Nashville, Tennessee, USA

Mendoza is a genre of its own, blending alternative, folk, and latin to create a transnational sound called Mendoza.


Born in Virginia and raised in Spain, Mendoza headed back to the States on a soccer scholarship to play for St. Louis University.  When an injury kept him from playing, he picked up the guitar and began writing music.  Soon after he signed a publishing deal with Warner/Chappell, writing for Enrique Iglesias, Ricky Martin, Emilio Estefan and others.  Approached by Bass/Schuler Entertainmentto begin showcasing and an increase in demand to tour, Mendoza hit the road as a singer-songwriter and performer. 

Mendoza has independently sold over 50,000 albums and has received many honors including “Best Solo Artist”, “Best Male Vocalist” & “Best Pop Artist” by the Riverfront Times Music Awards.  He was a finalist in the Independent Music Awards and was selected as a Budweiser True Music Artist.  “Beautiful”, “On Top of the World” and “Veronica” received radio airplay.  Mendoza’s songs have also been featured on several TV reality shows and he’s had multiple magazine features and live performances on both radio and TV.  He’s played at more than 200 music venues and Universities across the country and Europe and was voted “One of Colleges Hottest Artists” by Campus Magazine.  He’s released 15 albums and will be back in the studio this Fall recording some new music with Grammy Award Winning Record Producer, Toby Wright.  Mendoza has shared the stage withWillie Nelson, Los Lobos, The Roots, Ben Folds, Jars of Clay, Michael W. Smith, Chris Tomlin, Santana, Idina Menzel, Martin Sexton, Raining Jane, Victor Wooten, and many more. 

Recently having moved to Nashville, TN, he’s been welcomed into the songwriting community…performing with Barry Dean (Ingrid Michaelson's "Girl Chase Boys"), Luke Laird (Grammy winning producer and writer for Kasey Musgraves), Lori McKenna (Hunter Hayes' "I Want Crazy") and others. 



Written By: Mendoza/Peters

Love can be tricky so watch for the signs
Pay close attention keep this in mind
Be ware of what you find
careful what you find

love can be yes but really mean no
anyone’s guess which way the heart goes
time will let you know
ohh time will let you go

She was too wild to keep
But too tame to lose
Too bright to see
The dark in you

You reap all that you sow
When you learn to let go
Love can only grow free
In the gloom of the night
Where my light still shines
Close your eyes you will see
The beauty in me

Love can betray then reborn to be kind
Hate is an option that never survives
Be ware of what you decide
Careful of what you decide

Love has been tricky but I’ve learned in time
Better to have loved than never know why

I Believe

Written By: Mendoza

It’s been a lifetime since you left
I’m lost in the night
And the pavement never ends

What I said and what I meant
Doesn’t matter anymore
And the booze helps me pretend

That you are still mine
And my laughter never dies

Tonight I vow to change
To feel your hold
I’m much better than before
And I can make this work
If you can mend
So can love in every war
I believe

What a fool I have been
When you were at my door
I never let you in

But I can start over again
Change is the constant
It won’t let you pretend

That all the world is fine
And you are still mine

Tonight I vow to change
To feel Gods hold
I’m much better than before
And I can make this work
If you can mend
So can love in every war

I believe
The truth is gold
That love don’t die
If you make it yours and mine
If you can hear me now
I hope you smile
Cause I understand the reasons now

El Cañón Del Diablo

Written By: Mendoza/Peters

Por el cañón bajé hace tiempo
Rodeado de los ecos de la noche
En el cañón el oscuro se hace dueño
Dame luz que guíe y no reproche

Detrás del cañón el sol se pone
Las sombras son ahora firmamento
El aullido de aquel lobo se antepone
Y el Diablo se apodera del miedo

Sigue este camino hasta el vacío
Haré cumplir cada uno de tus sueños
Bajo estas rocas es el sitio
Un Tesoro y tú su dueño

Cavé una fosa en el cañón
Dos metros como tumba en el frío
Aquel tesoro mi traición
Enterrado yo y aquel desafío

Gateando salí del cañón maldito
Los rayos atravesando el cielo
No me abandones Dios te necesito
Sal de aquí dijo aun no es tu momento


-The Reserve - May 14, 2013

Set List

Mostly originals with some obscure covers from time to time.