaffirms the hope that there is Rock and Roll in the tradition of Rock and Roll, not Whine and Roll. Twenty-plus year Chicago music veteran (Simple Simon, Blackmaker, and recently Michael McDermott) and true to tradition, guitarist Spiv’s crushing opening riff and the thundery rhythm section of drummer Chris Glynn and bassist Dan Postlewait are the perfect backdrop for imposing lead singer Chris McInnis and his tales that spin on the desperation, addiction and stamina of growing through the roller coaster of living in the trenches of the independent music world.

The new album Seven Sisters (Kentland), the follow-up to their 2005 debut Dirtbath (Kentland ), taps into the psyche and history of Midwestern hard-living truths lived and inked by Chris McInnis. A Detroit native and singer/songwriter straight out of the absolute hell of the Detroit punk rock scene, McInnis offers a mature glimpse into the life of being fueled by music, reflects on past hard times, and comes out of it standing strong. The title track Seven Sisters sheds light on the crumbling facade of the “unsung structures” in American workers’ history, while the Hendrix-esque barnburner SSA rips through the administrative red tape of his youth. Although true to Rock and Roll form by instrumentation, the inspiration of creating Seven Sisters spawns sonic diversity in tracks like the twangy High Horse, the somber game of Didn’t Hurt, and the rootsy, cabaret The 102.

Their album previews throughout the 2008 summer festival circuit and live performances on radio, and on tour have foreshadowed the excitement that the songs of Seven Sisters and the performances of JAVELINAS are bringing back to Rock and Roll.

Sounds like : JAVELINAS If you need a reference, we've been called "Neil Young meets Iggy Pop" or "Old School Ted Nugent circa Amboy Dukes meets the Blasters" Van halen meets Hank Williams.

Javelinas are touring regionally in support of their two records - be a part of the future!! Get into JAVELINAS!