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Los Angeles, California, United States | INDIE | AFTRA

Los Angeles, California, United States | INDIE | AFTRA
Solo Pop Rock




"Javelyn Cuts It to the Chase"

Now this woman packs a knockout punch with her voice! Javelyn’s (formerly known as "Lady J") voice is clear, you understand every word, and it is so beautifully melodic that your ears and heart will become a prisoner during each composition on her new release Cut To The Chase. Her voice is so engaging that it is hard to ignore. Along with her spellbinding voice, the musical mix is the key to keeping things interesting on this album. The various combinations of pop and rock textures find a balance that is both appealing and effective. This type of music will draw an eclectic audience, and it is not hard to see why, it rocks, it has sweet pop elements, and Javelyn’s voice is so strong that anyone within earshot would stand up and take notice.

Javelyn puts things into proper perspective commenting-"I'm not one of those artists who have 500 songs sitting on the back shelf. I only write when I'm inspired or can't hold in what I have to say any longer." Because she has that creative approach to her music, it is like spontaneous combustion on every song, there is nothing but waves of energy and emotion permeating every track, as she literally cuts it to the chase. Now realistically, how many CDs do you have that you play on regular basis? If you a buy a lot of music, probably not too many. This all just feels so good you will be compelled to play it repeatedly.

I loved her on the Music For The Soul album and I can appreciate her music even more on this well crafted rock-pop affair which takes her talent to yet another innovative level. I am still waiting for a label to wake up and realize what they are missing here. She is an inspirational talent that is overflowing with resourceful vigor that is indeed rare and special in today’s cesspool of manufactured pop stars. This is the real deal, straight up with no BS. If you are looking for pure pop-rock magic ready to whisk you off to another time and place that already lives inside you, this CD is your ticket there.

© Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck-http://www.muzikreviews.com

Rating 8/10 - www.Buzzle.com

"Wow, what a Beautiful Voice"

"Wow, what a beautiful voice!" That's what I said when this CD started to play. Javelyn has that sultry, harmonious vocal style that simply melt your soul. This is one of those CD's that I found hard to put down. This is a woman who has a great range and her vocals fit well with the music and the songs on this album. The songwriting is excellent and gives off a nice retro-pop feeling that combines the deepness of modern pop. One of the most notable songs on the CD is "Take This Chance," which overflows with passion while "Images of You" portrays Javelyn's voice at it's best and most passionate. This is a great CD and well worth checking out...

Michael Allison - THEGLOBALMUSE.COM - globalmuse.com

"Lady J: Music For the Soul"

"Music For The Soul" is the debut album for Los Angeles singer/songwriter Javelyn. Javelyn. has gained a solid following stateside and has played shows at the famous clubs The Whiskey, and The Roxy in L.A. She has produced and written the album herself and her songs like "Planets Rockin'" and "The Way I Feel" are catchy pop/rock numbers, also check out an excellent song called "Take This Chance"the hooks are killing me, this is a mixture of AOR and pop rock with a killer chorus and cool guitar work. Then we get to hear a pleasant piano led ballad called "Images Of You", which is tastefully performed. Whilst half of "Music For The Soul" conjures up dancey rhythms and ballads - the other half of the record at least offers something for melodic rock and AOR fans to enjoy. Hopefully her next album will be more along these lines and then we can really start talking about this talented L.A. chick. Until then those of you interested in picking this album up can do so at http://www.cdbaby.com or by emailing her at artsrep@x-itrite.com. Rating: 8/10."

Nicky Baldrian, Strutter, the Site for Underground AOR and Melodic Rock - Strutter

"Lady J: Music for the Soul CD Review"

"This album contains a smooth jazz feel and melodic trimmings throughout and is finely accentuated with sometimes dark, sometimes uplifting lyrics. This newest release from L.A. based "Lady J" has become a hot item at radio stations throughout the country. It's found it's way to over 1,000 playlists and for very good reasons. Lady J has combined a mesmerizing mix of spoken word and lyrics along with thoughtful work on the keyboards and acoustic instruments. The first track on the album, The Need, demonstrates this with a Spanish style solo very well placed in the middle. Take This Chance follows up the first 2 tracks as an uplifting love song placed in a contemporary melody. I really liked the jazz tempo and styling of Superstar, and Images of You is another haunting, thoughtful tune that is performed with a piano and Javelyn singing. I was particularly interested in this track because it really captured the artists talent and sounded as if it truly came from her heart. I'll give a sound applause to Lady J for the feeling put into Music for the Soul and look forward to hearing more from the west coast."
Mark Cunningham, Grass Roots Entertainment - Grass Roots Entertainment

""Lady J:: One of the Big Girls?"

I didn't mean to do it, but Javelyn's cd has been spinning around my house for a few days now. Re: composition and voice, she's equal to the Big Girls (i.e. those sponsored by Pepsi, those all over VH1, etc). She's about 1 or 2 mixes away from perfection. If several thousand more bucks were poured into the recording quality here, if a couple videos of our Lady swinging her navel before our faces were filmed, she'd be nearing the big time already. As it is, J's got to coast on sheer talent and hot voice and the Way the song is built.

And the strengths are many. The first 3 songs are strong. 'The Need' says 'the morning comes when I awake / the morning comes and I see quakes / of life, they come & go and come & go / and come & go and I don't know / but, lord, I need you now / please fill me somehow.' I don't know if she's singing with sexy stockings on or not, but it's a half-blue, half-hopeful, all interesting opening. Followed by one of the best songs on the cd, 'Civil War'. The crying in the back comes in now and then: 'Help MEeee!' The black voice is there to underline the title. Then there's 'Take This Chance', probably my favorite, and the closest thing to a hit song off an indie cd as you'll find. Melissa Ethridge would be pleased to lay her guitars on this one. 'come with me, be wild and free, darlin' / take this chance / I like you and you like me / well, that's all we have'. That's a spirited chorus with revved guitars and the best vocals yet here.

Other 'hits' include 'Superstar', in which 'time has passed you by' and a few other phrases get into your head and won't come out. Ditto for the chorus of 'Planets Rockin'' 'I was holdin' on, I was holdin' on / I was holdin' on- planets were rockin' / baby, planets were rockin''. I'm glad she's on a label, not just a pretty face doing it all by herself. The voice combined with composing ability is going to push J far, if luck be hers.

Don Ohmart, Music Dish - Music Dish


HOLLYWOOD, CA – A&R Select artist Javelyn has announced the forthcoming release – both on iTunes and as part of a soon-to-be-released compilation album – of some hot new songs to turn the music world upside-down. This independent artist has already unleashed her unique brand of pop with two previous full-length CDs and the new music will please old fans and earn new ones. One song, “Tonite,” is in post-production already.

“A&R Select welcomes the addition of Javelyn to its roster since we believe this artist is part of the future of indie pop music,” according to a spokesman for A&R Select.

“Music makes the world go around,” says Javelyn, and the fresh songs about to hit the streets will add some new spin to Planet Music.

Those who have already heard Javelyn's music are familiar with the intimate thoughts she shares through the filter of music and more are sure to discover the honest songwriting for which Javelyn is already earning a name. “Basically, most of my songs are very personal. I write a lot of them to me, to my own soul.”

“One thing is certain about Javelyn,” according to A&R's spokesman. “The listener is guaranteed top quality with a Javelyn song.”

“I only write when I’m inspired or can’t hold in what I have to say any longer. If I write with other composers, I always come to the table letting the music and tracks tell me what to write – kinda strange and magical how it works out that way, but an amazing journey.”

“Even when Javelyn is releasing a few tracks – as opposed to an album – you know it's music of the highest order, into which she has put 100 percent of his talent,” says A&R Select.

Javelyn's hook comes from her deft way of addressing issues that mean something to all listeners. “People inspire me – stories, real-life situations which hits my gut at a deep level, then transcend to a higher level of humanity – that is what inspires me to have to write. Or an inspirational feeling of hope despite the chaos, or redemption, along with strong melodies.”

Javelyn nabbed Rock City News Magazine's Rockies Award two years running for female solo artist of the year and best folk band. She charted on the Gavin charts between Sarah McLachlan and Matchbox 20. She has toured, opening for Sally Taylor, and also had two songs tapped for film. Javelyn will be appearing and performing in one of these movies!

She can be seen every first and third Fridays at The Talking Stick in Santa Monica, featured in Java with Javelyn Indie Music Nites. Javelyn will soon transfer to a bigger venue, the Synergy Cafe. She's also a regular at Westwood Farmers Market and more touring is planned.

DJ J.P. Morgan cites Javelyn as “a singular breath of refreshing sound in today's sea of plurality” and DJ Desiree Douglas has said she is “not the same-old-same-old, but something fresh and new.” One reviewer – MusikMan, staff writer for MuzicReviews.com – referred to Javelyn as “an inspirational talent that is overflowing with resourceful vigor that is indeed rare and special in today's cesspool of manufactured pop stars.”

More information is available by visiting www.javelyn.net, www.javawithjavelyn.com and www.arselect.com. - A&R Select.com

"Indie Pop Artist Javelyn Gets Two Songs Picked Up For Films"

After picking up another Rock City News award last month, Javelyn is once again making headlines. Her song "Love For Eternity" has been picked up by "Dickie Smalls: From Shame to Fame", a mockumentary set for its first release at the Park City Film Music Festival.

Adding to this news is word that Javelyn will be appearing and performing in yet another film project set for production next month, entitled "A Switch In Time" produced by Laura Phillips, Aimee Galicia Torres, Cherla Lewis, Darwin Green, & Sir Jac and Aimster Productions, set for release soon.

Javelyn can be seen live at Java With Javelyn Indie Music Nites every 1st and 3rd Fridays at The Talking Stick in Santa Monica, soon to be relocated to The Synergy Cafe in Culver City in June. More news to come - mi2n.com

"Javelyn's Ugga Bugga hits #1 on funk charts at soundclick.com"

Ugga Bugga has hit #1 today on funk charts of soundclick.com
http://www.soundclick.com/javelyn - X-It Rite Records in-house


"Bustin' Loose - the Reel Version" (CD) - iTunes, airplay and Internet stations

"Bustin' Loose" (Digital) - iTunes, national airplay and Internet stations

"Cut to the Chase" (CD) - received nat'l radioplay)

"Lady J: Music For the Soul" (CD) charted on over 200 regular radio stations and many Internet radio stations.

New songs available on www.soundclick.com/javelyn



Javelyn, an artist whose voice and music soothes straight to the heart, while kicking one's butt... mixing melodic highs and lows to the funky beat of the street. She has played all around Los Angeles, and done two small national tours. There has been a great deal of radio play nationally and overseas. One of her tunes "Take This Chance" charted on the national charts.  Many of her other tunes have gained much notoriety on the Internet charts, including "Love For Eternity" and "Tonight" which topped the house dance charts of sound click.com. With a few CDs under her belt, she continues working with notable producers, in the dance  and pop worlds.  In her spare time, she donates time to help lead worship at her church in Venice, CA.

Currently, she promotes and performs in an event called "Java With Javelyn Indie Music Nites" which features some of the hottest indie talent in L.A., live and recorded which takes place at periodically in Santa Monica, CA.

For live shows, armed with her electric and acoustic ukuleles and keyboards, Javelyn has been a regular at Westwood Farmers Market and performs for various benefits and charities.  She can provide a pleasurable variety of covers and original tunes to keep customers and fans coming back time after time. Javelyn cut her teeth with playing and singing over 200 tunes with a rock 'n roll classic cover band which worked continuously in the Los Angeles area for 3 years before falling into writing music and performing her own songs.

Below are a few things her fans and promoters said about how they feel about hearing and working with Javelyn:


"Javelyn creates music for anytime,anywhere, any mood,and for anyone. Javelyn's music is timeless, and right on time! " ...Archie Lee Simpson , Shakespeare At Play, Director of the Burbank Free Family Shakespeare Festival

"A singular breath of refreshing sound in today's sea of plurality." DJ J.P. Morgan - WDMG, Douglas, Georgia

Not the same ol', same ol', but something fresh and new." DJ Desiree Douglas - KWXX, Hilo, Hawaii.

Very easy to work with it was a pleasure having her in my classic rock cover band for over four years -  Ontiveros,  Deja Vu.

Javelyn's brand of emotionally charged pop-songs goes farther and deeper than your typical radio-fare and she gives her listeners reason to "believe" in the future of pop music.. Richard Lynch, Kweevaks Tracks.

Javelyn knows what an audience wants, and goes right to work giving them an evening of total entertainment, but what impresses me most is her dedication and professionalism, which in these days is not a given, Jack Simmons, Comedian

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